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Beana Apr 2
I understand you in a way no one else can.
I know to twirl my fingers in your hair all day,
How to play with it in just the right way,
So it's tousled just enough that it looks like you had fun,
But not like you just woke up drunk.
I know I'm all you need,
I'm the one you've been looking for,
No one matches you like me,
We go together like bread and cheese.

Darling please just let us be,
Let all the others go,
I'll always be there in the end,
No need to try them on for show,
And I'd rather just skip to the end.
Let's avoid all the drama,
All that you need is here before ya.
Now let's go to a library,
And you can pick out what we read.
Then at home we can cuddle,
In our fuzzy socks, my heart in a puddle,
Because I just adore you, my little bun,
I love you more than the sun.
Just another in the Secret Admirer series :) One day I'll tell her who I am...maybe
Beana Mar 25
The waves are high,
The tide is high.
My heart is full,
My life is full,
Because of you.
Oh how I love you.
Our love is brighter than the moon,
Bigger than Heaven,
And deeper than Hell.
More everlasting than the gods.
My darling pearl,
paler than milk
And more precious than the sun.

~Your Secret Admirer
Starting a series of love poems, because I found the perfect muse <3
Kerry Jul 2019
I like the way you look
And although it may change I don't think it's strange
So it is my prayer
Just so you're aware
I pray for someone like you
You may already have a clue
But I love you
I see YOU
I see the way you care
And try to always be there
You're the sweetest woman I know
By your side I am confident that I will grow
And I have a love/hate relationship with fate
I know there's years in between
And you're considered mean
But I love YOU I try to keep it under wraps
I value our friendship nor do I want you to feel trapped
But I gotta be honest and learning its important to address
I've repressed long enough
But when the going gets tough you being by my side is enough
Just knowing I can give you a call
No matter how big or small
Gives me the courage come what may
And the wherewithal to face the day
Seeing you smile and hearing your laugh
You'll never know the half
Of what that does for me
I just love to see you happy
Hate when these niccas treat you ******
Hate to see you treated you like you're basic
Did I say I hate it
I know this may be a lot
But I think you're hot
Trust me you'll know when I'm shooting my shot
Just want to get it off my chest
I think you're the best
Bri Nov 2018
In our past life,
you said you'll back to me.
Back into each other's arms once again, ready to start a new journey.
When I saw you for the first time,
I knew it was you.
Did you realize it was me too?
Finally after all these years,
back together.
But now you shy from me.
Why do you hesitate?
I guess I have to show you that it's time, that we're reunited again...
To the shy girl and shy boy
David Acker Jr Mar 2018
I guess it's no longer a Secret
By now, you are fully aware that I admire you
Your smile makes it impossible
For me not to
Its such a blessing to
Be able to inhale the carbon dioxide
That you exhale
Filling my lungs with a kindliness that
Not even Hathor herself possessed
With a kiss sweeter than Hershey...
And Godiva chocolates combined
With a smile that could
Illuminate the darkest hour
Your hug feel as if you can
Calm an angry alligators medulla oblongata
Flight or fight huh?
I promise to fight to
Send you on first class flights
Sharks and whales swimming under
Heated glass floors
Even though you deserve
Mansions with pearly gates
And roads cemented with gold
You're my calming lifeline
Every time I look into your eyes
I see a perfectly imperfect forever
Unknown Feb 2018
Oh boo,
My Boo. Whatever must I do,
To get back to you?
My love for you is far overdue
Oh my boo, if only you knew
Oh boo
My Boo, all the many things you've put me through
And all the many things I'd do just for you
If only you had a single clue
Oh boo
My Boo, there's no one better for me than you
I wish you'd stop looking for someone new
And just take a peak out your peripheral view
Then I'd see you
And you'd see me too
Then, and only then
Will our love fall through
But until then
Boo, oh boo
I keep your name on my mind
As if it's a tattoo
Oh boo
My boo
Haha. I was actually inspired to write this after I wrote a math poem and I was thinking about my previous relationship
Trevor Dowe Dec 2017
Lust is possessive, love is selfless
Infatuation is fleeting, love is everyday
Fear of rejection or abandonment are rooted in insecurity, but love is steadfast.
Love is trust.
Love is in the little things, the way you write my name or smile at me after complimenting me. You make it easy to fall in love.
Love isn't easy, it takes work.
If only we were on the same wavelength.
Josephine Zecena Nov 2017
Oh, how my heart aches with such sweet sorrow.
Your presence in these thoughts of mine, bring forth something so sweet.  

Kneeling to inhale a freshly bloomed rose in the break of spring is what you are.
A rose you are my love.
A character I face many times a week.
Oh, how you cause my knees to go weak and my hands shaky.

Oh, what sweet sorrow when for just a moment, your wrists touches mine.
When your fragrance sways my way.
For just a moment, our spirits become aligned.
The same breath is taken from this dream that stands still.
For a moment, it all becomes real.

Then the noise settles in.
The pace surrounding now back in motion.
The cloud my heart rest on vanishes.
Only now hanging from a thread of hopeful thought.
Did he enter into that realm along with me? Or was I alone in my travels?

Oh! But his eyes say so much, yet nothing at all! Can it be all I see is my own reflection in those glossy eyes staring back at me?

- Josephine M. Zeceña
I'll always wonder what might be if we verbally expressed longing for each other
Jean Garnet Sep 2017
I admire you from afar.
Guess you didn't know that.
I love your face.
Really, I do.
Also your eyes,
that are magneted to his.
And your smile,
even if I know that behind it
is the thought of him.
Lacuna Aug 2017
I'm aware that i'm forbidden to stare, as the sun and sky set in orange, i see you with her through my smile. Sometimes its hard to believe that you have her and i'm still here standin' still and alone.
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