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Donna May 2019
Pigeons on rooftops
Standing still staring at sky
A moment treasured
I love pigeons on rooftops so lovely to watch x
puritypuke Aug 2017
and wow
you think you'd learn a thing or two
about not playing with open fire
because there are matchsticks
where your bones should be
your veins run with gasoline and you're an honest to God
walking wildfire waiting to burn itself to the ground.
A body that flickers to life at the touch of a hand
because my darling,
you've been dead for so long
and there are spikes ready to ignite under your skin
if you would just hold yourself
you're rooftops at sunset and empty classrooms and
the way early May poetry tastes on lips
But it's September now and the sky has been crying for the past few days
But that's alright, many find comfort in the rain
Even cloudy, you're still the sun
Donna Jul 2017
Standing on rooftops
Enjoying sweetest moments
Pigeons love day sky
inspired by seeing pigeons on rooftop yesterday x
Table For Two Sep 2016
They told me to listen to the raindrops,
And how they beat pitter-patter on the rooftops.
But there is no rooftop on this broken home.
And rain doesn’t “pitter-patter” over it,
It drowns it out.
And now, submerged under water,
I cannot hear anything.
Except the pitter-patter of my heart,
As I’m looking at you.
We’re here, dancing and drowning in the raindrops.
And now, the only pitter-patter we hear is our feet on the floor of this ocean house.
The waves carrying us in any direction in sees fit.
And now, when they tell us to listen to the raindrops,
We won’t be able to hear them.
Because we are now the raindrops.
Lynn Al-Abiad May 2016
يا زهرة واقفة على سطح من سطوح بيروت، ريحتك متل الأفيون

You little flower planted on a rooftop in Beirut, you smell like *****

لين اا -
- LynnAA
You are cancer and delirium.

Alex Nov 2015
That night was amazing
How we went out to dinner
And to keep me calm
You never moved to where I wouldn't be in contact with you
Because you know
You know that I need the contact to feel safe
And then after we ate we all piled into your car
Singing along to "Skeletons on Parade"
And "Emperors new clothes"
And once you dropped the other two off
I brought us to my favorite building
Where we climbed the rooftop
And just laid there, the three of us.
And we talked
And we cuddled
"I'm perfectly content" you kept saying
And we made fun of your allergy
Your allergy to all things green
We all laughed as you challenged the trees
"Bring it on you *****!" You shouted at them
Daring them to drop leaves on you
And when on fell on your arm
You laughed and called the tree a slew of names
Making us all smile and laugh with you
Your hands traveling along our backs
Making us smile even more
And then when you kissed me on the forehead
I got so happy I couldn't stop smiling even if I tried
And even now, thinking about it, I can't stop smiling
Simply because
Last night was the best so far
I guess to me every Thursday is amazing now
Because of you.
And once you brought me home and hugged me
You hugged me like I'd never see you again
Even though I know I will
And it made me so happy
Then in the morning when I woke up and checked my phone,
And you told me you wished you had kissed me
I realized it too
At 11:11 pm I wished for you
5am wakes a blinding bright orange sun
Standing out against the pale grey sky.
Below, a cityscape of grey.
No cars and few people move this early.
Portland, like most of us, is having a foggy morning.

Two bodies fade to color on a rooftop.
Their crusty eyes
Crack to vibrant orange light,
Half expecting search helicopters
Or seagulls pecking at their limbs.
Praying, for ravens.

They only find each other.
A beach towel beneath them
Half a bottle of ***** beside them
Next to their backpack and undergarmets.
It almost resembles a prayer circle.
Kicked blanket at their feet,
Brazier overhead,
Belt and trinkets to the side.
Lord knows what they were summoning last night.
They sure as hell can't remember.

They only remember touch and smell,
Light lavender hips,
Big Bourbon chest,
Fingers tracing artwork in the dark
Admiring both
Memories and their permenance.

This wasn't permenant.

After they climb down it's
He to a hospital.
She to a husband and child.

The orange sun coo'd too early.
Just two hours of freedom
Before the goodbyes and consequences.

A short glimpse of another world.
Hoping for closure.
One step forward.
Three steps back.

When their bodies left the rooftop.
They held hands.
Marisa Hope Apr 2015
Take me somewhere new, I want to explore with you. Let’s go climb a mountain, let’s go jump off cliffs into waterfalls. Take my hand and lead the way, Mr. Adventurer. Let’s sit on a rooftop and make music. You with your guitar and me with my voice. Let’s stay up there so long we watch the sun set and the moon rise. Let’s stargaze, I’ll watch the way they twinkle in your eyes. Take me in your arms, wrapped together in a blanket on June 24th watching the night sky. We can fall asleep together to the sounds of the nearby ocean and wake up at sunrise to the bright clear skies. Hear the birds chirp and see them fly in their V-formation. Let’s just stay here all day, bundled up in each other. Let the hours pass by and eventually we’ll go get some food only to bring it back to the rooftop and watch the townspeople walk to the city and bike to the shore. Let’s go for a run. A run down the beach, stop to feed the pelicans, the one we named Steve. Who are we kidding, we don't know which one is Steve. But after these nights, you do know me. And I surely know you, Mr. Adventurer.
First time writing prose, I hope you guys like it.
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