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The white sea was vast. In total contradiction,
to all reason, it seemed to dwarf the blue sky below.
Currents of clouds bubbled and spewed, while others tore away in violent serenity.
It was an ocean of heaven's dreams.
The travelers set upon the white, leaving small earth behind.
As they ascended into the clouded sea,
all thoughts of land had escaped them.
Slowly, the pepples and grains which had become markers of memories and time, faded away into some distant place.
The white sea was more than a physical place, it too was like a drug.
It stole away all reason, it lies like a brilliant poison in the body, hidden and lethal.
It was ecstacy and it was death,
but above all else it was beautiful.
Don't believe that the starlit is dimmed?
the starlit is bright beyond belief.
Now beady is just the thing,
To get me wondering if the starlit is dazzling.

I saw the dreary spread over of my generation destroyed,
How I mourned the mist.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the mist,
Gently it goes - the dull, the dismal, the gloomy.

How happy are grey thunderclouds!
Are you upset by how morose they are?
Does it tear you apart to see the thunderclouds so troublesome?
There, in the quiet starlight of your eyes
i can see the unveiling of distant galaxies,
and the blueprints to infinity;
and the way your body moves
is like a cool wave searching for warmth
along the shore, as the moon holds its breath,
and gravity pulls me toward you.

You are an evanescent flame of mercurial desire,
a window to my soul,
a tempest of long stem roses and ballet slippers;
so don't tell me you don't love poetry,
my love,
when it is all we are,
and all we will ever be.
the waves are united with hope
but it does not break the coral of hope
sand powder is a small particle of my dreams
it's okay to be trampled on
because to be sky
I'm still too ordinary
Star BG 6d
Yellow and orange
opaque clouds
fill horizon.

Birds fly inside shadows sunrise.
Senses are expanded
to weave thoughts inside moment
holding unlimited possibilities.

Perfect time to explode in breath
and drift in dreams.
Perfect time to dip aspirations in hot chocolate
on winters day and sip to fully swallow.

Grand time to look at sky
and make a wish
for universe to mirror back
as in gratitude I stand.
Inspired by the gifted Moon Woman. Thanks
when i was one...
on the pool of stars.
but all that human
can see
is a single star
that turns out to be me.

when you are the moon
i've seen you again
after a long time
and in the pitch black sky

at last
we were together
the moon
and a star
finally, together

far still
but enough closer
for you to see me

i look up,
oh isn't that my love
just close to you
but won't ever
reach you
that only tiny shining star you see with the moon
it was my love getting closer to whom i love
but took a rest, a forever rest
and now it won;t reach it's destination
Once, while I wandered in a ***** city,
Where the suffering of people goes unseen
I thought that there could be nothing pretty
But then, when looking up I saw a painting above me
Blue as innocent as a baby blue-bird
But as deep and soft as a still and gentle sea

Unmoving as the great large tapestries of kings draped in gold,
Surveying from above all the passersby
Who look from below then leave with a story still untold
And escape from sight with seldom even a heartfelt goodbye.
However, to be fair to the artist the beauty may lie in the fact
That most of the mysteries are still intact

As I stood watching the sky it turned into night,
The endless deep meaning hidden behind that familiar painting of day.
But I was too tired from a long work-day
to glean anything substantial from the display
The ambitious and unfortunate man’s plight
To finally see the measure of the world past the sky
Just when our lives have worn out our eyes

But eventually the sun rose to break
The heavy cover of darkness that I felt lasted too long
Our piece of art came again for the city when it stirred awake
And despite the suffering our world ended up bright once more
So now, oft when I am watching too many things turn out wrong
I simply look right above me,
an ever-present reminder that tomorrow morning,
there will be something beautiful that I have need to see
I wish that I would've fallen in love with someone
who loved me as hopelessly as I loved you
so I could have experienced what it's like to be someone's world in the palm of their hands
so I could know what it's like to see someones world stop
and not just feel it

In my imagination
Without me, he couldn’t stand to be alive
By my side
hand in hand
and if he dropped me, his world stops turning
Yearning to keep me

Put me in your  hands
hold me as if i were the most fragile piece of your own soul
I am the world
I’ll keep you whole
Don’t forget
The world is in the palm of your hands
Drop me and
Your life turns to sand

On the clock
The hands stand still
As you drop me
Against my will
Only had you loved me as hopelessly as i loved you
Maybe you’d understand my obsession
You caused my depression

In my dreams
You held me and told me
I am more perfect than the moon
Had you loved me in the slightest measure that i loved you
I would not envy the sky because in his eyes
I was the stars and the comets in which
We wished for infinity lives

I wish I would have fallen in love with someone who loved me
Til the world stops
I want to be sky that you admired
never take your eyes off

Jealous of the open sky
The satin sunset we gazed into
Was always prettier than me
He held me in our satin sheets
I prayed he saw the universe in my eyes

He dropped me
His world did not stop turning
The ache in my heart
It’s burning
The hands on the clock
Stand still at the time of my demise
When my heart was shot
I still visit the scene of the crime
What a wonderful world
we all get to see.
Traveling and living
all so free.

Breathing fresh air
and the sun shining down.
Pearly white clouds in the sky
and bright green grass on the ground.

Experiencing life, love, laughter,
and all of this gift has to give.
We should all be grateful
we have had a chance to live.
He loves playing guitar even if he can't play the chords just right.
She loves words but she's a slow reader.
He loves the rain even though he's afraid of thunder.
She loves running, no matter the distance.

He hurts her; she loves him anyway.
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