I gave you my heart when no one was looking.
The time taken to realize how mature we've become.
I fooled myself into believing substitutes are better than substance.
None of this was true.
Giving perspective to how I sought what I already have.
What I gave was vital.
Exchanging hands while no one looked.
A different insight to what we digested.
How well we perceive.
Learning to be patient while everything around moves.
I gave you my heart when no one was looking
Because it is something that is not easily obtained.
To show a side of me that no one else sees.
Over by the table while no one was looking because what's between us
should stay between us.
I waited until no one was looking as people do things out of spite.
Disguising my heart in a red solo cup.
Careful not to spill a single drop
handing you this cup.
How careful your lips were.
The assumption that forever has an interchangeable appearance.
It was never about what I could buy you.
The exciting places I could take you.
Sure these things come with time,
But the experience of experience itself.
Is what I obsessed with until the very moment.
The momentary happiness material things bring never lasts.
Just as the cup is disposable.
It's the contents that are most fragile.
Cleverly disguised due to our environment.
I felt at ease.
Giving this piece of me to you.
Not of fear.
Not of shame.
This warmth shared in personal awareness.
Your tastebuds the only witness to
What's kept between you and I.
The rest of the party carried on.
While no one was looking we created our own playlist.
Songs beginning with you and I.
Nothing digested ever stays put
SangAndTranen Mar 21
Protector, I am.
Feeling the roar on my lips,
Fury and danger,
I am the shield.

Every sharp rip of skin,
Warm blood draining away.
Red mist,
Burning hole,
Rings of flame.

Wrenching apart.
Life will be taken
To protect my love.

The ones I love,
The few, only few,
Their hearts must beat.
A simple piece of flesh
Inside them all
That I would rip myself up
To protect.

Flashes, yelling,
Panicked cries.
No one can see
Through the smoke.

A twitch of the lip,
A burst of laughter,
Hysterically beautiful.
Come all and join me
As we serve out justice.

I come back at the rise of sun -
Hold out my red-coated arms.
This is how many died
So you can live on.

A twitch of the lip,
A smile once more.
Soft, softer.
For the ones I hold dear.

Steps, footsteps,
Backing away from me.
Fear, terror,
Disappointment, I see.

Glory shatters,
Tears tumble.
What have I done?
Why are you scared?

Don’t leave me!
I love you! All of you!

I   a m   n o t h i n g   w i t h o u t   y o u
Alex Thiede Nov 2017
In a place by the lake stood a tall willow tree
It's roots stretching down far beyond where I could see
At first glance I admire its elegant beauty
But there's more than meets the eye, I learned fool-heartedly
Its melancholy dance in the cool summer breeze
Mesmerizes my senses and is enough to please
Then the reflection in the lake made it all too clear
The willow is my love but there's no need to fear
Behind her dark eyes is a cloudy sky
A girl living in fear who's dying to cry
I can see you hiding behind that brave face
Exhausted from a journey you thought was going no place
The tears I see fall are like rain from the sky
Or the branches of the willow that keep this place dry
The leaves that drape down are protecting you so
Concealing the emotions that you don't want to show
The path you traveled is something you thought you'd never surpass
Like walking down a road of rusty nails and broken glass
Like a broken heart, your feet have been torn
Yet you go on beaten and continue to mourn
But the road you walk knows another poor soul
I've been down it too, and I've paid my toll
And the secrets you kept hidden from plain sight
Are now exposed to me in the mystic moonlight
And when you weep like the willow, please know this to be true
I'll love you forever, even when the skies ahead aren't blue

Celeste Briefs Aug 2017
why do I
spend so much time
thinking about things
that don't matter?
am I only
protecting myself
from something
I never think about?
why do I spend
so much time
getting lost
deep inside myself,
wandering further
from the path
until I'm too tired
to find my way back?
Politically Correct speech
Exploits the desire
For no one to get disturbed
To justify censorship and suppression.
It is in this way that Liberal Types
And seemingly Decent Folk
Inadvertently aid
Psychopaths and Mass Murderers.
They might think that they're
Protecting children
Or are making sure that no one is  offended,
In reality,
They're helping more Holocausts to occur
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2017
She, herself was the labyrinth the minotaur protected. As through her heart lead a passage to heaven
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2016
Dead in the center of her heart I found a minotaur.
Of all things a frigging minotaur.
I stood puzzled as we locked eyes.
When I stumbled upon him he was sleep with today's newspaper drenched across his lap.
He bounced up in full guard.
Me being me I asked him for simple directions.
Telling him that I thought I was lost.
I planned on seeing heart shapes maybe a butterfly or two.
A big bunny shape thing or two but you, just wow.
He grinned slightly and said yeah that's the first time I've heard that one.
One step further, I added.
I take it from the amount of drool on the side of your lip you've been sleep for quite a while.
Now I don't mean to intrude on your guarding the labyrinth thing but,
How about you let me bum a smoke and we'll talk about it at the nearest dinner.
After all who can be mad over breakfast
Alex Aug 2016
My blood began to boil. I could feel my skin growing hot as it speed through my veins. My lips pressed into a thin line as my hands tightened into fists as he cursed my family so.

Darkness took my vision as I brought my fist to his jaw. The snap of it sent my blood flaming faster. A sly grin slide onto my lips. This was what I was brought up to do.
Graff1980 Nov 2015
I wrapped you up
In my black ink
Leathery bat wings

Wings that once
Saw me soaring
Exploring everything
Every hope and dream

I let you fondle each feather
Close and fluttering
Crow colored I covered
Your heart with words
Soft, deep, and soothing
Profound and informative
Descriptive and imaginative

So, if you need them
I will clip these wings
And you can have your turn to fly
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