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Empress Asa Feb 17
I am still waiting for an answer..
I am still waiting for instructions..

Lately, I woke up in the middle of the night..
Maybe someone woke me from afar..
Then we can pray together in different places..
K C Sikat Nov 2019
Let's make a happy day
one you're sure to remember;
first, you must learn to play
the game of life with splendor.
The mind can't be a fool
and be very one-sided,
to focus on the cruel
is a little misguided.

Second, you are willing
to let yourself just unwind,
nice times are still fulfilling
in a good state of mind.
Leave worry for after
because one day isn't much,
loads of good and laughter
is an excellent touch.

Third and last, be comfy
go somewhere that you'd enjoy,
maybe get a buddy
or someone that won't annoy.
And that's a happy day,
a list to its very core,
but it's harder to be done;
if no guidelines are ignored
there will be assured fun!
I felt happy today and I wanted to make a poem that reflected that.
Arcassin B Nov 2019
By Arcassin Burnham

My frustration is my only sin,
not seeing the ******' sight of it will leave my chest from caving In,
only a matter of time before we even see a purge again,
except this time it won't be written with a cinematic pen,
your lives are on the line , you're steady brainwashed again,
I'm done saving people with words man,
you and you and you and you and you are all the human equivalents
of the gullible,
simply not astronomical,
Are all our feelings and emotions real,
do i really know exactly how you really feel,
well is it too much,
Is there such thing as chill,
reading the gnostic bible , what will the light reveal.

Annie Oct 2019
Don’t allow grey skies to dampen your hair,
soak up your shirt,
seep into your

Let the tears fall if they brew under-lid,
cleanses and

Don’t stay up late ‘til the birds start to talk,
spreading secrets
you don’t need to

Smoke always rises and wind blows you sideways-
even gorse ****
has bright yellow
Arisa Mar 2019
Be not the Clown,
But the Joker.
Don't wear the pendant,
Wear the choker.

Please, take your time,
But only if you hurry.
However, do not stress,
Unless I tell you to worry.

**** yourself,
But **** me first.
Believe in fortune,
Believe you're cursed.

Look good in white,
Look great in black.
Come here tomorrow,
and never come back.

Vote one way and please vote the other.
Hate your rival, yet love their mother.
Take down notes and burn them all away,
Collect the ashes and do your chores for the day.

You gotta be smarter,
But you better be dumb.
Play the violin,
But bang the drum.

And the most important thing of all
Is to never take anyone's advice EVER.
- Because everyone on God's green Earth
Think they're so **** clever.
A whimsical poem I made when I turned 16.
Jon Thenes Jan 2019
All this having spanned
since a borning
is the activity of Sleeper Agent

This Agent has grown Impy
of this lively drumming of clingings

It is recognised and marked as ;
an entertainment
an irreverent viewing

A clearer work must commence
an underlying detached being

Operations within the drama life
are now operations in a training ground

All these efforts are toward Project Awake
and projected life is now secondary
though useful.
Chicken Nov 2018
Seek and ye shall find me in the darkest of the nights,
speaking of the torments, and the multitude of plights.

In the air it can be heard, all those who hath gone before,
to seek inside the glory mind, of which could not be ignored.

Travel deep down, down deep into the depths, until ye rise again.
And if ye shan't rise, let it be no surprise,
This ere task is not pretty, amen.
Archaic dark night of the soul instructional, for the win.
Brandon Conway Sep 2018

September 16th 2018 1:34 pm

The war started between the illegible instructions and chunks of wood. I decided to enlist, well, more like volunteered. I arrived at the camp today and met a few loose screws. They don’t have time to train us, we are being shipped out as I write this in my journal.
I hope to god I survive this thing so I can see her face at the end. She will be ecstatic to see me alive, I know she has her doubts. We can not let the engrish win.

September 16th 2018 3:17 pm

We have arrived to our camp. It’s a pigsty. Styrofoam specks cover the yard like snow and cardboard chunks are blown to bits just over the trenches. No time to settle in. Just enough to down a cup of dirt coffee before we charge in. It’s been storming all day, everything is covered in mud.

September 16th 2018 3:56 pm

Stage one has been complete. We have a wall up. This should help stabilize anything that comes after us. It was no easy task and we have been told this was the easiest part.

September 16th 2018 4:32 pm

The foundation has been completed. There were casualties. Henry, a brave man, lost a hand and had to be evacuated. We can hold them back if our aim is true. I hope there are angels watching above.

September 16th 2018 4:33 pm

There are no angels watching, only devils in the disguise of pictures with the number on the wrong side and the finished side flipped around. The foundation had to come down. Back at square one.

September 16th 2018 5:56 pm

The foundation has been rebuilt. Correctly, I hope. More men have been lost. I know this is dark, but one had a flask on his body that hasn’t been emptied. It is now emptied.

September 16th 2018 6:29 pm

The wheels have finally been installed. We are now mobile! Thank god. We can now trek over anything that gets in our way. It’s still pouring rain. I wish I could find another flask.

September 16th 2018 6:53 pm

Hooks and roll and top have all been fitted and examined over. We may have done something right for once. There’s hope that we will win this thing after all.

September 16th 2018 8:48 pm

We stumbled onto a cache of cold ones. We lost sight of our goal for a while. We are back on track marching forward.

September 16th 2018 9:17 pm

The last wooden peg has been hammered in, the last ***** has been ******* and locked. This is it, it’s finally over. We won!

September 16th 2018 9:18 pm

“It’s about time” was my only reward.

It’s ok, I came out stronger than what I was. I have scars I can tell my kids about. The blisters from using hand tools and the knowledge on how to decipher Chinese disguised as English. Useful talents I’m sure.

September 16th 2018 9:20 pm

Finishing off that cache.
Today I put together a cabinet island.
How to find an absent parent:
Step one: mention it to family,
Listen to them tell you how ****** up that person is.
The third step is: believe them.

Four: you get through your childhood and into being a teenager,
Also classified as a troubled youth,
Because, come on, no one gets to eighteen having escaped being mentally *******.

Step five, this is where it gets messy.
This day was always going to come,
It's the day you considered looking, you make a start of it too.

The sixth comes slowly,
Maybe a year later after things have finally calmed down
In this complex situation,
You get some kind of response.

Number seven, you start to question things.
Eight: now you question everything.
You officially realise almost everyone is a liar.

Nine, someone else comes along to make you confused,
You conflict yourself so much as if it's good news.
Ten is where you welcome back the mixed emotions you've had the whole way through,
Except now they're amplified by tenfold,
Have fun getting through!

Eleven: you get some answers that half work to your advantage,
Yet still tell you absolutely nothing,
And now you're back to how you felt before;
Longing for the opposite outcome;
To have someone that cares.

Step twelve is where you're at right now,
You're absolutely horrified,
Do you look once more,
Open your soul up to people,
So that they can tear it up again?
Ask if you can become their slave,
So that you get the chance to feel their mass rejection of you?

This whole way through,
You question, do you want to know who made you?
Are you really sure that you want to find out what disgusting genes exist within you?
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