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Sunset in my heart
But I'm the dying light
To come apart
And take flight

Into my dreams
Of a fake life
With gold streams
On a bronze knife

I'm a zombie
I'm a ghost
I'm dead to me
I'm not the Host
Ghost faces
A noose
Of shoe laces
My mind filled
Bad places
It just paces
Running circles
And losing races
My nerves fired
I'm lost among
My own
cold cases
Broken dreams
And split seams
It's all it seems
In endless streams
Lauren Leal Sep 5
Tunnel vision for lies
Wrapped in silk white
For the many one cries
Creating a craving blight
Lauren Leal Sep 5
Tremble to the cause
Far planes in my heart on pause
Lost to time and to the pain
My eyes stricken
From staring into the rain
Drip drop, I'm the sinking ship
Down into the water
I'll take a dip
And a taste of my regret
The table is set
I'm the main course
Served to my demons as
Lauren Leal Jun 30
Streamlined with I'm fine
Going backwards
On constant rewind

With no forward way about
I don't even feel the need to shout
I'll cry my mercury tears
To rid my life of the poison
We call fears

Dancing on the edge of reality
One false move a fatality
While I remenice about times
I don't even miss
Killing myself softly
With a false sense of bliss

Ripping out my nerves
I deserve this
As if it's completely sane
To hand myself my own pain
Allowing my mind to openly speak, with little control over what is allowed or not.
Lauren Leal Jun 30
It's hard to write
When its only for me

It doesn't feel right
It's an empty plea

Each word forever pasted
Just seems like my time is wasted

It's so hard to write
With this blight of grief

It's hard to write
When it's not a relief
It's not helping the same.
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