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Joel M Frye Aug 2020
A love for music and words
so deeply stained
in your soul
that all could see
your life's blood
coloring the brick wall
you had painted
so that any artist
who made you stop
the tatting and applaud
could leave their autograph.
Not that you'd exclude
the hangers-on and wanna-be's
from the stage.
That would not be kind.
But you'd get that distant look
as your hands would keep
stitching, knotting, tying off
until the talent showed up.
The hands needled and weaved
without pause;
Only a shift in focus
let the musician or poet know
that they indeed were heard.

Your words at once
lovely and incisive,
inobtrusively lethal
when you chose to create;
pointed as the tatting needles
and strung together
as thoughtfully, carefully
and beautifully as
table runners and doilies.

Too few remember
your dedication to
your coffeehouse,
how you bled
paycheck after paycheck
to keep a stage lit
to keep the magic
of a new discovery
who would soon become a new friend.

It was a hole in the wall,
a converted brick storefront
on a nondescript main street
of a small Florida city.
It lit the lives
of many who needed
a place to bare their souls.
and you...
were great.
R.I.P. Billie Noakes, founder of C.A.M.S coffeehouse and a friend of 30 years.  Sorry it took me so long, Billie.
Anastasia Jun 2019
See this crown, upon my head?
Made of knives, one slice and you're dead
My finger, tracing your neck
Then come my lips
The blade is next
Watch your mouth
And watch your back
Is it love or a heart attack?
Backstabbing isn't really my style
Darling straight in your face will make me smile
Looked you in the in the eyes
Shouldn't be a surprise
Inspired by Billie Eilish ❤
Raven Apr 2019
I love it when you take control, I love it when you re-own me.
I love it when you squeeze my gut, I love it when you re-establish me.
So you're a bad guy?
Think again...
Dominate you until your juices explodes.
I'm your savage, a perfect mystery.
A weapon, a long lost slavery.
Misguide your imperfections and make you tell me again,
Who's the bad guy?
**** with your mind and turn the page, write a new script and flip a new chapter...
But you like it really rough, hmm, tough guy.
Let's go again, I'm your bad guy, you're my *****, think again...
I just make you think you're my daddy, and you think I'm your *****, it's called the master of trickery.
But it's the other way around, That's how good I am, at being the bad guy.
But you still wanna **** with me, you love it, **** with you like you ****** with me the other night.
But that's the thing about my duality, she likes it really rough, she's tough, she plays games and always wins.
You lose, tough guy.
I'm the bad guy, hmm...
Billie Eilish - Bad guy Inspiration
Juan Nava Feb 2019
the food is everywhere
and the tiny bright lights anywhere I feel the train inside my mind
while the smiles turn into laughter

presents building up like a mountain
I smile, and mumble thank you
thinking of you and longing for your view
a sense of loneliness and another cigarette is down one

oh darling
you are so cruel to me
making me gone in a wild madness
putting me in moods of sadness
and missing you even in my dreams

remember when you said you needed me by your side at all times and I gave you all my dimes
got me all ****** up with all those signs
I pray with all my might throughout the lonely night that you and only you to put up a fight

the outside is covering in pure white
I just wanted for you to hold me tight
just for a minute not for long winter life ticket
tonight the clearest night I want you here just for a visit

oh darling
you are so cruel to me
making me gone in a wild madness
putting me in moods of sadness
and missing you even in my dreams

I have been blue since I haven’t seen you
all that body and grace makes me wanna play
raven black tattoos on your side of your arm
you baddest boy I have ever seen

i dream back to back of your smile
but i haven’t seen you in a minute
your ways have no limits

many nights come by
I cry over you
what can I do

oh, Billie,
I feel those blues
they have no idea how it feels
to be in the dark side of love

oh darling
you are so cruel to me
making me gone in a wild madness
putting me in moods of sadness
and missing you even in my dreams

all I wanted is your company
Juan Nava Feb 2019
what an awful thing to do to look at you
those blue, ivory eyes that will never love me
each troubled but humble step you take
you to bring this innocent ******’s smile

what an awful thing to do to give my worthless dimes
those raven black tattoos that gave me the blues
cream clear lingering flush to flamingo skin
short lengthy gold swivel to the left hair

what a beautiful thing to do to live unloved abuse
they say it is the right to refuse to the abuse
I suppose that creature only has what the holy God made in lonely me
in the silence, the wonders race back to the front of my neurons
and just like that, you are gone because the dawn has come

What a wonderful thing to do to resume the morning heartaches
That wonderful way you make fun of my existence
If you have fresh faded rose shade lip-shaped mark on your neck
Don’t explain the reasons but promise you’ll always stay

What a wonderful thing to have tears on my pillows
So I grab the circular white and orange tip end junk
The smoke races to the top and my heart is still stuck
It won’t move at all even if I try for a good lasting minute

What a wonderful thing to do wasting every second of my life to help you
Standing at the crossroad of being so mean spirited or help you live the best
The stormy weather has come, but the rain never left
Melancholy melodies are my telecopy memories

What a wonderful thing to do, to jump from the rocky steps
It’s not the only cause of the past visions of you but everything that has been left
I’ll be seeing you and always think of you
And as the leaves fall and grow but you’ll see me in the sky
When I walked to your car
Never did I imagine this would happen
When we kissed
When you took the diamond
And revealed it
Gently, softly, and so very sweet
I would never treat you like them
Never hurt you
You are too good for me completely
I called you when I was coming home
Fell into the lonely dark
Cold, bitter, home for me
I told you I would never hurt you
I am no good for you
Not when I so carelessly fell into his arms when I was bored and lonely
You called me friend but kept me closer
I’ll call you when I’m coming home
When I pass the vacant towns
And the long stretches of land
When I'm on my own
I am sorry that I did it
I will never hurt you
Never on purpose

Quiet, my dear this ice-cold glass box wasn't made for tampering
For hiding when it’s only but us two
For when a boy decides he doesn't want her anymore
For when a girl decided her friend is better than her boyfriend on prom
My dear don't let the little birds peck your diamonds
Please don't let them hurt you
Don't let me let you go
I could lie and say
I’d never hurt you
I learn to lose but
I don't want to
You call me friend
But I will lie and say I like it like that
inspired by when the partys over by Billie Eilish
alessandra Aug 2018
i haven't forgotten the way you stole our first kiss from my mouth

or the way your fingers twitched at a feign of defiance

the way you've swallowed my voice
akin to the way you hold my thighs
with possession

in a sordid poem three years past I wrote the warm joy, tenderness and unbridled growth

i hate the way my mouth tastes under yours
the filth of stagnation

the lifeless shape i assume alongside yours
makes me wonder if a concept of partnership
was another bad, damp dream

yet i've got to question whether
another set of hands would soothe me
just as well when i wake,
begging **** me **** me **** me

my frantic offends you
my brain like a gasoline fire

your disinterest like that necklace
i can't take off
special thanks to billie eilish
Gray Apr 2018
My anxiety holds me hostage in my own body
It covers my mouth with lies
And holds my hands down with worries
I deserve better I think.
BetTer PeoPle
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