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Nov 2014
Written in Bangkok, Thailand SE Asia, Siam

a.k.a. "Skype Love"  a.k.a.  "Skype Life"  a.k.a.  "Skype Fun"

The Skype Theme Song      "The Skype Song"

written by: David John Clare    


(Sci-Fi Techno Music)

Verse 1

Feel the shock, hear the buzz,   Turn-on your screen, so you can see what it does

Tells you who's there, finds you a date,   Friendly webcam faces: how they radiate

Never be bored, Skype gives us something to do,   Her electric eyes to watch me in my view

Lightning filled hands, good tingling sensations,   Skype runs the world: on a single cosmic vibration

Chorus 1

Skype Love: an on-line chat with a new friend I know, Skype Life, You sound so good, feels so good to me

Skype Fun, It's me Oh Yeah!, always on the go, Skype Me Now! ... makes it so easy like: 1-2-3

Verse 2

How it works so well: nobody knows,  It's more than simply just 1's & O's

Skype don't lie, no it's not science fiction,  A very clean high, our one and only addiction

Brand new friends, new loved ones too, In every country a cool rendezvous


A lovely Chat? Well it gets better than that!  If you don't Skype, then you don't know where it's at!

Chorus 2

Skype Love, It's my computer on video, Skype Life, You sound so good, look so nice to me

Skype Fun, It's us Oh Yeah!, always on the go, Skype Someone now! ... it all so easy as 1-2-3


Go feel the magic on-line,  Someone now: is as close as your hand

Now finally every thing's fine

The World is now: at your command, command, command ...  (**** Pow!)

Chorus 3

Skype Love: an on-line chat with a true-friend I know, Skype Life, It's great, always there for me

Skype Fun, You sound so good, it's so cool to go

Skype !  Sign Up Now! ('cuz), It's for free, for free,  for free,  for free,  for free... (echo-fade)

© In Perpetuity written by:  David w. Clare  Clairvoyant Music / BMI

all rights reserved by the author

Skype: xendavid

Chiang mai Thailand 2008
David W Clare
Written by
David W Clare  Petaluma, USA
(Petaluma, USA)   
   Jamie King and ---
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