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Julie Grenness Nov 2015
If only we could all Skype Heaven,
Embrace our beloved in fields Elysian,
See peaceful light in perpetual visions,
Pray for people on Earth and in Heaven,
Each day a National Day of peace and happiness,
Whatever happens today, don't stress,
Whatever happens today, you'll manage,
Your daily mantra and an adage,
Planet Earth still turns, sun arises,
Yes, life does bring its surprises,
Let's pray to strengthen our faith,
For solutions for peaceful ways,
Peaceful days on Earth and Heaven,
If only we could  Skype to Earth, fields Elysian.
A tribute for valour, for those who served, on Remembrance Day.
brandon nagley Oct 2015

Tաօ ժíŚԵíղςԵ ҽղժ'Ś օƒ Եհҽ աօɾӀժ
Tաօ ŚҽԹɑɾɑԵҽ ςɑʍҽɾɑ ӀҽղŚҽŚ;
Oղҽ kíղց, զմҽҽղ, ɑ ҍօվ ɑղժ ɑ ցíɾӀ
FɑӀӀíղց ɑŚӀҽҽԹ íղԵҽɾաҽҍ ςօղղҽςԵíօղ.


Tհҽ Qմҽҽղ'Ś ҽվҽ'Ś ŚհմԵ
Hҽɾ kíղց աɑԵςհҽԵհ հҽɾ íղ ŚíӀҽղςҽ;
Tհҽ kíղց ςӀօŚҽŚ հíŚ Ӏíժ'Ś.
WհíӀŚԵ Եհҽ զմҽҽղ ԹҽҽԹ'Ś, Եí ʍҽӀҽŚŚ.


SҽςɾҽԵ ŚԹíҽŚ, íղԵҽɾղҽԵ ժíѵíղҽ
EíցհԵ ԵհօմŚɑղժ, ƒíѵҽ հմղժɾҽժ ɑղժ ŚҽѵҽղԵվ Եաօ ʍíӀҽŚ ɑԹɑɾԵ;
Tհօմցհ ահíӀŚԵ օղ SkվԹҽ, ҽɑςհ օԵհҽɾ, ղҽ×Ե Եօ ɑղօԵհҽɾ
Síժҽ ҍվ Śíժҽ, ŚӀմʍҍҽɾíղց ҽղԵաíղҽժ, ցӀɑŚŚ Եօ ցӀɑŚŚ, օղҽ հҽɑɾԵ.

©Bɾɑղժօղ NɑցӀҽվ
©EɑɾӀ յɑղҽ ղɑցӀҽվ ժҽժíςɑԵíօղ
©ӀօղҽŚօʍҽ ԹօҽԵ'Ś ԹօҽԵɾվ
Title is Skype slumbering for you who can't read fancy reading lol
Tabi G Jul 2015
I think you send me little hearts on Skype because it makes me smile
And I think you think making me smile
Will keep a razor off my thighs and pills out of my throat
But I don't think you realize
I might do it anyway

Not to sound ungrateful
Because I appreciate the sentiment
But I feel like I'm dying anyway

And smiling wont stop that
And smiling wont bring my apathy back
“Why would you want apathy?” you ask
I live in a home where every eye contact
Makes it look like you're talking back
And when you talk back
You get your possessions taken from you
One by one

And that wouldn't be a problem
If I didn't miss the little hearts on Skype.
Zhen Jun 2015
We meet in the virtual world.
We could say it as accident,
But we can call it as fated too.

Hours and hours goes by
We talk on skype
We message on phone
But we never get tired

I don't need to walk down the road,
To make myself happy
I don't need to listen music,
To cheer me up,
I don't need to draw,
To forget my worries.
All I need is you to make me smile

I know those sweet embrace of yours
Show how much you love me.
When I'm lost when I'm hurt
You stay up late make sure I'm okay.
I won't forget those days
That you took my breath away
Your sweet affection I know it won't change.

