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b Aug 2019
afraid to live,
afraid to sin,
afraid to drown
in a bottle of gin.
b Aug 2019
I watched them colour your sorrows and paint your flaws,
you gave them the brush.

r e a l l y ?

I watched them laugh at your insecurities and ignore your loss,
you laughed along.

r e a l l y ?

I watched them flaunt your guilt and frame your shame,
you shrugged it off.

r e a l l y ?

I watched them dress you up and change your name,
you had a toast.

r e a l l y ?
#fake #really #peoplepleaser #insecurity #selfworth #ignore #hate #nice #flaws #sorrow
b Jun 2019
got me
by the threads
of its eternal obscurity
asking me
urging me
to find a meaning
in the insignificance
of my existence

find a meaning
in my morning hustle
my frowning muzzle
my cowardice mask

my spending sprees
my binging eats
my clinging needs

find a meaning
to hustle for fees
to fight for beers
to do as they please

find my tranquility
in the warmth
of my mid-day tears
b Feb 2019
what do you want?

the money
the fame
the ***?

the name
the brains
and a heavy pay-check?

do you want the lies
the rage
the meaningless objects?

or can you tell
it is a facade
to shame
your intellect?
b Jan 2019
the guilt
the sin
the hatred within

thinking if we disguise our hair
in an obscure form of veil
they will conceal our madness

thinking if our skin prevails
after years of stacking knitwear
they will shred our sadness

then asking us why are we so vain?
why do we masquerade our emotions to keep us sane?
when all your attempts strives to conceal what’s underneath
underneath that cloth you call a veil
underneath that skin you use for sale

the morals
the virtues
the lies you preach

It is just another mask you wish to keep
b May 2018
your soul is drowning
within your vast ignorance,
striving on hate, bitterness and rage
acidic breaths filling up the space
blurring out your phrase

"Its Judgment day,
It is Judgment day"
b Mar 2018
breathless sighs,
thrusting high,
barking dogs,
and selfish cries,

all the while,
you're digging your nails
in my flesh
and morbid eyes

can't you see?
that i'm dragging you
down the hill
to your demise?
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