Can two separated souls be back as one?
After all, we once have clicked each others' hearts.
Have we got all the chances we could ever get?
I hope this doesn't mean there's no turning back.
Seems like my soul yearns for us to be together.
Might we?

we might

I still see romantic couples.....
Young men and women
Kissing in the park,
But it's a cold-blooded era.
I wonder if love can ever be genuine
If lovingkindness
Is not  valued?
Maybe, I am only witnessing an illusion?
Their type of love
Is not meant to last.

Pete King 3d

I’m ten-thousand things,
And I’m ten thousand people,
And they’re all completely insane.

You’re ten-thousand things,
And you’re ten-thousand people;
And I love every one just the same.

A short one. I'll probably expand on it at a later date, but it'll do for now. :)

I know you cared for me
and I'll never understand
why I deserved someone like you,
but what's even harder
to comprehend is how
you could touch me
and look at me like that
and then throw what we had away.

and something says
             “…girl don’t fall for his potential
who is he NOW?"
                   still I fall
                            …helplessly fall
until I collapse into his broken arms.

dedikasyon para sa aking nagugustohang babae na hanggang ngayon ay patuloy ang ating pagkakaibigan.

puso'y nalilito,
utak ay nahihilo,
sa mga emosyon na ito,
bakit nagkaganito.

mga nararamdamang kakaiba,
sapagkat ito ang aking unang pagsinta,
araw araw ay palaging nakangiti,
parang walang naranasang pighati.

nagpapasalamat ako sa'yo,
kundi dahil sa'yo hindi ako naging ganito,
lumalaban parin sa pagsubok,
hanggang sa tumigil na ang aking puso na tumitibok.

hindi kita nagustohan sa itsura,
kundi dahil ika'y isang obre maestra,
hindi ako nahulog dahil sa kagandahan,
ngunit dahil sa iyong kabutihan.

sana huwag akong pipiliin,
di mo dapat ako mahalin,
dahil hindi ako nararapat sa'yo,
iwanan mo na lang ako dito.

kung nabasa mo ito sinta,
sana'y 'di ka sa akin mairita,
ngumiti ka na lang, na ang muka'y mapinta,
nagpapasalamat dahil sa iyong mga nagawa.

It's langguage is in Filipino (I might translate it), I might edit it sooner or later. By the way, I'm new from HelloPoetry so 'Hi!'.
MU 4d

Magic happens with the word,
Not some stick, pigeon, or rope
Or a lame trick with a card;
Magic happens when her heart
Evaporates, like perfume
When she smells scents of a poem
Dabbed on her neck,
Slow whispers
From the lips of her lover
Her only…


Only poets know what magic is...
MU 4d

Best place for butterflies to stand
Is on your cheek
So they can see
Your eyelashes
Wave like their wings…

Best place for butterflies to lean
Is on your lips
So they can feel
Softness beneath

Best place for butterflies to fly
Around your neck
So they can watch
How much you smile

Best place for butterflies to sleep
Is in your hair
So when they wake
They smell of spring

Best place for butterflies to hide?
Between your breasts
So they can hear
The song of life…
                          …your heart beats

Best place for butterflies to die
Is in your hands
So to forget
Pains of goodbye

Her beauty is breathtaking...

for more than a year,
I have been stuck with the indecision to
call you.
and it's as if I torture myself with the thought
of what I would do
if you were to bump into me at the grocery store
hair grown out past your chin,
bloodshot eyes; you smell like beer and piss.
would I have the courage to confront you?
or would I take on the "little girl lost" persona
i oh so often do
and crouch behind the stand of sunflowers,
waiting until you have finished fishing through to find your favorite muffins from the display
and go on your way
i just can't fathom
after all these months of trying to change myself,
i can't change the fact that you are still plaguing my body
the bruises on my lips can still be felt.
your scent fills up the room that you refuse to walk into
and it must be some kind of fucking sickness
that no matter what you could have said to me and make me cry
it won't be enough to scare me away
Stockholm syndrome for the  ones who keep themselves imprisoned in another's memory
you have made me sick and perverted
but I love you for it.

i saw you and i turned my head away because in that moment i vowed that i never wanted to see you again. but now i sit in my bed and i wish that i had done something- gasped, cried, smiled back... anything other than the empty gaze i shot your way as we passed each other- you leaving while i was entering.
eleven 4d

I look at you
I see the sea
calm waves of you
gently caressing me

I see the ocean
in your eyes
I'm drowning
they're pulling me in


and deeper

I don't look away
that was my mistake

the ocean was beautiful
it was a magical sight
but I couldn't breathe
and I couldn't swim
but you seemed nice
it looked right

you looked right

and suddenly
there was no more air
I was sinking
my lungs ablaze
every drop of you consuming me
hurting me
I closed my eyes
I couldn't see how nice it was
you felt wrong

the ocean killed me that night
but if I would've knew
I might
have never looked into those eyes

so beautiful

but wrong

I loved the ocean but it didn't seem to learn to love me back
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