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Grey Jan 2021
It wasn’t “I love you”
but at least it was goodbye.
NoislessShackles Aug 2014
When you read someone's story,
And you find there's space for improvement,
how 'bout filling the gaps yourself;
Rereading it the way you think it should be,
adding in the extra words you'd like to see.

With what is there and you already like,
Be kind enough to say.
Compliment the good in their work:
redemption's on it's way.

If you seek the light, and ignore the dark,
good will seem to overrule,
will be the righteous spark.

© J-d S. J
I dont' really feel accustomed writting these sorts of ''angel''-better. poems, but i hope it's a 'great write' one.

— The End —