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Q D Malcolm May 2016
Am I really someone special?
Of course you are
How do you know
You're special to me
What does that mean?
You make my heart beat
You make my pulse pulse
Isn't that special
That's just adrenocorticotropic
**** we're more than just cortisol
Are we though? What makes us more?
You can think to ask that question
So what who can't
You make my epinephrine spike babe
Thanks, my endocrine glands are addicted to you
Don't worry about it, we're just sacks of meat
Hehe flesh bags coursing with chemicals
Right, your thoughts are just electricity
You're a battery, a light bulb and a RC car
You're a self guided drone with no master
You're sweet, lets go recharge
Powering down the fleshy prison
See you in day 9101 of my imprisonment
See you in the fourth dimension
You're right see you there first
You are special
You too
Q D Malcolm May 2016
Red river run
Sand bar island
Green mossy tree
Hang over me

Blue sky clear
Sweet rot breeze
Peeper frog chorus
Lying in the forest

Soft lichen touch
Purple petal peak
Fuzzy bee bumbles
Distant bridge rumbles

Bloop and blip
Sounds abound
Chirps and yips
And coffee sips

It's nice to be alone
To hear the sounds
See the sights
Avoid the fights

Muskrat Hollow
Coyote Creek
Hanging Tree
The place to be.
Q D Malcolm May 2016
Don't talk to me
I won't listen
Don't assuage me
You're not forgiven
I am the victim
Playing or not
This is how I feel
And you, I just cannot

Even deal
Karma rebounds
Are my consequence
Now on even grounds

But still you ******* try to talk to me
Try and say where I went wrong
You say that I am in need of changing
While you pose in that ****** ******* sarong
Yeah, the one that I bought you
Spent all day thinking about you
Now you get him to take shots of you
Laying on the sand like I never got to

Gah, it makes me so mad
Because this ain't me
I was a bad ***** that didn't catch no feelings
Now I just spend all day staring up at ceilings
*******, for this
*******, for that
*******, for that last stolen kiss
I wish I could hurt you, *** for ******* tat.

But now I'm saying sorry
Being cordial and phoney
Being all 'time utilizing'
I'm saying what you want to hear
Making it easy
But it all comes with a sneer
I'm acting all ******

I'm not over you
It's apparent
I'm going to be gone for awhile
Like a knight ******* errant.
Q D Malcolm May 2016
i would like to cry
but i cannot
i sit and try
in this empty lot

yet i only sit and try
i never can cry
making ******* up faces
looking down at my ***** laces

it is you who I'm thinking of
it's because of you that i want to weep
to let my emotions out from love
from my eyes may this vileness seep

but it doesn't
it won't
my cheeks stay dry
my shoulders don't shake
a man who cannot cry
give me a break

who's fault is this
mine, yours or society's
who can i blame
for my anxieties

easiest to blame the man
conflicting to hate on you
hardest to look at me
i ask like an owl; who?

who, who, whose fault is it
who, who, who should i believe
the stories, the love songs
the poems and the white swans?

or the theorists and surgeons
with their chemical love versions

why then does my brain do this
be so affected by you.
its a serotonin dopamine blitz
that I'm hoping to get through

be you chemical or inured
all i wish to be heard
is my weeping, my snivel
to hold me above this drivel
of tearless boys
and heartless men
maybe, just maybe then...
Q D Malcolm Jul 2015
Every couple days I see him
Standing, never sitting
Head bent, leaning with the car
The other people are constellations
But he is this one lone star

He never looks up or right
Just down with crinkled frown
He doesn't know just how bright
His light shines through this brown

This brown, this palpable ****
It covers us all
The fat, the lazy, the fit
It clings to our shirtsleeves
Pulls at our cuffs
Slowly burning our tree leaves
In slow deliberate puffs

But here he is
Every other day
Devoid of this **** and stank
Simply moving with the sway

I sometimes think of getting up
Of telling him how I feel
Mister you are beautiful
A wine glass where I am a cup
A plastic one with lines to tell
How much is too much
From *****, wine, even 7up

Though I never will

Sir it's not just that you are beautiful
It's because you never sit
You just stand and sway
Flexing your mighty wrist
You never stumble at the stops
Your ******* headphones
I doubt they twist

I know what I'm doing
Or at least what my mother would say
I've turned you into an ideal
A bet that will never pay
You'll be mean, jealous or loud
Sorry or far too proud

But how can you still shine like this
Each and every other day
An orbiting star standing three feet away
In this ***** **** covered subway
Q D Malcolm Jul 2015
You can never stop me
Never slow me down
I am speed and direction
I wear the velocity crown

Heed me as I tell you
For I am the King of Changes!
The butterfly whose wings cause
Waves and mountain ranges

The bullet through your window
The thrusting of your groin
Lord of all time and space
The flipper of your coin

The secret is my direction
And this I'll never tell
For you are all still petty
Nothing you won't sell

For I am the wind
And you are the vane
I am the Sun rising
And you; the drying rain

You will all sleep and die
Whereas, I will never falter
Look to the future, not the past
For nothing else can alter
Q D Malcolm Feb 2015
I see I see, there you go, white as winter snow.
See me here; standing still, braving winter's chill.
Sugared tears and feinted fears, what have I become?
Liar, Liar pants on fire. When did this begin?
I told you once, never twice, I told the truth for months.
I blame the tree, the tallest one, the on that fathered me.
Leaves turn green, brown and gold. Beauty I’ve always been.
You weren’t green, brown or gold, you were white as sin.
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