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Cynthia Feb 15
Our story is piano music,

You drew me into your life,
Rescued me from a parched land.
The touch of your kiss was a tilt of your hand,
Water cascades down my throat,
And to you does my heart devote.

A decisive beginning,
The chords sing clear.
Fingers fly quickly,
Unknown are our tears.

Then comes development,
I was hooked on your essence.
Strawberry lips my salvation,
Emerald eyes my soul’s fluorescence.

Fingers between fingers,
Hearts intertwined.
We were inseparable,
Our edges combined.

But blades cut through where our lips parted for breath,
And dark forces taught me the meaning of death.
Tendrils of midnight made me their pupil,
They taught me how to lie,
While you continued to fly.

Stormy intersection of your demons and mine,
Scales run torrid and minor.
The velvet twilight and thunder align,
Wrists question the monochrome designer.

Charcoal blossoms burst from my chest,
They climb up my throat and swell in my breast.
My days tint grey and night seems to persist,
But these onyx florets absorb the chilling mist.

Your wildflower gaze turns dark with fear,
Our love emaciated.
I’m starving from lack of your luscious kisses.
Your cheeks are stained with tears.

Now recapitulation,
Exquisite crux of our salvation.
I look at you with fading eyes,
Tell you my lungs are screaming.
Five million breaths and my vision keeps fading.
You crash your lips against mine in despair,
And forevermore you are my air.

Dear darling please save me,
Please never let go.
Take and drown me in your embrace,
Rescue me with your glow.

In the face of your artistry,
My dark flora loses life,
It perishes and retreats,
Cut with a knife.

The music surrounds our tender infinity,
Major keys making their return to divinity.
Daylight is coming and the night queen beckons.
Our bodies connect as the shooting stars fall,
Responding to their royalty’s call.

We are together beneath the fading crescent moon,
Shrouded in ethereal melody of daybreak.
Bygone our despondent spring of development,
Countless notes among us strewn.
Like so many fallen leaves in autumn,
Our tree was stripped bare before peace flowered in wake.

The pianist of the universe takes a moment to waver,
Its abstract fingers skimming.
With a promising smile,
I learn the final chord’s flavor,
Shades of bitter and sweet in compile.

The sun shatters the bottom of sky,
And still its light relents to your eyes.
The grass is cool against our back,
Our interlocked hands filling all cracks.

Your lips caress along my ear.
Sonata-Allegro will color our history,
But my angel, my soul,
Your voice is my theme.
For as long as music flows through my veins,
You are the melody of my every dream.
Deep sleep, my body's rigid, unwavering,
peering unto the abyss, staring back
Undeterred, resolution unmatched,
I will escape the prison of my mind
William Marr Jan 3
all old resolutions
fall with the crystal ball
during the Times Square countdown


the best number
to start the new year

a shiny newborn balloon
pure and innocent
rises with joy amid magnificent fireworks
carrying no new prejudices
or old hatred
Jack Jenkins Jan 3
2019 hit me hard like most years
but i finally started to hit back
i let myself embrace the pain
said it was okay
and started to heal
i made my peace with a lot of my past
wrongdoings i can't undo
but can forgive
both myself and others
i decided to stay in love with someone not in my life anymore
and that's okay
because she's always had my heart
most importantly i made a resolution for the first time
for 2020 i will not be suicidal
or entertain such thoughts
i will tell my demons
"how dare you think you can scare me into death"
and i will mock the voices that say there is nothing for me here
i am loved
even by myself
//on myself and life//

If you've ever struggled in life, and feel like things never will change... they may not... but you can.
Love you all, and best wishes for 2020
I feel
like I died a
****** death
at the hands
of some great
and terrible beast
with razor claws
and gnashing teeth
that escaped its cage
and pounced on me
out of the shadows,
glinting eyes
fire from
the wreckage left
by the mile-long circus train,
now derailed,
after running into me
full speed.
"Oh my god... I'm never drinking again..." He said, lying to himself, and God, in agony. "You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now."

Happy New Year!
Heather Jan 1
Starting this New Years
off with a poem
a flourish of my 'pen'
I have no idea if it will be my last
or a continuation
of a single lifestream
hoping all will go well – at least
better than it's been
lose a few pounds
so I'll be light on my feet,
get my mind straight,
strong and sweet
grounding my emotions
with a focus on the goal
do some meditation that
will make me whole
This Mother of Intentions
is not paved to hell
it's a promise I make to God
so in truth time will tell
Praying for world peace
sending charity to some poor
shaking my fist along
just social movements
helping lift burdens
adding my light to a great light
of angels chorus in heaven
hoping this chance, a beginning
will not be an end,
but a reason to renew again.
A New Year's resolution.
Undead Nomad Dec 2019
Today I conclude
the last chapter of my life
but certainly not the final.
And for a moment
the world stood idle...

Contemplating my new future,
I cross the horizon
where retrospect inspires
forward-looking optimism.

My perspective has changed,
tweaked by others' aspirations.
Something grew inside me
by deep introspections
and as the clock ticked further
my resolve became firmer.

It tickles my soul
at how silly it seems
that I was once just
a clueless little seed.
But now I am planted
in the soil of my dreams,
ready to take root
and spring up with the reeds.

My doubts begin to wan
as I rise with a new dawn.
I pause to tell myself
I've no sins to absolve,
I must believe it to be true
to affirm my resolve.
Was a poem written for a new year's contest a long time ago. I thought it would be befitting to dust it off considering how close the new year is now
Marina Dec 2019
Its 3am
And you're still sleeping
I sit across with my eyes, all weeping
You lied about all the things you said to me.
Its January 2017
And I tend to fall on all my faults,
That you were never the right one for me.

It's almost the end of 2019
And I'm no longer in your sad story
I'm living, breathing, I finally found the one for me
I know I should never fall back with you,
Indecisive lies; your issue.
Nina Dec 2019
Every year,
I'd wish to find someone that wouldn't break my heart
But next year,
I'll wish for something different
I wish that I won't fall in love
Let me be free
And meet new people
Without catching feelings
Let me be heartless
Because im too tired
To suffer another year of heartache
Nat Lipstadt Feb 2018
the half-life of a resolution

~for maaidah durrani~

“your words really spoke to me and
i deeply encourage you to write more”
any resolution
barely lasts to the completion of its
flyby, tower-buzzing,
razzmatazz appearance,
colliding with the wall called
not today a/k/a,

tomorrow takes the lead pole position,
the conditional timing prepositional,
the delaying exscual misanthropic of
but one more,
whatever, it’ll keep for 24 more,
holding out the pretense of hope
for the resolute dissolute

sure, for sure, tomorrow,
will dissolve regret
tomorrow will write of poetry
but not a poem,
tomorrow will swear my
resolutions will be enacted
or, at least,
erased and re-written,
the oldest first when
re-added to the top of the list

will honor thy request
keep on writing for I’m no fool,
1200 plus poems, I’m yet a novitiate
I will keep your request as
one I’ve can never
cross off my life’s list

but tomorrow’s resolve,
be a better man,
leaner, briefer, kinder, a better lover,
the list has overrun the white pad,
the blue lines refuse another resolu....
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