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Shelby Azilda  Jun 2014
Shelby Azilda Jun 2014

I barely know you,
Yet my words just spill out with no filter.
I want you to just see me,
Without a mask and a little off kilter.

Crushes are weird.

Phoenixstar  Aug 2016
Phoenixstar Aug 2016

I want to fill my mouth,
                   with your body, and
                               taste your existence  
                                                for all eternity.

Bo Burnham  Nov 2015
She Waits
Bo Burnham Nov 2015

She waits. How beautifully she waits.
How impossibly lovely she is
with a thing so passive.

With what weight she waits,
making her bus or boyfriend
(or whatever she waits for)
seem like a first brunch with Christ.

She waits regally, in perfect contrast
to the drooling buffoon describing her.

Bo Burnham  Nov 2015
Bo Burnham Nov 2015

              she said, unwell.
"Well... surely...,"
              she continued, unwell, unsure.
"Listen," he said.
              But nothing.
              Just some rain tapping a window out of boredom.

Phoenixstar  Sep 2016
Phoenixstar Sep 2016

Text me your words
let them flash across my screen
picture them I may
imagining what they mean
wishful thinking coming true
is yet to be seen
the thoughts implied
paint a beautiful scene
these letters make you smile
in person they would make you scream
all these teasing you doing now may be funny
but, when karma comes around it will be in the from of me

Bo Burnham  Nov 2015
Bo Burnham Nov 2015

You're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
And I know that.

But I can't rediscover it every fucking day.
I can't return to that epiphany
every time my alarm clock goes off.
It's unnatural.

But what I can do, and do quite naturally,
is become jaded and unimpressed by it.
I can see your beauty as normal,
as one of my life's many constants.

I can climb atop its shoulders and travel about,
rolling my eyes at sunsets and rainbows,
dismissing all the beauty of the world as
less than average.

And I complain to you about it.
And you can deduce your beauty from that.

Phoenixstar  Sep 2016
Phoenixstar Sep 2016

Bound by flesh; we are,
      oblivious to our minds,
      chemical reactions.
      Enamored with desire,
      our bodies collide,      
      driven by our actions.
      Engrossed by lust; thirsty.
      The primal rush;
      the absolute of attraction
      Prisoners of our passions.
      animal instincts
      of human nature; our habits
      we fashion.

Phoenixstar  Aug 2016
Phoenixstar Aug 2016

Her passion burns bright
her fire catches me
igniting my soul
aroused by lust violently
her flames engulfing me
consuming my mind
body held in captivity
submitting mentally
enchanted by her majesty

Phoenixstar  Sep 2016
Phoenixstar Sep 2016

With one kiss,
Her lips, burned
her name into my;
                                                None other
                                                will ever eclipse
                                                 the taste of her lips;

Phoenixstar  Sep 2016
Hungry Lips
Phoenixstar Sep 2016

Feed me your mouth,
      so I can satisfy my desires
       with the taste of our destiny.
       I long for the rush,
       from our lips, when they touch.
     symbols of each other,
signaling one another,
    our body language,
   speaking to,

Lost in forever,
the moment consumed,
by passion

Phoenixstar  Dec 2016
Phoenixstar Dec 2016

so deep i'm touching you spine
the feeling blowing your mind
our stars aligned,
now you climaxing
over this mountain we climb
your body a shrine,
so close its feeling like mine
the way that you grind,
so divine and its only getting better with time
getting harder as I listen to your breathing
moaning louder as I move it with you, your body I'm kneading
my body's been feening this whole evening
you are what I've been needing.

Phoenixstar  Dec 2016
Flame on.
Phoenixstar Dec 2016

from a flame
hidden it resides
burning deep inside
engulfing our spirits
with pleasures beyond divine

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