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Aug 2016
That line in the sand
Overlooking the warm and welcoming sea
I walked up to the line and stared at it intently
And in those moments a war was waged within me, my head and heart both taking opposing sides
Here I'll relay as much of that intense conversation, from beside the battle lines

Brain: we shall not cross that line! For who knows what could be waiting on the other side!
There could be crippling danger or possible injury! Diseases and financial ruin could lie across that line!

And my heart took those sentiments in kind, and then responded with the following reply

Heart: we must cross this line! Not knowing is part of the thrill! And you're right we could be hurt crossing over to the other side! But that's part of life so just chill! There could be Love and adventure, wealth both in money and in experience and enjoyment of our surroundings! We've starved in life for too long and it's time we move forward by boldly leaping and bounding!

I guess, like two face I'm in two minds about my situation
But I'd rather consider my options and move decisively than run blindly in like LEEEEROOOYYYYYY JEEEENNNNNKINNNNS
Written by
NeroameeAlucard  Chicago Illinois
(Chicago Illinois)   
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