We fuck.

I brushed her hair just
the other day
and left stinging
handprints on her
eager flesh like she

Loved her in an
undertow of
blankets and throes,
fullness and

until the drums
pounded in my
ears and
the adrenaline

On altars,
in tombs,
the sabbats,
esbats and

We slap
each other
     for fun;
     she listens
when I tell
her to

I'm sure you and
your mate do just

we fuck better
than all of you

This poem is about sexual intercourse.

To him she’s an eyesore.

Early morn she comes to his door
Dog walking!

Not that he hates dog
A bachelor though
He holds no dislike for women
Secretly watches through the window
The leasher and the leashed
Very displeased

For in the evening’s dim-lit road
His shoes often meet soft messy things
Hidden in the undergrowth
and he being a gentleman
is left to curse under his breath
venting in the air his flak
and again next morn
they’re back!

He imagines the woman is alone and free
with only the dog as company
and given a chance
could bud romance
around her neck his arm would loop
and he would live happily ever after

with her and dog poop!

Kyle Dickey  Feb 2015
Kyle Dickey Feb 2015

Just waking up to see the persons face you love sleeping so soundly next to you. A candle lit dinner fallowed by a romantic movie and holding a girl close. Just simple moments made extravagant because a person you care about is there. Romance is possible anywhere if you're with the right person.

Emm  Aug 2014
Emm Aug 2014

Romance is when you sit by me,
and not saying anything,
when your presence is enough,
when your warmth fills my thoughts,
comforting, and understanding,
Romance is when our minds meet,
through the voice that is silence,
stringed together tightly with mutual trust,
Romance is not the roses you bought me,
or found in your passionate kisses,
although the thoughts really do count,
and I'm more than flattered,
and sincerely grateful to you,
and will forever try to reciprocate the same,
to express, in the hope that you will understand,
should that be your way to understand,...
But in all honesty,...
I found,...
nothing is more romantic,
than when you share your solitude with me,
when we share our utter solitudes,

Susan O'Reilly  Apr 2013
Susan O'Reilly Apr 2013

A slow dance
a game of chance
a certain glance
a special circumstance
forever perchance

Twilight Zone  Feb 2014
Twilight Zone Feb 2014

I measured my words so well.
The length of your smile spread.
My soprano voice was so flawed.
Yet you closed your eyes
and breathed it in.
The meter didn't matter at
all because you were in love.
The rhythm in our hearts sang be mine.
The pulse of our love could pause time.
The marble under our shoes told us to dance.
I didn't mind that there were
no roses or chocolates only sighs.
Love makes us forget those little things.
Poetry surrounded me when I was in your arms.

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