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Francie Lynch Mar 18
In the North we had the cold war. Sirens screamed; we crouched under desks, thin arms covering thinner heads. We were post Pompeii petrifies waiting for a future dig. We never left an atomic shadow.
This  sums up all life-threatening fears of the Boomers, the Echoes, the A's through Z's. Of course, Boomers then were too young to worry.

We've never had planes or bombs fall from our skies (there was the Arrow disaster).
We've never had a crop blight, famine or drought.
Food has never been rationed.
Hurricanes, cyclones, typhoons or tornados don't happen here;
We get snowfalls we plow through till they melt.
We're non-tsunami. Flooding is seasonal, geographically isolated, and dealt with.
We've had no great fires or earthquakes like San Fran or London.
We've never been drafted, and only go to wars of our own choosing.
We have not been invaded or occupied;
P.E.I. has no extermination crematoriums.
We avoided Inquisitions, Salem witch hunts and Small Pox blankets.
We've had no Race Riots, but a few barricades have gone up and down.

Death comes to us as to all. Car accidents, dumb-*** accidents, and even ******. Though never expected, always anticipated. We grieve, some longer than others. It's not easy, but we manage the shock.

When the glaciers glide past the coast of Nova Scotia, on the way to New York, my generation (and probably yours) will have been replaced.

But now! We're asked to Social Distance and wash with soap and water. In Canada we have plenty of both. I'll occupy my three square feet of space for several weeks (knowing there are only 52 in a year). No complaints. No asinine TP runs. Just behaving myself, HUMANELY.
my generation: Anyone born after 1945 in The North, Canada.
Francie Lynch Mar 21
Hmn………………………..  I see what you mean. I'm thinking on it.
Mn. .................................……I'm not sure I agree.
Mn hmm....………………… Totally agree. Yes, let's go forward.
Huh....……………………... Whaaaaaaaaaaaat
Uh huh...........................……...Ok. I'm listening, but let me talk.
Tsk Tsk....……………………I don't approve of anything you say.
Um.....………………………..Let me think about it. I'll get back to you.
Francie Lynch Mar 23
I look out and wonder,
Where is It?
Am I in the crosshairs.
Where is my assassin?
Is it my beach dwelling, Corona guzzling, party-boy nephew,
A glad-handing, back-slapping, hissy-kissy friend,
To bring about the end.
Francie Lynch Mar 25
We were on the bubble;
Now we're in the bubble.
No ****** please.
Francie Lynch Mar 25
I sneezed into my elbow
At the grocery store;
All who were present turned,
Gasped and hit the floor,
As though I'd shot a gun.

I coughed in my elbow
While I was walking home;
The sidewalk cleared across the street,
As though I'd dropped a bomb.

While I was at my bank,
Four masked men pushed through the door.
No one notices anymore.
Francie Lynch Mar 27
I've had a better life
Than a squirrel.
Ask anybody.
But looking out,
I'm envious of that
Mite invested, bushy-tailed one,
Fleeing up my tree.
Day nine. Number nine, number nine, number nine, num...
The White House is an inverse reflection
Of the matter/anti-matter chamber:
It's Not, The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
No. It's, The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.
What matters matters.
Trekkies will get the full allusion.
Refrain from purchasing
Racoon at your local
Wet market.
In your belly,
It can spelly,
On my way
To the Lambton Health Unit,
I saw a child in a window,
Holding up a sign.
Be Positive, it sparkled.
Only if I'm negative, I mused.
As in all Partici-Poems,
You're invited to add your own.
Based on Fake News and False Hope,
There's nothing here to help you cope.

Covid-19 is China's Beta version.
The real pandemic is yet to come.
They now have a one year head start.
They've proved they can isolate and destroy
Without leaving their country.
The Sleeping Giant has opened its eyes.

It's the Real Rich people's way of getting Really Richer.
It's a deal maker.
You're Hired.

It's all about Government Opportunity.
Remember Get Smart and the CONTROL Organization
For whom he worked.
If the shoe fits, GPS someone.

If we send young healthy Jimmy (who tested positive)
In to see all the Grandmas and Grandpas,
Think of the resources we'll free up.

Manipulate the markets.
Tell people Russia and the Saudis are friends.
But tell your family first.

Not only will it cure you, but it promotes
Natural skin color, whether black, white, brown or orange.
This is supported by the WH Medical Dream Team.
It's a miracle. Deus ex machina.
Will also give you blue eyes and blonde hair.

And please use a clean syringe when injecting disinfectant.


You're supposed to add your own conspiracy.
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