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UNiTY Nov 2021
It's the millennium of majesties
And we up in this galaxy the malady
Of balancing

I been looking for a planet to transfer to
When I patch through better answer I'm speaking to the blue
UNiTY Nov 2021
We love
We fight and we talk
We hug and make changes
We keep growing

We love
To me it's always enough
For you and I sometimes it's tough
But love is that way

I live
For the light that your eyes when I wake
Tends to give
And I Wouldn't trade , couldn't sell it
Wouldn't leave
I can spell it
l o v e

When I see you .
UNiTY Nov 2021
Unmarked indigo
What am I looking forward to
Trying to balance
While keeping my eyes on you

Unfolding my arms to unleash
My feeling
Breathing being

I can feel you like a magnet whichever way you turn
Whether it's resistance or you can't resist the urge
UNiTY Nov 2021
Twists and turns
Learning to check my speed along each curve
So much about myself I come to find is -
actually another thing.

The little neurons , moving about
so hyperactively
that it drives me into half a day of rest

or otherwise

What have I done those moments I have impacted them
whether by a blow from the fist or the nostrils

So much has changed
no longer do I indulge in the dangers of drugs
only the safe ones that help my physical pain

Slowly learning- but not before I'm ruined , to keep my hands off myself
As not to damage what sanity I have left .

Which fortunately, Is more than I could have based on the past decade
but unfortunately, some pieces of this puzzle of a young woman are missing-

That is okay, I guess the colors in between and I scribble underneath

I play a guessing game until my loved ones remind me of the truth
When they know it

Will I Always be searching for the corners to complete it?
I really don't care much for whole complete pictures anyways
Always folding photos to hide the faces of those who wronged me, crumbling unfinished pieces of art before wondering what I could add, only to replace it with another one .

Guess it doesn't matter- though when I dig through old memories, there are some things I find that surprise me.

How much we change year to year, throughout a lifetime as people? Is it more or less person to person based on our experience?
I haven't been here in a long time . There shall be more. So much has happened since .
UNiTY Mar 2020
Oh , to experience,
all I can remember ,
Oh, to hold the subconscious knowledge of all
that has passed through my life , I forget.

To wonder , or to just be oblivious,
to wander . or to search for home

Learning how to Learn again
how to accept all as a blessing in amends
smile upon any day
regarding how it went
UNiTY Dec 2018
So many questions are asked
With the general idea that there is only one ultimatum
Truest answers masked
insisting theories factual to state em
Clueless trance for mass
Inflicting then steering all away them
From the history that really passed
It may not have gone by as fast
Textbooks built from lies no class
UNiTY Dec 2018
Anywhere I walk
Not a soul notices
Everywhere I go
I seem to dwell within
Somehow I just know
In a different dimension

I can see the people
But they cannot see me
It is now clear
That my name is Nobody ....

Nobody with a capital "N"
When nobody loves me I go within
Then the hateful words have meaning
That only I intend
Praising just the opposite
Becomes a compliment ....
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