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Maria Etre Jul 2018
"Let's" she said
as she walked into
a play ground
of timeless
Melanie Kate Dec 2016
So much choice
So much time
So many miles apart
So much non-commitment.
Anxious and dysfunctional.
A side-ways game
Of friendship cover-ups.
Keeping your options open,
Playing your cards close.
Thinking I can't see your moves,
As you pull back and forth,
Hot and cold.
Then assuming what you will
About my words and indiscretions.
And all the insecurities
Triggering your actions
Are my fault.
I left you unable to judge
My heart and soul.
I left you unable to identify
My purity of intent.
I left you questioning
My cards.
And you failed to ask,
Because your ego chains you with fear.
So we’ll lose at this.
Two disappointed hearts.
MKD 2016 (c)
Sophie Foster Sep 2014
Face to face
Expansive uncertainty in the shadows
If I hold on to you
I might not be lost into it.
Can’t we create enough light
To force it to retreat?

But you are a part of it too
The steady ocean in your eyes
Froze when I wasn’t looking.
And I lay here, lulled away from shore
Watching shadows pull down the sun.

— The End —