Angie S 2d

a song
i write it, weaving my heart's musings into it,
open my window,
and sing

and sing
i imagine my voice catching to the wind,
taking flight as a bird flutters to find a home,
on its way
to you

to you
the wind slows and the winter air
grasps the song i sing
it is torn from the sky and
my throat burns with negativeemotions
the choir of birds do not  mind
they carry their song onwards
but mine
m ine

somewhat inspired from doki doki literature club but its about me and my feelings but they're not very good emotions i think

what should i do now? im looking at you. im looking at you

The moon still watches over us
but it doesn’t glow like it used to
It basked you in twilight
reflecting every smile,
every gaze, every hair
and every inch of skin
like a Monet painting
Before my eyes.
But now,
my prized possession,
is missing.
Hung up in
someone else’s museum,
across the world it seems.
Now I cannot paint
without my inspiration,
my muse.
And I can’t bring my fingers
away from your beauty,
trapped behind
twilight glass.

I looked into your eyes
And I saw our tomorrow.
I couldn’t think of yesterday,
Of lost dreams or sorrow.
I could barely let myself
Believe for that moment
That there can be an end
For loneliness and torment.

It all seemed a fine fantasy
In which time stands still;
When I left my lonely street
And stood with you on a hill.
There was no rain or sirens
Just two people in an embrace,
And I was for sure that I was
Lost in your wonderful face.

Something happened then
Many of my dreams came true.
And every one of those dreams
Seemed to be there in you
I never took a moment to say
To myself, "Go slow, take care!"
I just wanted to soak this in
And suddenly I didn’t care.

I wanted to let all my hopes
Take me over and control me.
Not caring that there was no
Fairy Godmother to bankroll me.
I was on my own, and lost
In a dream that was coming true.
There was me, myself and I
And nobody else but you.

This could have gone so wrong
And this would be a threnody,
A dirge, a sad song of me;
A nearly Shakespearian tragedy.
Instead I played it just right.
I knew a good thing when it showed.
It’s been you and I ever since.
It was The Love Train I rode.

People always talk about being a perfect match
But nobody ever talks about how abruptly matches burn out

beautiful eyes, beautiful smile
beautiful heart, beautiful mind
beautiful name, beautiful self

those things i need them the most
those things i need to own them
for myself
and only for me

i’ve never said i love you
i’ve always been saying that i hate you
all because i don’t understand
my heart, my feelings

i pray to god every night
banging on his door
begging him on my knees
“i want to be his friend”

i’ve never heard from him
yet you come to build me up
and then tear me up
just as fast as escape velocity

i kept calm
because i somehow know
that we’ll be fine
i’ll be fine

but then i heard from him
he said with his punch against my stomach
his tight grip around my neck, choking the air out of me

“no, young lady.
you shall suffer more.
i will give you someone
someone you’ve never expected
to step on your bleeding injury.”

do you know what i’ve been through?
do you know how it feels to be left behind without knowing the why?
do you know how it feels to see you pretending not to know me?
do you know how it feels to know that someone else has fallen for you?

do you know why on earth i keep on holding you?
embracing every memories that i have about us?
because life back then was simple
until you said your last goodbye.

sorry guys. i legit cried in front of my momma because of this.

Loving you made me grow
In my life you brought glow
My love for you I'll show
Even if time is slow
Someday I hope you'll know

It's been awhile since I've expressed my thoughts through poetry. I'm grateful to be back and to write once again and this is for that one person that I'm truly grateful to have. I love you and let's meet someday, ljh ♡

I have yet
To feel your mouth
The curve of your back
The scruff of your beard

I have yet
To see your brown eyes in the sunlight
To see each line in your face
To see your breath fog up in the cold

Soon, I will
Touch you
Taste you

My heart flutters as that day grows closer

I wonder if I will be able to stay standing
When you are finally...
In the flesh
Right in front of me.

his lips caress my collar bone
as his hands begin to roam
the sounds of shaking breath
skin against skin
and moaning voices
echos into the stars
inviting pleasure in
his finger tips gripping my hips
are all thats keeping me from floating into space
rough words whispered in sweet tones
are all that are convincing me this is reality
the bruises he leaves behind after he's done
just remind me of what once was
and once they disappear again
i go crawling back for more

bleh i only write this stuff because im alone in the world
Em 3d

Your eyes can say one thousand words.
A picture
of the galaxies,
framed by your long lashes
which have the strength to latch onto me

Your eyes can say one thousand words
But you have not yet given me
the map
the legend
the dictionary
or the puzzle's key.

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