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kiran goswami Nov 2018
He looked at her with all the sincerity in his eyes,
Leaned forward and slowly kissed her.

But then,
Skype came in between.
Elizabeth Brown Oct 2018
A portal to another world,
glass so thick that I'm unsure I'll ever pass through.
There you dwell, constant and incredible,
so close to me,
so far from you.
This window, often changing,
goes with me on my journeys.
In size and shape it varies-
but you remain
Still, what I wouldn't give to pass through
that teasing threshold
and into your warm and waiting arms.
Marisol Quiroz Jun 2018
ill never forget that night.
we were laying in bed,
eyes closed and half asleep,
teetering on the fence between
the world of wake
and the world of dream.

we’d been quiet for awhile now,
understandable in this hour of the night.
the room was lowly lit
by the dim glow of light
cast off computer screens,
and the air was filled
with white static sound
and your soft rhythmic breathing.

eyes closed,
i could swear you were beside me,
half convinced by the hum
of the speakers softly snoring
that i’d roll over to your body,
even though i knew
you were far away from me,
sleeping alone across the sea.
but it was something i could believe,
nearly there,
slipped into sleep.

and suddenly
you split the silence,
waking yourself up,
you called out my name with urgent pace
and i mumbled a reply
as you pulled me awake.

you spoke again,
and the words spilled from your tongue like nectar
and dripped from your lips like honey,
said with such haste
like you couldn’t get the words into the world fast enough,
as though holding it in any longer
would bring down the world burning.

it was then in that night,
one of many moments yet i’d find,
that i knew i was going to love you forever,
no matter of land or sea,
of sun, stars, or skies between,
could ever change that,
or keep you away from me.

―  “i love you more than anyone or anything i have ever loved or ever will,” 12:37 am, 10.08.17, what you said to me.
Marisol Quiroz Jun 2018
an open window,
the smell of night's cool breeze,
static from an open laptop,
the sound of you sleeping next to me.

― subtle moments of bliss
Max Jun 2016
I love the sounds
That come to me
From you
Through my headphones
You typing
You talking
Your words
lulling me to sleep
Filling my dream with
but you
LJ May 2016
My portion of the night
Pouched in a land afar
On this large bed I lay
Alone I toss and play

The skype is our hype
As I move the zoom
To view your blemish
Your smile my parish

A romance of apartness
It's a chance we take
Too long till the winter
When I can feel your strum

A traction on my heart
Vibrations on my soul
I'll wait for you my love
As we paddle the bustle
Love you as the dense of the night strokes. I long to have your babies telepathically through Skype!
Pauline Morris Apr 2016
On the futuristic cartoon the Jetsons
They had phones with projections
I thought it was so grand
That in front of that screen they could stand
And see who they where talking to
What a wonderful thing to be able to do

Now it is common place
Our loved ones face
Can travel through space
It shrinks the miles that separate
And I think that's just great

Now we can Skype
And all of that like
We can take our phone
And bring loved ones along as we roam
It's almost like them being home
And on and on we can drone
Or our imagination we can flex
And even have cyber ***

I hope who created it was inspired
By the thoughts they acquired
By watching that simple cartoon
Because it brought us all a little more attuned
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
Here I am again looking to the sky
Wishing so much that I could fly
Leave this lonesome world behind
Most people are just blind
And they will never see the truth
But up high here upon the roof

It's not so hard to find
That they are to mired in the grind
They've given in
To the greatest sin
That possessions have more worth than time
They cherish every dime

But I know the truth
It's about love, not youth
Or possession you own
It's about watching kid's becoming grown

It's not how much money
You spend on your hunny
But putting in the time
To watch life unwind

Holding loved ones close
It's what we all want the most
So I have decided I'm growing wings
Just watch as I fly away and sing
Because my love lives faraway
And Skypes not enough today
William Michener Dec 2015
Advancments of technology are neverending
And the world will never stop depending
What ever happened to a letter
Or if people just hung out together
Instead of using Skype
Go outside and see the light
Ellie Geneve Nov 2015
You told me about this,
But I still liked hot dogs
What was a keyboard doing
running across mountains in the snow?

running away from the unsaid words?
break the vicious cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
of dreaming about you...
eat them burgers and sing them anthems,  blaaah
don't forget to burn them bridges.

but don't burn yourself ...

cuz you're wearing my shirt
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