I just want to be with you~
To tell u there is no one able to replace your place in my heart.
Baby I'm crazy for u.
Imagine if the nativity
Took place now instead of then
With technological advancement
It'd be on the news at ten
In fact it would make youtube
A film clip at the stable
Taken by a shepherd boy
Underneath a table
The three wisemen would go on Skype
The gifts would be en route
No need to travel all the way
With the traffic in Beirut
Phone banks would be all set up
To raise funds for the birth
The internet would be a buzz
With the greatest news on earth
No camels, inns or drummer boys
There'd be no one there at all
The Angel of The Lord would be
Black Friday shopping at the mall
In fact I do not think that it
Would be a deal that we would follow
Social media and the press
Would make it all seem hollow
I'm glad it happened when it did
As time has come to pass
With Jesus in a manger
And wisemen there en masse
I don't think it'd be Christmas
If Christ was born today
Without a cd or a movie deal
Or a sport that he would play
Christmas is...and always will
Be the story we were told
I'm glad it didn't happen now
If I may be quite so bold
Unto man a child was born
And he, the son of God....
PrttyBrd Mar 2015
There he was, smiling
Basking in the sight of me
In love, without words
David W Clare Nov 2014
Written in Bangkok, Thailand SE Asia, Siam

a.k.a. "Skype Love"  a.k.a.  "Skype Life"  a.k.a.  "Skype Fun"

The Skype Theme Song      "The Skype Song"

written by: David John Clare    


(Sci-Fi Techno Music)

Verse 1

Feel the shock, hear the buzz,   Turn-on your screen, so you can see what it does

Tells you who's there, finds you a date,   Friendly webcam faces: how they radiate

Never be bored, Skype gives us something to do,   Her electric eyes to watch me in my view

Lightning filled hands, good tingling sensations,   Skype runs the world: on a single cosmic vibration

Chorus 1

Skype Love: an on-line chat with a new friend I know, Skype Life, You sound so good, feels so good to me

Skype Fun, It's me Oh Yeah!, always on the go, Skype Me Now! ... makes it so easy like: 1-2-3

Verse 2

How it works so well: nobody knows,  It's more than simply just 1's & O's

Skype don't lie, no it's not science fiction,  A very clean high, our one and only addiction

Brand new friends, new loved ones too, In every country a cool rendezvous


A lovely Chat? Well it gets better than that!  If you don't Skype, then you don't know where it's at!

Chorus 2

Skype Love, It's my computer on video, Skype Life, You sound so good, look so nice to me

Skype Fun, It's us Oh Yeah!, always on the go, Skype Someone now! ... it all so easy as 1-2-3


Go feel the magic on-line,  Someone now: is as close as your hand

Now finally every thing's fine

The World is now: at your command, command, command ...  (**** Pow!)

Chorus 3

Skype Love: an on-line chat with a true-friend I know, Skype Life, It's great, always there for me

Skype Fun, You sound so good, it's so cool to go

Skype !  Sign Up Now! ('cuz), It's for free, for free,  for free,  for free,  for free... (echo-fade)

© In Perpetuity written by:  David w. Clare  Clairvoyant Music / BMI

all rights reserved by the author

Skype: xendavid

Chiang mai Thailand 2008
Josiah Wilson Mar 2014
Tired, eyes bleary with sleep
But I force them open again
I can't doze off just quite yet
You have to go to work at ten

Sitting in front of my screen
My mind begins to wander
But I can't sleep quite yet
'Cause I still have to call her

I can see the sun glinting
Just through the window glass
But I just want to talk to her
Five minutes, that's all I ask

Well past four in the morning
My phone lights up the room
A smile fills my face
It says, "Hey honey, I love you."
Invocation Apr 2014
My hair is growing longer
I've lost weight - but not the bad way
this time
My new necklace
Your beard is longer too, oh it curls
What's that? Did you get that at work?
It doesn't look serious
I have nightmares
My artwork
Band logos
Smoke with me
Tattoo ideas
Michelle's saggy ****, drawn hastily and without detail
but you prefer it that way
Oh how cute
your dogs are trying to steal your pillow
I guess I can be lonely
I'll fight with nobody
except for my stuffed animals for the
empty space

— The End —