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Broken Pieces Jun 2020
I sit in my bead alone each day, trying to be happy even if I don’t feel that way.
I’m still going through the pain in my mind, I haven’t met many people who are all that kind.
I try my best to be okay, but it’s hard when the people I love don’t wanna stay.
I lost my parents then my friends, Everytime I’m happy it just ends.
I still kept my head up and kept it going, And when I was alone I just let the blood keep flowing.
I tried a couple times to just take my life, whether it was with pills or a knife.
I had become so fragile one touch and I would break, I already felt like the biggest mistake.
I’m done trying my best, cause I’m just so depressed.
I loved, I healed but it never changed how I was treated, the cycle just kept getting repeated.
Le Beau Nov 2019
Let's turn love to a memory ¢ sad into a trust because without u baby I've wandered lonely as a cloud,
Sealing cursive love letters with a heart stamped in candle wax ¢ addressing them Hace Mucho Tiempo,
Until sunrise miamor when we wake up naked in each others arms I'll kiss your forehead then tell u good morning,
Having romantic relaxation on a Spanish Night listening to flamenco,
A Dec 2018
What do i do when i feel like i have written the words
That someone else has already spoken
Words that echoed in empty colosseums
Ones that tore out of vocal cords almost too worn to work
Both which feel upon the deaf ears of those who claim to know
But do not listen
ames Aug 2018
yesterday night, i know you saw the text bubble with the ellipses
and you must have been wondering
what the HECK i was typing
because i did a lot of backspacing and suddenly that text was
g o n e
and you never got the terrifying notification that would put all the weight of the world on your shoulders
as you read that the world's smallest soul had a thing for you!
you never got the text i was supposed to send when i was rocking back and forth within my own mind
trying to figure out how to own up to what i wanted to send

i wanted to send you a simple 3 words ( i like you )
and yet i did a lot of backspacing before i got the nerve and
now the moment is gone.
Tara Tags Mar 2018
cut glass
warm whiskey
and shards of my throat
scratched cd’s
looping song lyrics
and numb background noise
get used to the soft sounds
get used to the pitch
when the rest of the world
   is silent
don't wish
beds become harder
floors become softer
but it’s really all the same
my eyes are swollen
puffy, half open
all the time
all the same
windows to the soul
fogged up from too many people
rubbing and running
their hands all over
what’s not theirs to touch
and they don’t even realize
absentmindedly touching
not just breaking
leaves glass
shards in my throat
Poetic T Aug 2017
Lets play the game of
others affections of
confirmed words...

Of what is excepted
by the heard,
feed the same old verse.

But when there is a black sheep,
one who doesn't conform
to your expectation of word...

who pens, cleverly, who inks.
outside the comfort blanket
of others wanting...

like it more than the repeated
verses of same old same old,
as its better to read new not a repeat.
aniket nikhade Oct 2016
Never did it happen before
Never will it happen in the present
Nor something like this will happen somewhere around in the future again.

A thing of past is a thing of past,
from where it came,
to where it belongs
A thing of past is a thing of past.

A mistake is a mistake,
will remain as a mistake,
if it’s not corrected.

A mistake is a mistake,
will become a bigger mistake,
if the same old mistake from past gets repeated again in the present.
Never repeat same old mistakes from the past in present again,
since it proves to be very costly with each moment that passes by and makes life difficult in the present and also with regards to the future.

Never did it happen before
Never will it happen in the present
Nor will something like this happen again somewhere around in the future again.

Let’s make every effort in the direction of goal
Let’s make life interesting by doing something new, which was never done before in the past.
Probably initially it will not be easily possible,
however, later on the same thing will become a way of living life,
hence let’s make every effort to make life as interesting as possible when and while in the present itself.

Definitely a day will come when the past will seem to be much more interesting than the present, but then that past will be just recent past and if not ,then at least the day that just went by

Let’s keep life simple,
as simple as possible,
in doing so a day will when complicated things of life will seem to be simple and these same things will be done in a much faster way, than what was thought and expected prior.

Let’s try to make and keep life as simple as possible and also interesting.

Smile because there is always a reason for you to smile and it’s known either in the present itself, if not then the reason is stored somewhere around at the back of mind.
Life can be simple as well as interesting, however, the only thing that is needed is to accept this fact as it is and then move ahead along with the same in present.

Never did it happen before that life was seen at such a close distance, but then that’s life and life’s intersting.
Poetic T Oct 2016
You skim my ink, but do not read between the depths of
my expulsion. Only reading in the shallow pools, then lifting
your eyes from my thoughts and dry lightly.

Creativity is not a syllable or a word, it is that which
utters in the mind and lingers there in reflections of what
was said but imbues new deliberation.

I care not for your pity but give originality its dues and
not the same old same old that is just a whisper in a
crowd. I shout and you will listen to my ****** words.
Nikita May 2015
I'm so glad
So glad to have a friend
A friend I can count on
A friend I can cry on
So glad to have a sister
A sister to laugh with
A sister to rage with

We have fights
We have memories

And it seems so odd to me that our childhood friendship has repeated but with different people
As we have changed and grown
But at least we have changed and grown **together

— The End —