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MuseumofMax Nov 2021
502 bad gateway again?
Don’t stress I’ve got it all figured out:

Save it as a draft,
Title and all
Then wait

That’s the hardest part
Guess it’s because it’s art

Once the site has calmed down
Make it public

It works for me I hope this helps

Spread the word

I don’t know what to rhyme with that
maria Nov 2021
How do I stop loving you?
Are there any instructions?
There should be, isn't it?
I guess
they're in the sequel
that never got published
Written on November 17, 2021
© ,Maria
Zack Ripley Feb 2021
"I'm not going to win.
So why should I even try?"
That's what you've been telling yourself so when the bullies try to hurt you, you won't cry.
I've been down that road
a couple times.
Told myself a thousand lies.
Felt my soul die
a little more every time.
Then one day,
someone showed me the way.
When I looked to see
where I'd come from,
I saw a sign with instructions.
It said "this way to self destruction."
Simon Aug 2020
Left is right... ...Because right is left... Except how does one or the other directional scenarios fair against the opposing opposites (that is themselves when conjoining as one "unifying whole")? Both directional options are just supposed to detour (each other) one way or the other (while seemingly going around each other again and again through countless twists and turns operable for success)! While also maximizing a different route, altogether! It's what makes paving a simulated pathway (so too speak) in order to free up space for the simulated pathway to give a better instruction manual about which way to properly (the next time around) carve my "simulated pathway"?!
PS... ("Which way"...) ...Is NO truer stated governing way!
"Which way is the truer way"... ...Is just a momentary foundation meant to give you more then one hand the actual assistance of a time (that's truly supposed to last apparently... ...Only one hand at a time...) ...Repeat, repeat, repeat... ..."Left is right"... ..."And right is left"...
K C Sikat Nov 2019
Let's make a happy day
one you're sure to remember;
first, you must learn to play
the game of life with splendor.
The mind can't be a fool
and be very one-sided,
to focus on the cruel
is a little misguided.

Second, you are willing
to let yourself just unwind,
nice times are still fulfilling
in a good state of mind.
Leave worry for after
because one day isn't much,
loads of good and laughter
is an excellent touch.

Third and last, be comfy
go somewhere that you'd enjoy,
maybe get a buddy
or someone that won't annoy.
And that's a happy day,
a list to its very core,
but it's harder to be done;
if no guidelines are ignored
there will be assured fun!
I felt happy today and I wanted to make a poem that reflected that.
Arcassin B Nov 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

My frustration is my only sin,
not seeing the ******' sight of it will leave my chest from caving In,
only a matter of time before we even see a purge again,
except this time it won't be written with a cinematic pen,
your lives are on the line , you're steady brainwashed again,
I'm done saving people with words man,
you and you and you and you and you are all the human equivalents
of the gullible,
simply not astronomical,
Are all our feelings and emotions real,
do i really know exactly how you really feel,
well is it too much,
Is there such thing as chill,
reading the gnostic bible , what will the light reveal.

Annie Oct 2019
Don’t allow grey skies to dampen your hair,
soak up your shirt,
seep into your

Let the tears fall if they brew under-lid,
cleanses and

Don’t stay up late ‘til the birds start to talk,
spreading secrets
you don’t need to

Smoke always rises and wind blows you sideways-
even gorse ****
has bright yellow
Arisa Mar 2019
Be not the Clown,
But the Joker.
Don't wear the pendant,
Wear the choker.

Please, take your time,
But only if you hurry.
However, do not stress,
Unless I tell you to worry.

**** yourself,
But **** me first.
Believe in fortune,
Believe you're cursed.

Look good in white,
Look great in black.
Come here tomorrow,
and never come back.

Vote one way and please vote the other.
Hate your rival, yet love their mother.
Take down notes and burn them all away,
Collect the ashes and do your chores for the day.

You gotta be smarter,
But you better be dumb.
Play the violin,
But bang the drum.

And the most important thing of all
Is to never take anyone's advice EVER.
- Because everyone on God's green Earth
Think they're so **** clever.
A whimsical poem I made when I turned 16.
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