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insane edge
and I am lost
in a cloud

my *****
keeps thumping
like it's thunder
and lightning

and I'm edged up
and somewhat
losing my mind

cannot concentrate
outside the idea
of being in a bind

through endless
rope you've
threaded throughout
my mind.
zebra Jun 2020
between the umbilicus of limbo,
and the theater of cruelty
the rational world remains a derelict

welcome are hallucinations
abolishing reason
that give meaning
to blood shot
gazing walls
beyond  the limits
of sanity
where madness can not be opposed
in a world
of tug a war aberrations

a lyric breathed voice
shoots through
nerve membranes
while marching
an infantry of
squat shadows
and false memories   
that move like flames 
in a vacant lot
of burning violets

she goes hungry

a snake head
eats its tail
in graves
scattered voice
and speechless tongue

arteries pulse vermillion
naked and wanton
waiting to be pierced
for schitzo's release
in a lyric of dreads desire

a tidal force
lifts a dirigible of hell
in a fountain of blood

moonstruck in torn *******
a spreading bride
dissolves hoop-armed
around a formless shadow
her beloved killer
foot stones kiss
It is not lost on me that the meaning of much that I write is not well understood. Some say if you have to explain a poem its failed.
Id flip that around and say what of the readers responsibility to be culturally assimilated, familiar with surrealism and the writings of visionaries who constructed and promulgated altered realities some of which great movements of literature and culture are built upon, such as Artaud among many others who inspire the subject of my darkly exotic intersectional writings.
Let it suffice to say then at the very least these poems are streams of conciousness that may give hints through a gleaning of suggestive images.
zebra Jun 2020
body genre
at a carnal address
sensory and sensuous effects
digital images
anthropology of desire

she tied a knot around his ****
a wedding band made of shoelaces
for the art of tongue and ****
driving it in her mouth
back and forth
like a shift stick

for the retina
a puzzlement and fascination
haptic screen of fiction

adventure of  being pinned down
an unpremeditated punctum

the stadium of desire
a shop window
banality transcending banality
the literal transformed
into the ******

girl in a suitcase
with a hole to ****
a treasure chest
the leaky boundaries of erotica

I packed her up
limbless and threw
her on the bed
and with tender kisses
of endless
wet permutations
three oozing holes
into oblivion

age play
***** class
weird ethnicity
from Timbuktu
racially motivated lust for a
conveyance of
fleshy intensities

a big **** dips
a tender dimple

the violence of it
a preemptive strike
for everything imaginable
in the cosmos
finer than frog fur

oh happy *****
a suicide ******
at the computer screen

River Styx of flames
zebra Jul 2020
with the lust
of a 14 year old ***** boy
playing hooky
blink orb
riding the bumpy
**** grind yields
a mental representation

her ***

a Coney Island ride
reciprocity of tongue and groove
a big dipper
and a hot dog
in a bun eating contest

i eye the shape of her legs
brahmana of form
**** cake butter scallops
with a prune skin ****
***** dark little sister
going along for the ride
with hidden talents
om shakti om
holy donut with a zit

rubbing myself
a peripatetic command
like I had the junkies itch
in a **** sea
of black nail claws
like musical notes
that tear flesh
hegemony of *** art

make me bleed *****

Tangula The Exotic Shake Dancer
moves infallible hips
and dancing hands like octopi
tickling bloated *****

finger cymbals

smiling she called pip squeak
colossus of her dreams
flick tongues the meringue
licking the
shimmering tantra pistol

finger up the **** hole
brings a prostate exclamation point
and a throat gag lyric
for a wagon train
of wrap around lips
zooming spit and spray
wet like scungelli

her *******
like cloud cookies
****** my mouth
gasper boy
chokes on
a marshmallow fire

i kiss her feet
and work my way up
the slippery *****

God told me to lick a girls *******
as a test of faith
The Devil himself couldn't stop me
Am I not to be congratulated into saint hood :)
zebra Jul 2020
i write from a dark crotch
of the unthinkable
and hot breath
to crucify and feed
with my ****
red ink **** pen

inside you  
i'm a bathing delirium
a blood letting poem
in sonorous
vampire hieroglyphics
that boil blood
and exquisite liqueur
oiled and drunk

a dropped fruit
Barbie *******  
waiting for a tower of bells
heals over head
a stretched flower
every hole a mouth
to stuff

a **** is sad music
like a bullet proof shower cap
unless something fills it
especially in the web of a dream
that leaves your whole body
like a hissing *******
a she she
girl in drag
poodled up
improbable modernist
on the verge
of awareness
with a dim eye
drooling for
scapula's torment
a ghastly sacrifice
to the beast in her gut
a dire mental construct
a curse
of pain
for pleasure
reborn of shadows
from a ****
like a smoldering door ***

her name
in the mists of Venus
like a Siren of
a sprawling tangle
and a vacant face
in a dim room
zebra Aug 2020
a mishap
fudged together
in a blur
by the onerous fate

a throw away girl
death addict
in a racket of echoes

******* and spit
relics of witchcraft
in a foot licking
satanic ritual

she picked him
like a con mark
for the realization
of her shadow dream
to escape from form
in a shaking bed

spread herself wide
feeling the black sound
like a musical water
to drown in
with a weight
that holds immovable

of brazen villain's
and glistening *****
pumped her mouth
like gas
for obliterations
throat bashing

she loved
the hideous end
of herself
splayed  straddled
a ****** archaeology 
of kisses withering
razor peeled *******
betrayed whorish curdling screams

