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Keith Mitchell Nov 2018
eternal judge
supporting fruits and flowers
nature and love
rivers running, trees growing, animals supported, all thriving
complexity simplified
strategy for she will survive
stupidity of mankind
evidence in her layers of skin
carbon dating holding her answers
dinosaurs roaming
plankton making crude
earth begs to differ
do you hear her voice faint whisper
that’s my blood running dark
would you believe her if it was red
fire runs through her veins
burning her blood
gets her hot and bothered
once a hurled rock kicked up the dust
buried a longer living period
tricks up her sleeve shown once we
incinerate and consume her last drops
maybe sooner than later
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2018
Hey **!
Oh my ghosh! What a day this is.
Lightning  streaks across the sky,
The clouds clap and roar,
Little lakes bubble with joy,
The rivers rumble gaily down the mountains.
Not to mention,
The trees stand with limbs akimbo,
Drenching from leaves to roots
in the lovely rain,
The birds cuddle in their nests,
All sing tra la la la.........................
For its raining, raining,raining.
Jesse stillwater Nov 2018
Flaming bridges up in smoke—
ashes scattered in the wind
Requiem to passing yesterdays;
vestige of all that’s lost —
bestrewn in prevailing currents
amongst the drifting autumn leaves

No smoke on rising waters
— lingers between
growing distant shores
Untamed rivers rising
rinse away
the taste of sparks
spake from silent tongues

Portaging all that once was
with all that could never remain, 
back to the briny deep 
An uncontainable
rivers pilgrimage —
entombing reverently
ancient fractals of being

Sowing feral rivers' ashes —
sacrificial scatterings of destiny
washed afar unto the flotsam
on shoreless stormy  seas

Jesse Stillwater
November 2018

Mused by a poem by melissa rose

"Spreading my ashes"
Maxim Keyfman Oct 2018
the mountains follow me follow the mountains
the mountains come after me along with the water
along with the lakes along with the rivers
with fish and people and dressings
and ships and pirated and soulful
and love and all sorts of similar

paper airplanes fly in the sky
like my brains and not mine like light
my and not mine as my darkness and mine
but do not forget that my self
that's all my eyes have seen and read
hence I am sand and grass and mountains
and mountains and lakes and you and people
and everything and everyone

Seanathon Oct 2018
May rivers flow into streams
And stray in whatever direction they need
In order to reach the inevitable sea
To all those that have passed me by. I wish you well. I wish you peace. I wish for you the inevitable sea, in which we all must swim. Forgive, yes, but also flow away from me.
Maya Oct 2018
your eyes
are the ocean

salty tears
are its waves

bitter storms
are your temper

and lonely shipwrecks
are your rage.

my eyes
are a forest

feathered lashes
are its oaks

shady glades
are my sadness

and weary deer
are my hopes.
Sanjali Sep 2018
-Hello Love-

Perhaps it’s been a thousand years,
the rivers have shifted so,
the lakes I swam in, have gone dry
the waterfalls though, overflow.
And so it is, that I have wandered back
tugged furiously throughout days
by this rugged tinkling thread
back to this ancient maze.

Most surely it’s been several weeks
the leaves are rough to touch,
the grass withers where I step
but trees don’t ask for much.
And so it is, that I have rambled on
pulled strangely through the haze,
at last I fall under the rays of morn,
My love, I’m home again.
Lost and found
Meandering Mind Sep 2018
the rivers of my memories
and those of my dreams
rivers real
and rivers imagined

meander through beautiful landscapes
like they're slowly chasing something
or someone

like they keep forgetting what they're after
but remember often enough
to keep heading in the same general direction

such is the life of a river
and such is the life of all
headed for some destination

it may meander
it may slow and quicken
and change direction and course
and split and rejoin
and grow and shrink

but all the while
it's headed for its end
the destination

which to break it down
is the "destined" place

and thus
the rivers
like our lives
are ruled by fate
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