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i think of summer solstice as
a reminder for God to let the
earth back down

it's not supposed to
stay up there forever—

that's what kids are for...

s jones
Jun 2024

I’ve let my finger nails grow,
A direct consequence of my unconscious burdens;
Does the weatherman know, Whether
the solstice will reign in full glory,
Or do I ponder this with my own leather-tanned skin, and unshaven neck,
If my peeling shoulders will feel the curt embrace of an August rainfall.
A pun on aloe vera (I hope that’s apparent)
Pervasive yet persuasive,
As I inhale the cigarette smoke,
Ready to abandon my principles, I—
“Turn towards the door; party’s over.”
Yellow cabs captured in my sepia/****** lens;

Gritting my teeth, blood rushes to my jaw.
It always happens, and I announce that I’m drunk.
Reassure me; tell me I’m not a nuisance.
Let me hold your hand, please.
Again, inspired by Charli xcx. “365,” BRAT.
You loan them out
Give them a new home
One that becomes familiar

But as cracks start
Nothing hurts worse
Nothing cuts worse
Then having your spare keys back
Gnosticism is my current question
Rummaging through the fabric of time
Every rip leads me to my childhood bedroom
Empty toy boxes toppled over, uniformly
Newborn cries painted onto this plane

Christian doctrines and hyper-pop
Radical leftists holding onto rosaries
At last, unity? Or performance?
Time, time, time—fleeting as always
Even as I contemplate these green crates
Stacked atop the black ones
Listened to “Everything is romantic” by Charli xcx as I wrote this.
Grass strands braided into your blonde hair;
Overtures of a silent sunrise emanate from your pores.
Perhaps this is us? Where—
Heathens roam Victorian streets in
Elegiac fashion.
Rivers and
Streams form at the corners of my eyes now.
**** posting lowkey. In a mood I can’t describe. Yearning (sorry) for a remedy and heartbreak weirdly.
Microbeads of sweat forming at my temples;
damp, heavy air entering my lungs.
It takes up space—I move through an invisible foam.
Trying to write a short story, accidental poetry instead (maybe?)
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