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Science holds keys, doors,
Black holes and symmetry.
Science is the gatekeeper
When it comes to facts and logic.
There is no place for science in the
Universe of imagination, science
Don’t own a paintbrush and could
Never be a Picasso or Van Gogh
No matter how many starry nights they glaze at.
My black body unhinged at the seams
half of me laid out over concrete puddles

My Achilles heel set out on an adventure, which can
lead to my permanent downfall

My shoes are gold mines in retrograde trying to walk to the
rhythm of an out of tune heartbeat

Most black bodies are new born poems, they need a strong
foundation and constant work so the writer can have a leg to stand on
I looked far beneath the surface
of your face, I found pain and blood boiling
like an ocean
that can't swim away.

I found beaten bones
and so many unholy wars of
Tell me, have you seen your reflection lately?
Did you see us all
honey and purple wildflowers?

Hiding behind the only halo
we hallucinated and worn in others memories who denounced us.

Remember how we
   wrapped them so carefully
in paper ma-shay pearls and perception.

We found how effortlessly
it is to play hardball
with imagination.

I wish our worlds didn't
fall apart and break so easily!
I Wish purgatory wasn't
attached to our grave stones
that reads here lay the
two olive branches never extended.

I wish we weren't left to die
If only they knew sage and a hug was our cure.
Then we could of done
the shadow work only
performed by God.

Now we will never know how
   the Elohist befriend
its demons and not **** them.
Maybe in some strange way they
know this is the only thing keeping them alive.
I wish tomorrow wasn't already dead,
Like fresh cut roses
with buds of innocents.
Death knows so well
how to mirror life

It placed warning signs on pedestals high enough so that all may see, but what I see is
we are the journey and not on one.

We are a continuum of blurred lines
Drawn in sand and sky.
Dying wasn't the problem
And living was never the answer.
I never asked to be delivered from evil
I just wanted to know why
Was it created.
Thank you Hello Poetry
What I have mastered is the art of love, and the
understanding that some hearts are worth fighting for
and some are not.

See here the scares love left, when it left.
See how remorse has its limitations
when it came to you.

I still see the imagery when I think hard enough
how I once smiled
like full-grown sunflower under moonlight.

I also see how your love vandalized what I feel for you.
How I trusted you, not knowing my
faith would need an accountability partner.

Now your eyes sickened and contrite, ruled by
Venus and lust, which caused my
tears to look like diamonds in the rough.

If only tears can talk instead of just fall.
They would probably tell us what love sounds
like underwater.

this pain isn't poetic it is just words
massaging deeper wounds.
"My heart is a powerful stanza Standing all alone"
Disrobe the rhythm in my heart.
Let it ceremonialize its own unsympathetic departure,
in the dead of winter.

Let it yowl like a pack coyotes.
Then let the wind take the
melody to Jupiter in Capricorn.
inspired by lexi's mingle
She plunged to the lowest level
of the ocean and grabbed
a hand full of the mermaid ****.
She flew back up and
smeared across the sky.

Holy ****** butterfly wings
Batman. What happened to her
standoffish mind or her cry for
help. Who accidentally slipped a
roofie to her heart. She's
flying she's flying she's gone!
Stand close to the statue of roses, it's friendly and doesn't bite.
Your Lego block legs are strong and long as the night.
Take one free fighting hand and wave it goodbye.
Your friends are leaving, and you are not sure why.
Maybe they got tired of standing so they left.
You know there is a sit with your name on it that is left.
Stand for as long as you can.
become your own biggest fan.
Don't be moved.
Your song is playing let them see you dance and grove.
We all have a space to fill.
love, magic, patience, and pills
will help you see the fake from the real.
Can you stand it?
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