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Bee Jul 2020
A fleeting glance as they pass each other on the street

At that moment, it began to rain

As the sky cried for the star crossed lovers

And for some reason, tears ***** their eyes too, like deep down they knew that they missed a lifetime in a single gaze
Bee May 2018
picture this:
there's a person in your life
they’re absolutely beautiful inside and out
a ray of sunshine shining on your every day
a sly smile spreads across your face when their name appears on your phone screen
this person however,
belongs to everybody and nobody at the same time
you long to tell them how you feel
but you resist out of fear of losing them
you slowly feel them begin to slip between your fingers
you refuse to give up on them without a fight
they’re one of your best friends
but you can't tell if their feelings towards you are purely platonic
what do you do?
I need advice
Bee May 2018
Loud clacks of character shoes on wood and tile
The air filled with the musty smell of costumes
Girls and boys alike with makeup smeared on their rosy cheeks
Nervous pacing up and down dark corridors
Each chanting songs and dialogue along with hurried dancing among the cast
Like a theatrical cult
The aisles filled with people eagerly shuffling to their seats
Hushed chatter among the growing crowd
Backstage, beautiful chaos falls into nervous order as the lights flicker and dim, indicating the too-fast approach of opening night
Soft fluttering of program pages comes to a sudden halt as the thick curtains slowly part to reveal a dark stage
Dancers and actors alike hidden in a heavy blanket of darkness
A single spotlight shines on a young girl, bright hair twirling down her back
She is clothed in a flowing dress of sky blue
Out of her mouth emerges a sound like that of a songbird
The stage comes alive with brilliant colors, dancers, and characters jumping and bustling around her
The show has begun.
  May 2018 Bee
she reads books and she plays music
the cute, innocent
clumsy girl
with freckles on her cheeks

you like to read and listen to music
the cool, handsome
sweet-talking man
who likes freckles on her cheeks

[ or at least you said you did ]

she rolls her eyes at your compliments
the cautious, bright
guarded girl
with curiosity in her eyes

you lay them on thick
the certain, sharp
imprudent man
with hidden agendas on your lips

she lingers a little longer
in hopes of crossing your path throughout the day

she laughs at your jokes
and you know they're not funny

she sings for you in the car because
you like her voice

[ or at least you said you did ]

she's become good at excuses
the hopeful, naive
kind-hearted girl
with sureness in her words

you soak them up
the stark, ill-intentioned
vacant boy
with uncertainty in your voice

she gave all she had to care for you,
the smooth, clever
self-serving boy

you convinced her that you loved her

[ or at least you said you did ]
sweet nothings are just sweet nothings
  May 2018 Bee
The other day I showed my mom my poems
"Why do you always write sad poems? Write happy." She says
I just nodded, but I couldn't tell her my code of secrecy.
I write so I can let all the pain go
The pain of yesterday
and the reason that was was that I didn't have anybody when I moved
Everybody was occupied
And on my first day of school, I ruined everything
my words were spoken in clumps
and my pen was my only companion
So I wrote
wrote like the ink was my blood and paper my skin
and poetry accepted my request of being a friend
now my poems act as a mentor and a tutor
I can't give up writing sad poems
because if I do,
I'll lose yesterday
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