Sandoval 5d

I imagined myself. Laying in bed, curled up next

to you. Reading my favorite book, windows open,

moon glowing in my hair. Synchronizing
my thoughts to your heart.  But sometimes

we yearn for too much, and people always part.


TG 6d

Feel the way pain
demands to be felt,
But do not count the
blows you've been dealt.
Get lost in the regret that
paints the dark sky,
Burn through intensity of
the anger as you fly.
Dance into the whispered
wish of a shooting star,
That lands safely upon
your healing scar.
You must not fret, I will
never gaze with disgust,
as you gallantly rise from
the ashes of your own stardust.

Sometimes feeling the way pain demands to be felt is how we heal.
How do you heal your yourself?
*feedback is greatly appreciated*
Mane Omsy 6d

UV straight in to our body
Heat strokes are close by
Take enough pills, feel clean
Stars flying right to the core
Woke up into a mass disaster
Hemispheres collided, hell
The grass fields evaporated
Rising out to the space
Aliens upgraded calling friendship
Brainless leaders conquered world
Dropped Mothers on each corner
Shook hands to slaughter more
Poured blood into vine glasses
Cheers, topped the death rate

Innocents waited for shooting stars
Ended up wishing at KN - 14
A smile before vanishing into air
Over suite is torn, they blamed
Named North West, they discussed
Wore glittering lipsticks, partied
Acted, the innocence deserve awards
Been up and down, never stuck there
Never rose high up to the violent sky
To wave another white flag
Inhale the poison and exhale fresh air
Wars won't end, so won't the business

The Violent Sky - tells the situation we are witnessing now. But we keep silent. They create terror and compromise for more violence. They only want to be rich and great.

i have seen the stars
through your eyes
you showed them to me, and it was something new.

i don't know what was more beautiful;

the night sky

or seeing it from your point of view

if only we could see inside each other's minds...
Alienpoet 7d

Carve your name on a tree
A tree tattoo.
Graffiti your thoughts to a wall
Your canvas is us
looking to go viral
To spiral into your thoughts
Do we want to be caught
In your otherworldly dreams?
you are the artist, the poet,
Creating poetry
and song
in your dreams we are the canvas
you stand apart from us
Dreaming of the worlds that could be
If we let our hearts fly
and soar into the sky.

The truth is written there
Clear as day and yet shrouded as the night
Across the sky
That I am the only one who knows
Who I've written about
And why

Because this is me being honest. This is me telling the truth without being either inclusive or exclusive. It simply is the way that it is. And that kind of OK is alright with me. For now at least. :)

The writing is there is you understand my kind if elvish. ;)
KJ Knight Apr 15

and he always thought too much
but he really didn’t mind
it helped him when he was alone
it helped him pass the time
then she came along
adding and aiding in his
cognitive aviation
the two entangled in
limitless skies of lucidity
and clouds of
thought and sedation
and like the clouds
she too had vanished
leaving him alone with
clear skies and confusion
realizing all that was damaged
immersed in static thought
from drought-induced delusions

Danielle Paige Apr 14

If the stars of your heart
are scattered, if your tongue
gets tangled up in all the things
you wish you could say, if
every breath comes from
lungs wrapped up too tight
in your pounding veins,
tell the world: I am the sky.
There is a light in my eyes
that could outshine the sun,
I carry the weight of the universe
in my spine, exhale the cosmos
from the gaps in my ribcage.
You know how tall you can
stand, even when storms rage
around your shoulders and the
ground shakes beneath your feet.
There is no limit to your
ability to feel, so embrace it.

Wordsinalign Apr 13

To turn fifty shades of pink and red was too mainstream, so the skies turned blue with a single glance from you. Breathing a heavy sigh, she prayed for it all to be thine.

avill Apr 13

I lost you in the setting sun
I'm trying to bring you back

wake to skies of grey that once hued


Meh, newb here. Great community, I hope to grow from it
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