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Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
In my mind,
if I
love you,
then you
love me,
that's not
always true.
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2018
Today they are on the frontline
not because they are the leaders.
They know how to sneak their way up.
Jessica Jarvis Jul 2018
My heart’s on my sleeve.
Unfortunately for me,
I forgot my coat.

Another haiku for you! I think haikus just make me feel justified enough for maintaining posting email regularly, even if it’s not overly long content, but also proud enough that I came up with something relatively clever for using so few words.
NeroameeAlucard Jun 2017
"Not interested. "
"We're sorry but we're not hiring at this time. "
Getting that email
Again and again
Is why i write this rhyme.

What am i doing wrong?
Did i really offend or upend someone?
Why do i keep getting my hopes up?
How do i find the audacity to hope,
Again then i get dumped on like a truck?

Unemployment *****
A-S Mar 2017
Magnets as bodies
A field of words
A guide of emotions
I feel your need
Fulfill me please
Adelle Stone Jul 2016
My stomach
My face
I can't help it
I don't want to
Blue grey eyes
Red lips
Slow, gentle smile
I don't want to
Or crush
I am scared
I want to run
But I *don't
Casey Ann Nov 2015
I can feel winter coming.
It’s more than the wind that scrapes me every time I’m forced to go outside, it’s more than the ice in the air every time I breath, spiraling away from me like smoke.
It’s the ice that’s settling into the pit of my stomach, the pit of my soul.
I can feel myself freezing.
I don’t remember warmth, I live in the dark. I’ve got nothing and no one to keep me from this hailstorm
It’s the ice in my mind, every morning taking longer and longer to thaw, no matter how many pills I feed it
It’s the ice in my bones, freezing me in place. Movement isn’t impossible, it’s painful, and the cracks are starting to show through

I know what I do in winter.
I cry in winter, in the morning when I realize I’m awake and in the night when I realize I’m alone
I don’t walk in winter, I shuffle and I dig myself deeper into the ground with every footstep
I think too much in winter, I think myself in circles around the room and sometimes 6 feet below the ground, no longer pacing
heart no longer beating or burning

I know who I am in winter
I am a shadow in winter, the absence of light
I am a girl, just a girl, and hardly old enough to die, but apparently old enough to barely live
I am a fool in winter, who looks for warmth and finds a fire, enjoying the burns because she’s missed the sensation of feeling
I am alone in winter, because no one hears this story, and no one knows how far into the ground I fall

I hope to survive in winter, because that’s the most I can ask for
From the mind of someone just beginning to sink into that seasonal depression, and feeling scared the farther down I go

— The End —