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Maria Etre Dec 2020
I am a hoarder
because my own memory
fails me
Terri Oct 2019
Be part of my vanilla sky
As I am the black
                                                          and you
Would be the cream
That would complete the white

                                                         and me

In the midst chaos
Would graciously fal-;;,

Slowly Falling;
Slowly Stopping;
                                            [I would wish]
That my body
                           A C H E S
Into Oblivion,

My body systems crash
                                    p a r a l y z a t i o n
That would be the term
Just to have extra time
To lay with you.
Maria Etre Jul 2018
Suitable for nights
casual Fridays
"feel like it" moments

Terms & Conditions
We are not responsible for any
Unexpected Outcomes."
She dares
wee hour
but tree
in Berkeley
yet dawn
only wager
their firm
with rose
in our
court another
year that
Romulus take
these places
and spaces
in term
with harm
he retires
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Element of perception
Searching a term to define

Promise, never will you regret
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
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