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In another world
I give smiles come down
From the constant sky,
My breath is sea spray,
My hair a net for you
And the butterfly is kin,
Not larger than me.

In another place
My name, forged with yours,
Set in light of stars,
Blasted about the heavens,
Playful as the otter in winter
And the mountains high,
So small among us.

In another dream
We wake about splendours
So grand, unruly rooks
Disappear before they judge
And all our days, rapt in love
In wove blankets of ocean
So warm because of us.
unfeigned love letters
conflagrant desires
newfound treasures
affection beyond measures

indestructible barriers
fearful fighters
"we should have done better"s
star-crossed lovers
short list poetry i wrote in five minutes. 10:11PM.
thalassicbaby Jul 2016
the stars do not align
like they do every now and then
not as we drove through glaucous willows
not as the stelliferous night twinkled with promise through the sky roof
not as my cupidity for you
not as we danced in each other's arms paradisally
not as the lanugo on our bare limbs blazed a golden white as we watched the sun rise
the stars did not align for us.

we loved like antipodes - if antipodes did not love.
Madeline Kennell Jul 2016
it would never have worked out anyway
we're both in a 'love'
and by love i mean a class tank
one that you put yourself in and can see out yet touching is prohibited
strictly prohibited
as in don't feed the animals
but one night we were fed
fed with each other because our tanks were occupied with only one
and one can get so lonely
was stepping out of the tank so terrible if it was saving us?
we hardly even touched and we both ended up happy
somehow we're both sad
that nothing ever happened, that the kiss so often described
yearned for late in the night
stayed like sunbeams between our eyes
and when our eyes met it was like magic
like electricity
it was more than lightning, it was thunder
because thunder rumbles in the distance and never seems to come close enough
and to think in that one sweet word
the time you took my arm and called me honey
as if we strolled along the beach at dusk
it felt like that
those hours when you watch the sun rise and the world is soft and new
like waking up to snow
it was almost like being loved
and the sad part comes next
the part where i get mad
not because you chose her but because you were afraid
afraid to say '**** the consequences' and afraid to be bold
you aren't afraid of me but of the world
i could have helped you but no
and i know you have thought about it
it wasn't a bird that flew in and out your cage
drunken me made sure to clarify
and now here we are at the end
the end that keeps going and going until you are simply a high school memory that i call drama or emotions
until then you won't leave me
you'll stay in the back of my consciousness
you'll be the one I'm attached to with an invisible rope
always waiting and seeing and hesitating to chase after
yet somehow we are always following each other
flashing lights on a map always equidistant apart
and our time will stay between us
always you will be my kryptonite
and always i will be your mysterious girl...
Bria Grimm Oct 2015
You can just tell
Yah know?

We speak in rhythms,
Passionate, fortified rhythms but
often misaligned.

I won't be blind to our truth, no
but don’t expect me to bask in some

Defective perfection,
A ghastly unfortunate paradox and
A laden aura unlike any other.

My soul aches to ripen
so very desperately
But this love has taken it’s
Garth Lebowski Oct 2015
I am haunted by the kiss in your eyes, the kiss you can’t give me. Your family disapproves of me, and so do your friends. They will probably never approve of me but in the end they are going to admire my strength and faithfulness. They are going to realize that I will never, never give up on you no matter how hard they make it for us to be together. One day, they will understand that this kind of love, in itself, deserves to be returned.
When I am in bed, about to sleep, or when I’m alone and lost in my thoughts, suddenly I meet your face, and I know you’re the one for me, no matter what stands between us.
I love you more because I have to fight for you.
Rasmia Aug 2015
Want you here,
just to breathe
in your atmosphere.
Hire me, make me
your career.
When we stare,
time stops,
I might fall out,
carry me on a cot.
I left my heart
on the nightstand,
where my passion began
but had to end.
When your hand
touched the door,
my heart begged for more
regrese por favor mi amigo, mi amour.
regrese por favor mi amigo, mi amour = come back please my friend, my love.
Joanna Jun 2015
You inspire poetry I should not write,
You're the forbidden fruit I should not bite,
Amongst this darkness in you I have found light,
You're the wind to which I find my flight,
And if our souls can never be, intertwined eternally,
Then to my dreams will I flee, so that your embrace may encompass me.
© Joanna Mrsich. All rights reserved
NewAgeOfAnarchy Dec 2014
Me and you were the meant to be together till the end of time.

But the heavens cursed are love affair.
Now we long as star cross lovers; forces to wonder.

We yell for each other’s love and we will be reunion.
We will dance in the afterlife and kiss each other soft lips for eternity.
2014 copyright  Michael Cross
oh no Nov 2014
it’s not like I think it was meant to be this way
our pasts are woven into tapestries our bruises
look the same
“she took a beating and so did you” I know. I felt it too
the puddles of our footprints run together the winds that shaped you
ground me to the dirt
the rest of this journey was a blur but I remembered you
“she took a beating and she’s
you’re the rarest thing I’ve ever loved you’re the purest thing in me
the first time I saw you your story was rewritten in my eyes
with the first note of your copper voice you took me and ever since
I run blood red,
heart, and all,
I want nothing more than my hands in yours, for once
it’s like you could love me without killing me too
(I am used to teeth and claws they ate our hearts out,
you and me,
all this time, my face blood red,
all blood, and all)
it’s not fair of me to drag you back into this, and
with my hand on my healing throat I will not say anything at all
our pasts on leashes left on trees our bruises
look the same (like sour galaxies, like stains,
our skin blood red,
stars, and all)
you’re the purest thing I’ve ever loved, I love you
(love you, love you, and all)
in you I run blood red, heart, and all, and
for once it doesn’t feel like dying
with your hands on my busted knees I will not say anything at all
“she took a beating
and she left”
(as well she should)
someday I will let you go but we will run blood red,
hearts, star-crossed, and all
sorry everyone
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