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Poppy Oct 2019
I am here. Whilst you're laughing in your ferris wheel of glamour and glittering lights
Laughter so loud, you brandish names from your garish encrusted adverts. Notice me

In the midst of the battlefields of gargoyles, trolls, copycat thieves and twitter fights
People call you vile names and comment on your growth I was always there. I am here

When you're out dancing with boys sunbathing on yachts and take private cars and flights
As you work your way through a list of names of temporary love affairs. Notice me

Though your follower and disciple count multiplies to great saturated heights
They want details and secrets, they want your undivided attention. I am here.

We didn't create this hateful game just
Notice me! I like everything you do

You can't tell who's real, who you love or trust
Which will expose you and watch? I am here

I exist
Acknowledge me
Getting off the train in East Croydon there's this huge sign that say I am here and the arrow is lit up, I've not written a poem from scratch for a few years so this is probably a bit of a lazy step back in
Poppy Dec 2018
Realisation of thrilling intimidation
Silenced words and holding looks
The second I gaze up and find your eyes, for those seconds I am stuck in a fragile moment
Not wanting to leave but unable to admit what’s keeping me so transfixed.
Caught by your eyes in something, that I cannot back away from
Stillness of those exhilarating moments
Wishing you would reach out and touch me, lighting this electricity purring through my blood
Too cowardly to act on my own desires, my own wishful fate
I patiently wait.
Wait for a little more secluded occasion, away from fear of opinion or judgment
Enjoying the lost moment and loud vibration,
Drowning out all conversation and surroundings
Unnoticed by others, whilst being unmoved by others
Hoping that my feeling doesn’t go unrequited, but if it were…
We wouldn’t play these games together

I smile and shatter the glass bubble in which we have held ourselves
Poppy May 2015
Alone in the darkness, I carefully tread
Gazing at the leafy roof blossoming
Pearly flickering snowdrops overhead
A lone orchestra that she is forming
Hushed. I stand motionless, tranquil, silent
Glittering petals floating all around
Hear the eloquent song; dusky, violent
Twirling whilst dances to the velvet sound
In the midst of our homely wilderness
Reaching out to this enchanting spirit
I watch her, Illuminating blackness
My tortured soul I again revisit

Chasing is useless. I don't have her heart
We are seamed together and ripped apart.
Poppy May 2015
I'll stay here with you. If you still need me
We can delay the inevitable.
We've laboured at our hearts. We're weary
You think we'll revive this. I'm sceptical
Poppy Nov 2014
What is hidden in this lost and strange dream,
Rip your fences down. Find what is lurking.
Surprise of an empty enchanted  scream
The others secrets you've been observing

Terrifying  who or what you might find.
love, hate, lies, truth, life, death,  passion and dull.
Search the buried corners of your mind.
The feeling of emptiness, yet so full.

Don't hate yourself, don't hold on. Let go
Condone, your wicked mind and desire
Try to keep your eyes open. Watch the show
Strike  the match. open your soul. Start the fire!

There is always rain after any drought
I'm  waiting in the shadows. Let me out
Poppy Oct 2014
Please don’t stop the rain,
On the floor is where I lie
Ready to be hit by the pain

Distorted thoughts go through my brain
Asking questions, wondering why,
Please don’t stop the rain.

Keeps repeating, but I have to break the chain
I keep falling I can’t stop but I try
Please don’t stop the rain.

Pressure on me, slipping closer to the insane
People don’t see these tears, they don’t see me cry
Please don’t stop the rain.

I want to leave because I can’t take this pain
Fly away. Soar. Touch the sky.
Please don’t stop the rain.

As I slip away there is no strain.
On the floor is where I lie,
I am in a euphoric peace, no more pain.
Please don’t stop the rain.
I wrote this in English at school a few years ago, and heard James Morrison on the radio earlier that morning.
Poppy May 2014
I knew I would find you,
There was no where left to hide.
You already made your choice
You can't get off this ride

Still. While I look in your eyes,
Seeing through your soul
Did you forget me?
Now I'm in control.

The guilt has always followed you
How careful did you tread?
You know what you did
Now you must lay forever in your bed

I won't feel bad for this
I know your slightly daunted
You should have never hurt me
My dreams were always haunted

Don't be scared
Shush my dear. Don't make a sound
It's okay. You'll never wake
after I lay you down

This will hurt while I
Whisper softly in your ear
This will hurt
Let me listen to your fear.
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