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Hera Oct 16
If I'm too much for you,
go find someone less.
Carl D'Souza Oct 16
In an ideal
would every working person
get time off work
to rest,
to rejuvenate,
to play,
to self-entertain,
to self-educate,
to care for and improve one's mental-health,
to travel and explore,
to do family-joy,
to do friendship-joy,
to do romance-joy,
to do joy and happiness activities?
meka Oct 16
You're made of magic and miracles
My saviour, my dreamboat
Guide me towards the light
and dance with me as the sun sets
The moon will be our first and only witness
For when we meet the sky
Jammit Janet Oct 13
When people ask me who you are
I tell them
You’re the love of my life
You aren’t my boyfriend or brother
Husband or father
Just a boy in my life
Who fills me with love
Unlike any other.
Words' Worth Oct 12
I want to

But, I need

So disappear
So that
I don't miss your songs

Now, all that is left
Is your
Spotify password
Bryan Oct 11
I don't see how,
But I know why,
I try to compliment those eyes.
But just by making feelings, words,
Half the meaning seems to die.

So how could I,
Mortal eye,
Who sees but lets these feelings lie,
Accomplish justified description
Of an infinite divide?
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