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Prince 5d
home isn't a place but a feeling
Prince 5d
Just keep on shining like u do ¢ don't dare doubt your worth or the beauty of your truth its okay if they misunderstand me their opinions aren't my problem.
I'll stay kind ¢ committed to love ¢ free in my authenticity.
No matter what they do or say just keep on shining like u do.
Prince 6d
I do it for the love
It's addictive like a drug
Can't never get enough
Wonder about her a lot
Don't worry that much
Maybe there's a reason
Can't figure it out
Know that she got class ¢ a big *** ***** that's fragile like glass
Prince 6d
I look at u ¢ know your mine.
You was made for me ¢ I was made for u.
Its been along time since I've been away from u but once I'm back in your arms I know I'm home.
Follow me to the moon so we can make love on the stars.
Your so beautiful I see u in my dreams ¢ it helps me sleep.
**** I just got caught trying too cheek my meds & now I might get kicked out or if I stay I'll be on a 45 day blackout where I want be able to leave the house that's **** near 75 days of doing nothing wasting me life? I'm worried about the expectations I got with my girl who wants to see me ¢ family that want to help me get my driver's license. I wasn't supposed to get caught, but why am I still showing addict behaviour. What can they tell me that'll make me stop, not even jail can fade me unless its serious ¢ I've stopped being in the streets I lost the desire of doing wrong I wanna do right but its hard.
Prince 7d
Need so much
Got so little
Is it enough?
I wanna do more
Could I become someone else?
I need this opportunity!
Will someone try to stop me?
I currently stay in a rehab where they put u on a 30 day blackout & I just been uploading my resume to a bunch of job sites & I got a call about a stay at home job where u just receive packages they pay for shipping & handling through pay pal then u take pictures of the condition of the product upload it too your own personal account online they made for u & print a new shipping address delete the old one & take it too fed ex they pay $45-$50 for each package payable every Saturday, now this is simple work except the fact I can't leave anywhere because I'm on blackout I don't have a printer to print the shipping label & how am I supposed to transport the package? I'm already in there system I should pull out but instead I'm complying hoping the rehab could help me but honestly I doubt they would.
Prince Nov 19
Sing to me my favorite song with love in your eyes, I know u tired of hearing lies ¢ I'm tired of them other guys in your face all the time trying to compel u to believe a dream that ain't even real ¢ all they want is what u got but they don't need u like I do ¢ u see what I went through.
Who girl gone kiss me like our last mine.
Who girl gone stick around when times get tough mine
Who girl gone pick me up if I'm down mine.
She gone hold it down for papi
She gone give me sloppy toppy
She gone ride me like a Ducati
She'll go crazy about me
In the streets she a lady ¢ in the bedroom she a freak.
Never complaining we barely even argue, got so much in common she finish sentences for me.
Got her own treasure chest full jewelry,
Once was a princess but now she a queen,
Anything she wants she gets in a hurry.
Jaw dropping in a bikini ¢ in lingerie she leave me speechless.
Dope **** be having her fiending   I leave her body shaking in the sheets.
Sincerely yours truly,
Prince Charming
Prince Nov 18
You ¢ I know we're inseparable.
Kissing your luscious lips.
Gently caressing your body.
Waking u up to pleasure.
She ¢ I know, I think she godly.
You brighten my day in such a peculiar way.
I miss you.

I want to hug you.

Cuddle with you.

Kiss you. 

I want you.

You might not be perfect in your eyes,

But you're perfect to me. 

I love you.

Every "imperfection' you complain about.


Perfect to me.

I love you.

So much.
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