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Mokomboso Dec 2018
I remember when you were newborn
Tiny fingers and toes poking
From under your mama's arm
I remember that rambunctious toddler
Ambling clumsily with Malaika
I remember that comically high hairline
And those dinner plate eyes
You had a blessed childhood
Your mother let you get away
With all sorts of hijinks
She loved you that's for sure
I remember you becoming a big brother
And how well you adapted
Matured somewhat but still so young
Naughty and goofy and not too cool
To come and play with me sometimes
I've kept track of your budding adolescence  
I've been looking forward
To meeting the strapping young man you were set to become
I never did expect
That I would never meet him
That you would remain the child
In my memories and pictures
I would like to imagine
That your story is still being told
Across that certain bridge folks speak of
With Kakowet and Luo
This is for the late Winton of twycross zoo
Mokomboso Dec 2018
Is death a punishment to the living for not visiting the deceased often enough?
No one dies whom I saw last week
Mokomboso Sep 2017
I've heard some kids say
That one day, post apocolypse  
The veil will fall
All of the angels on earth will be rid of their vessels
And will once again assume their true forms
I've heard some kids say
That all the other mythical beings
Will reveal themselves as they once were
They move the date forward as each one looms
'Cause the promise is broken and the veil lingers
What if one day technology soars
Into the unknown, cybernetic enhancements
Avatars, gene splices
Mean that the veil will not only fall
But be forcefully torn from their skins
So the angels might reach heaven
And the dragons too grow their wings
transhumanism and future stuff etc
Mokomboso Jun 2016
Tell me again
How you think just like me
How you understand my philosophies
Listen so intently to my monologue
Nod in agreement, flatter my ideas
I enjoy the attention but hate the scent
Choking on sweat
As I'm wrestling and laughing and it's okay
Because it's platonic isn't it
I can lay and relax knowing
I trust you... 90%
And it's not like I can step back
Once I've revealed too much it's too late
And you've used all I've told you
To try to get inside
I've not lead you on, you're the one
******* out of my naivety
Using my open mind as your latrine
I liked the attention but I can't stand you
Now there's not a lot I can do
I sit chewing a stirring stick
As you shuffle in close and say creepy ****
They've done this before
I remember too well
They reach out to shake my hand
Building my trust
Like chameleons they share interests
With whomever they lurk around
So I talk and I talk and I touch then they touch
And it's like, wait, stop
This wasn't what I want
And they never shut up and they pry and they ask
With an arm around my stiffened shoulder
And I'm choking on sweat
I hate the attention and you disgust me
**** being polite, you're simply awful
You're a snivelling ******, a greasy neckbeard
I trust too easily and let creeps into my life, but I don't want to lose all of my naivety and become cynical and jaded.
Mokomboso Apr 2016
I've always liked women with small *****
You could fit one in each hand
They stick out all cute and perky
And don't dangle by the age of 30
Mokomboso Apr 2016
Portable Pocket Pal
Thorough Therapist
Frisky Fun Friend
Jiggling Jolly Joystick
Whirring Widget of Wonder
Rascal Rabbit
Rest Restorer
Lapine Lover
Uplifting Utensal
Tingly **** Tickler
Noisy Naughty Novelty
Ecstacy Accessory Activating
Nerves and Neurons
Funny ******* Fizzer
Feeling Fantastic Falling
Into Sirene Still Sleep
I was being a bit silly with this one
Mokomboso Apr 2016
I am lost I cannot think
I cannot move my legs
I am here in body
My mind is disengaged
I am paralysed
I am afraid
But I am numb
I cry for no reason
I shake and shiver
Stress builds and hits like a train
And like a deer I remain
I kinda shut down from stress today and forgot how to get up and move.
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