a deviant propulsion
glitter mucous and blood
drizzled from
her lush red smeared lips
with tears of mascara 
in a ghoulish basement
an object of desire
for demons
on the ceiling

she abandons all hope
lubricated her ****
and **** with Vaseline
opened her thighs
for a freakish novelty
of **** soaked ******
and a hemorrhaging orgiastic

cut her tongue off
with a razor
like an eely tentacle
still undulating
and pinned it in bits
to a **** toy
for valentines day

her love and guts like a buffet
glamorously featured
with photo pics
in Mademoiselle magazine
smiling cockeyed
drugged and staggering

she put a rope
around her neck
as if in an embrace 

and hung herself
a spiraling horror
pants off
dance off
until dead****-why-getting-spanked-and-tied-up-makes-you-feel-high
zebra Aug 2020
there is a door
in my mind

a black ocean
that smears like mush

between love
and the dissolute

i hear
a storm of thick whispers
a breath calling
in free fall

my malleable lover
plays voodoo poppet
carousel of lady buddhas
diagramed unholy ***** *****
with scumbag eyeballs
contort for eager ruin
an ornamental cadaver
in a lake of tears

give me flesh
smell my rich ****
bouquet of **** the *****
transfixed eyes of flames
******* wide
thigh spillway buttered

loving the snag
and strangle
of a silk tourniquet
watch me shunt
and glassy stare
a glittering doll shimmy
blood bauble
and flapping tongue
torrent of curving jaws
clever teeth
to tear
and lips to be torn
a cockeyed brain
drowning in
illegible consciousness
for foot slaves
in a sweat and ****
magick show

body of irresistible horror
in descending spirals
to love
in the grotto
of furies
imbued with prayers
that fill the spaces
in her throat

martyr of transfiguration
she falls as
dust through my finger's

i depend on her

tapestry of shuddering lust
in moist air
locked behind
a blood stained door
marked no exit

this savage pageant
"Blessed be You, oh Our Lord God,
King of the universe, who allow what is forbidden"
[Mattir Issurim]
zebra Sep 2020
i confess
it doesn't take much

all you have to do
is saunter pass me bare foot
with that little
silver anklet
and fluttery
powder pink skirt
making my eyes pop
like bloodshot
oyster shooters

my *****
stiffens hard as rigamortis
glistening infrared
a vein gristled
one eyed monster

this gushing rain maker
whirls blur tadpoles
oozing out
like tooth paste
pulsing hot spats
for destinies
multitudinous generations

zebra Sep 2020
princess blood cult
throne of tethers
rumor's of frazzle drip murders
and blood spatters
on a bed of grinning hooks

marks the *******
she bled they fed
in love in bed

torn dress and flutter ****
form a squandered torso
bare feet dangle
while skies shriek knotted eyes
watching her get it hard

wet **** drunk
she tumbles
in this little black house of madness
****** her in a sack of sins
and **** buckarooed in wood shed paradise

welcoming death by sexicide
backstroke head over heels
flirts in the graveyard hacked and black

orchard of squirming *****
the mole that snuggles her
while thighs shudder with anticipation
and hurricane tongue
licks grinning *****
for pudenda's pillow
shimming black light disco daggers
down her lips
to ****
to thighs
to drooling
shucked oyster
ravenous beauty

whimpering disciple
of enticing wounds
bloom in gloom
that taste like taffy panicked *******

from head
to lips
to feet
infernal opera of blood gasms
weeping barbarous 
beezel blaba blaba

staining labyrinth floors
in soiled cathedrals
grow phantasm mold
whispers death music

chopped her in two
she  squirms
like shivering
inkblots of madness
cu cu cu cu cu cu

swing the scythe
get the knife
she shrills

pump the ****
split the bone
smudge lips spit and blood
while moon eyes turn smoky gauze
and heads swivels hula

spread the ****
yields a spooled mouth contortion

her *** crack
a smile of accomplishment
and tormented ballet feet
stretch tickle toes
for heavens edge

she pants rolling away dark air
in an uneasy creeping
and widens thighs
like a pithed frog
for a miracle of oblivion

takes the shadowed vow
bride of submission
happy in his hands
falling as silence falls
she spreads like bat wing umbrellas
zebra Sep 2020
Chapter 1
two aspirin  
a coke and bed pan
puzzled a chronic *******
and an upset stomach

Chapter 2
a thirteen year old Jewish boy
gets ****** off
by his mother, sisters
and the ladies in the neighborhood
to celebrate

just bar mitzvahed

Chapter 3
her blow jobs are Shangri-La
while sky shadowed eyes flutter
a slumber party ******
shimmers lips of **** confetti
finger ****** good
hoping to marry  
eight inch packin
tattoo boy

Chapter 4
she married a stingy man
and her hopes of love
turned into a book of
standard operational procedures

Chapter 5
she masturbated
eyes bulging
into a scrapbook of horrors
thinking you're so handsome in a mask
with that rusty blade

her **** burned
like hell

Chapter 6
the amputee pouted
your knives
look great in a stained basket

go ahead
take an arm
and a leg
as she sold off her
last gloves and footwear

Chapter 7
a starved crocodile
has his belly pierced
by an annoyed lion
the meaty peach abomination
into cat food

Chapter 8
God and Satan
makin deals
for souls
burning cigars and incense
just more backroom politics
and strip-poker

Chapter 9
a  mantra
on a subsonic level
liberates from the ravages of nature
beats back the ugly
of home made sin

when tragic turns magic
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