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Ayn 11m
Coldly bleak blackened walls
Housing a discreet warmth.
Within such listless halls,
We find the stars alight.
Dwelling inside the void
Like an innocent blight,
You stand, full of spirit.
Fragmenting listlessness,
For only void hears it
Void given thought,
Light starts to blot…
The string draws taut.
Ayn 2d
The melancholic melody
Brings forth the voices
Of the long lost autumn leaves.

Whispering among the winds,
Elegantly threaded echoes
Resonate with the depths of my being.

Shaken at the roots
Yet strengthened at my core,
I feel my freedom return once more.

With all our shadows comes the light,
Casting rays around,
Fueling our ever blissful delight.
A wonderful time we all once knew,
But, even then,
We never held our promises true.
Ayn Jan 7
Crawling through the wastes,
I wish for the flame.
To fly above the rest
To have nothing but a name.
My hope and interest
have kept this dream alive
And allow me to thrive
Even in these darkest moments.
Fire is purifying and equivocal.
Ayn Jan 7
Echoes permeate the muffled air,
Bringing the song of life
To this old barren landscape.

Ripples in the water
Beckoning the snowfall,
Like the call of death
To an unsuspecting passerby.
Ayn Jan 7
To be silenced
Is to be freed.
My tongue is far too vile,
Spitting toxins and vile
Into the minds of others.

Preying on the weak,
The merciful,
And the dutiful.
Ayn Jan 2
An unseen gesture,
It’s meaning left to speculation.
Our silent words drop like sunshine
Onto an amber autumn field,
Treating our long-forgotten wounds.
Treat others the way you would like to be treated. I have long ago forgiven you, but I won’t forget you. You have not forgiven, and you will not forget. What more do I have to do to set things right?
Ayn Jan 2
Dawning on me
Like a red-stringed melody,
The sunrise of a new year
Beckoning new light
Into our lives.
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