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Nathan MacKrith Jan 2021

Simple and
2020 was one heck of a year for many people. I lost Cleo, the second of two cats who’d been my companions for the last sixteen years of life. She had to be euthanized due to disease and old age.

However, as Cleo left my life, Poe entered in. Poe is my new cat, named after the great American poet, Edgar Allen Poe.

Like his namesake, Poe’s early life has been marred by grievous tragedy. His mother was killed by a car, and the other cats on my aunt’s farm were very unkind to him. I intend to give Poe a good and decent life from now on, as free from tragedy as I may provide. Poe, we are each other’s silver linings in an era of deep sorrow. You are the kiss of life in my hour of strife, O Poe Dearest <3
Himanaya Bajaj Jul 2020
Everything seemed to be going against him
Everything seemed grim
Even the brightest of lights looked dim
The burden on his mind had reached the brim

But then he found a silver lining in this horror
It resulted in the birth of a poet and author

Now there was no time he considered a bad time.
All it was was more content to write about and rhyme!
moon man Jan 2020
Her heart aches from the thorn of loneliness. She believes her only cure is the Silver Lining. So She searches for it in the hearts of men. Others see her search as strange and pointless, but that doesn't hinder her efforts.
Year after year, she hunts and looks, to no avail. As the fear of emptiness slowly consumes her, she reminds herself of what her silver lining has to offer her. So she brushes off and continues her search.
My woman of the moonlight wanted me to write a poem about her love life and after about a month, this is the final result
Kennedy Dec 2019
Rolling thunder, closely followed by lightning.

A storm is near, all normalcy goes out the window.

The droplets make a soft pitter-patter on the

Stark, midnight concrete.

Inlaid with the tears:

Of college students,

Business professionals,

Homeless wanderers.

The salty droplets create a ripple effect in the water.

A man driving
We are always in a rush
He hits the puddle who hits
The little old lady

Our destinations become blurred
As the torrential downpour ensues.
People, including me,
No eye contact walking warily, wayward down the street.

But sometimes, maybe,
the clouds in a storm bring
Peace, maybe
Clarity, maybe
Presence. It may be.

Sometimes there’s a rainbow
Look for that.
An echoing dream,
Realize sacred vision.

Falling toward the
Obscure sense simply

The surrounding color
A lining will be revealed.
fray narte Jul 2019
I've spilled your name
and my feelings
on fallen lashes
and wishbones.
I've read 1950s
love letters and wondered
if we would've had
exchanged some
had we lived that time.
I've stayed up late
in air-conditioned rooms;
a ****** for midnight voice
between your broken smiles.

But boy, this isn't
a confession of how
enchanted I am of you.
This is just me realizing that
you can make a dismal world
look a little less messed up;
god, you're beautiful for it.

This is just me realizing that
I can stay with you
for all the reasons
they left you for.

This is just me realizing that
I can fall for you,
so, so deep,
if allow myself.
and feel like I was falling to the clouds.
Boy, this isn't love,
but somehow, it's so much more.

This is a saving grace
wrapped in chipped nails
and stories that make you feel
more human.
This is a silver lining.
This is chance.
This is light,
This is hope
for damaged people
like us.

This is us —
This is us —
Ahnaf Apr 2019
Beneath the embrace of our hands, ran a silver lining;
We walked along it, purposefully.
A gloomy late afternoon, a half-lit street;
We passed by dainty shops that seemed strangely uninteresting.
The dying afterglow of a summer spent together in New York,
summed up in a nervous kiss and a flurry of downward glances
— you’re leaving.
Eloisa Feb 2019
I again visited my garden of despair
Watered with tears of woes and neglect
And now that the pond of bliss is arid
I once again asked myself
What flowers can thrive on these barrens?
Then I glanced at the blossoms of withered memories
Scattered as wreckage from a landslide
The bushes of harrowing pain I found
Arranged in a line of endless thorny shrubs
Decayed trees bearing the fruit of deceit
Still cast a shadow of contorted lies
I then trod as lightly and slowly as I could
Then plucked a fruit from a rotten tree and got its seeds
And with a chalky smile I hummed a quiet tune
Even in the death of my garden
I saw the promises of healing
As I walked past the rusty trellises and tarnished fences
I welcomed my sanguine memories of perfect and scented blooms
Visions of sun-drenched leaves greeted my anguish with a sliver of silver lining
It doesn’t matter if my garden left me with nothing
What now matters most is here in my hands are seeds of hope
AS Feb 2019
How can i find the silver lining when there's no cloud
It's all rainbow and sunshine and we're singing out loud.
Quickly i try to find a tunnel to walk, hoping to find the light at the end
is it just so happens that my luck, found me a tunnel which never seems to end.
Was i wrong to thought it was a chains of events in serendipity,
Or to hope this happiness to last beyond the infinity?
It's like starting fire in the rain, hoping to find a warm comfort,
Instead what i got is pain, and the rain won't wash away the pain suffered.

AS 03/19
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