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Gabriel Girault Jul 2020
Some days I feel like a Facade. Not a real person going through the day but a wall that was built to be the separation of the two things.

I don’t know what this wall is protecting or what lies the Facade is even telling. It all feels like I am not a person of true substance, just something waiting to reveal itself.

Hopefully it’s good.
Cattatonicat Jun 2020
In a castle of sand

What are we breathing
What are we wasting
What are we protecting

Why did we build this castle
Why did I build this castle

I built it to leave it behind
I built it to love
I built it to live
Zaria Maynez May 2020
The Dark place

It's so cold down here
The wind is blowing
I have no idea where to go
This roadway in endless.

It's getting darker
But I see some light
I wanna go into the light
But I can't, and I shouldn't.

I wish I knew where I was...
Hum..? Maybe I call it...
The Dark Place

I sit there all alone
Hoping for someone to come rescue me
Hoping that someone cares
Why should they.

How does someone with Depression live
How does someone express how they feel
Your asked so many question and you get put on the spot
You try to answer them, but later regret what you said.

It's getting darker
The lights going away
Maybe this is my way out
Out of live.

Out of pain
Out of feeling
Out of thinking

Out of breathing...

What if The Dark Place is where I wanna be
What if I wanna stay here
Yea everything's dark and gloomy.
But it's drama free.

I feel loved here
I feel understood here....
Do you ever feel like me?
Or am I just alone in a dream?
Should I stay? Should I go?

I don't know.

But I like The Dark Place.

I think I'ma stay.....
JustMK Feb 2020
Some days I go from top speed to a dead halt in the same amount of time it takes to unlock a door or flip a light switch.

And when I'm standing still, it's hard not to feel like everything around me is crashing down and shattering. And it's loud. It's in my face. Etched onto my skin. Burned into my memory.

But somehow, I'm still here. After the thundering collision and the screeching of tires. I'm still here. In the middle of the crossroads. Still breathing. Still standing. Still here.

Because there are a few strings keeping me from crumbling. And here and there an iron rod that will not let me fall. Small truths and sentiments that shout louder and whisper sweeter than any of my thoughts ever could:

"someone cares" "you matter to me"

"don't walk alone" "careful" "would you like a hand?" "how was your day?" "you're smart too" "I like your face"

It brings me back. Back to that crossroads: my past behind me. A vast future ahead. Calling, beckoning the same way you do with that smile on your lips, your hand outstretched. And even in my clumsy fingers I will grasp it.

And follow.

From 0 to 5, to 10. To 20. To 30. To 40.

Slowly propelled forward yet again, out of the darkness my mind pulls up and around my shoulders like a shroud. Out of the ******* currents that pull me down. Out of the shadows where my bones grow cold.

Into the light and glow of countless stars. Each perfect, each warm. Each far away and watching from their perch upon your shoulders, your arms, your cheeks. Each inviting in the way a warm bed calls on rainy days.

Let me follow. Let me fall. Let me sink into your embrace and tell you how afraid I was today. Let me bare my soul, and make me strong. So that one day. If you should hear the collision and smell the smoke, I will be there to lift you out of the wreckage and hold you to my chest. The way you do now.

That one day I won't need saving from myself. But love fearlessly instead.
I had a bit of a tough day. Got catcalled by a gross dude as I was leaving campus (and I'd been happy until just then). When he grabbed me, I punched him and got the hell out of there, but it properly wrecked my day.
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
“It hurt. It hurt even more because you were close to me. It hurt because I cared about what you thought and said. You mattered to me, and that created a soft spot for you. But you left me. You betrayed me. You lied with the empty words. And you pushed me every time I came close with an act of care.
Now you say I am cold and emotionally distant. But that’s what I had to do to avoid being crippled by the emotional and mental wounds and scars, for I had enough. I am not a fool anymore; I know how this goes. Because every time I open up, all it does is hurt. So now every time you hurt me, the less I cry. Every time you leave me, the quicker these tears dry. And every time you walk out, the less I love you. Because every time it happens, the less you matter to me. So I am not going to let you close to me, even though you mean the most to me and I mean the most to you; in case you leave me in the dirt. Because the truth is baby, I am just protecting my innocence, heart, mind and soul now.”
Inspired by: Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes
Ola Gia Sep 2018
High walls.

He tricks her to open the gates

She does.
Blake Jun 2018
She threw to many sharp stones.
So as her glass house tumbled down,
She would pick one of the shards of choir glass off the ground and use it
as a instrument.
Always playing the same violent violin piece across her dynamical skin.

Her mother always knew she had
a gift for music.
So when she heard the same solemn chorus pitching from the living room ceiling,
She darted to steal the show.

And become her daughters duet...her piano,
To hug her so tightly,
Singing and squeezing
Until her violin chords stopped bleeding.
Parents make and break you
Deep May 2018
A wondrous sky at dawn,
Protected from the frightful storm,
Sheltered within the gentle sea,
You rose in perfect authenticity.
A precious gift of pure and right,
You slowly peaked with warmth and light,
Love and beauty, like none before,
Purposefully rising, finding more.
You grew so fast from this humble beginning,
The World's most sacred, loved belonging.

The storms did come, with terror and fright,
The mothering horizon, holding you tight,
With all her imperfections, from another day,
Helpless to stop you, growing away-
Exposing yourself to the tall dark sky,
Damaged and polluted, with wailing cry.
Lovingly protected, by choppy waters,
Your faith and resilience cracks and falters.
We see your beauty, strength and light,
Fighting darkness, in the futile fight.

As you begin to leave, the sea's horizon,
We pray for our failures to be forgotten,
We pray that in, the tall dark sky,
You'll have a good wind, and peaceful flight.
We hope that you will weather the storm,
Mingle with stars, formed not torn,
Free with the birds, like a shooting star,
With our heavy hearts, with love from afar.
As you rise above, in midday glory-
Strong, we hope, lucky; just happy.
A poem inspired by watching the sunrise, on beautiful morning, over the sea's horizon.  The birth of a new day, with the sun's journey up into the sky.  It reminded me of being a father and the worries I have with my children.
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