Pea  May 2014
Sky, Sky, Sky
Pea May 2014

An atheist experiencing deja vu
An atheist having fear of ghosts
An atheist struggling to live

An atheist meets an ableist
Saying personality isn't such a thing to be divided

I don't believe in you but I have no more than empty

Erasing faces, justifying phases
I am not a moon or I am
I am going to read The Bell Jar for the first time
Or never
I hope I was her

An atheist wishing reincarnation did exist
An atheist's head wrapped by plastic bag

Found you

Another medical pill I don't want to swallow
Triggering white clothes

I am not going to a psychiatrist

Patrick McCombs  Oct 2012
Patrick McCombs Oct 2012

Clouds bounce against the edges of the sky
I let out a long sigh
My breath visible in the frigid air
I'm shaking but I don't care
The sky is a deep after snow blue
A lone bird came into view
The world was perfectly still
I couldn't move; I didn't have the will
To break this instant of perfection
To sever this connection

Michael Ellis  Dec 2011
Michael Ellis Dec 2011

Head up to the sky
the street lights feel like eyes

Eyes of the past, present, and future

Memories of love, hate, and regrets
because I was too shy

To shy to make things last, stay, and proceed

Feelings of happiness, sorrow, and pain
rush through my veins

The same very veins that carried blood to my cold heart

The heart that once was whole, happy, and big
is not broken, sad, and tiny

You see it wasn't someone who made my heart the way it was
it was the experiences that it went through

I've only been alive for nineteen years,
but I feel like I've been living for eighty

We all go through our temptations and trials
some conquered some failed, but what really
matters is that we are alive and we can keep our
heads up to the sky

Debbie Chelsea  Aug 2015
Debbie Chelsea Aug 2015

You are the sky,
And I am the stars.
Always together
and never apart.
Some days when I don't shine,
don't think that I'm not there.
I'm just hiding behind the clouds.
Watching you from afar.

You are the sea,
And I am the waves.
Always together,
side by side.
When I rises,
I bring tidal waves with me,
and you're the one,
giving me strength,
helping me rise.

You are the beauty
In every little thing,
I see flaws and mistakes,
I still love you the same.

Jacqueline OConnor  Jul 2011
Jacqueline OConnor Jul 2011

My love for you is the sky
Never ending
And when I feel that my heart has taken its beating
I will reach for you, but never touch
Each star resembles a new reason
A reason for which I love you
And they shine, bright
And I hope they never dull
Because there will be no more room for new stars
Your mood is the sky
Changing colors so uniquely
But always beautiful, like you
And when the sky rains upon me
My imagination runs free
Rain drops turn to kisses
And somehow I can feel your careful lips
The hardest winds that blow
Cannot come close to the way that you blow me away
And only you
But when you speak harsh words
Your love, my sky, it hits me with bolts of lightening
And I cannot recover
Your eyes are curious, always looking for reasons
They are my moon
And I wish to live in them forever
Your glances light up even the darkest of my nights
And I could never escape them
Your smiles
They are my rainbows
Full of joy and mystery
I want to know where they really end
But I don't want them to
Because I love you
I am far too timid to touch my lips to yours
Even when you want to
I know that nothing in this world could compare
You provide me with oxygen, giving me life
And I promised you I'd never ruin that
I wouldn't...
I couldn't...
Your mind is the clouds
It can easily take you over
And it can also paint extraordinary pictures
I wish I could touch them, your thoughts, my clouds
But what if they dissipate?
I beg you, please don't ever leave me
Because I couldn't live...
My Sky.

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