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lex Mar 2021
on the tip of my tongue
those three little words
they don't have to be big
but i dont have the courage

is it too soon?
it's been but a week
but i'm ninety percent sure
that these feelings aren't bleak

still, i hold it in
i'm a dam for my feelings
instead i'll stay home
and stare at the ceiling

it's painted with words
i've not said to you
but one day i'll have courage
to say 'i love you'
i'm in what they call the best part of a relationship—the beginning. it feels so nice but what do i do?
lex Jan 2021
we are on opposite ends
of opposite worlds
of opposite universes.

i've never met someone
as different as you are from me.

normally, opposites attract,
but right now, i could not be more repulsed.
my brother isn't the best soul. i wish our relationship was better, but it's not, and i'm not sure i can do anything about it.
lex Dec 2020
can't be put through the same thing again
i need a little change.

can someone or something come along
so that i can be free?
every week is the same, just slightly different. i am going mad
lex Dec 2020
my eyelids heavy
i try to lift dead weight i
was not destined for
lil haiku
lex Dec 2020
it's not until now
that i've finally understood
the feeling of loneliness
in a crowded room.

these people know nothing about me
because i give them nothing
because i don't know how
to give them something.

but it's okay.
i'll sit in the sidelines
watching everyone get along
while i feel lonely in this crowded room.
i am just a background character in my own **** life
lex Dec 2020
there is something about the melancholy
i haven't felt in so long
that is so inviting

like picking needles from haystacks
i search for it, almost.
why is that so?
why must i search for sadness?
the feeling is so inviting. it lures me in to stay
lex Dec 2020
slow mornings are my favorite
for i can simply stare out the window,
drink coffee,
and think.

whether it be cloudy or sunny,
it's always nice to bask in the low light.
the sun streams through the window with an orange glow and i wish nothing but to stand in it forever
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