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Q D Malcolm Oct 2020
"That outfit doesn't suit you" says the impeccably dressed
"Your back is breaking out" says the clear skinned
"You are actually really really dumb" says the complex thinker
"****, those teeth are yellow, you should brush more" says the one who does
"What **** chat, you're not clever" says the quick witted
"Look at those chicken legs!" says the one who squats
"Why can't you manage your emotions?" asks the one who's matured
"Stop watching **** and get a girlfriend" says the one who has a girlfriend
"Clean your ******* room" says the one from his organized bedroom
"Stop smoking, it's not healthy" says the one who doesn't need to
"You have to stop skipping meals" says the one who isn't nauseous
"Stop feeling sorry for yourself, it isn't attractive" says the happy one
"You're not a bad person" says the good one
"Let people love you, but also let them not love you too" says the brave one
"You've got to stop procrastinating" says the one on time
"Write things down, make good habits" that one remembers
"You shouldn't hate yourself, forgive and grow" this one I like least
"You are really awfully dumb" this one repeats himself the most
"You're so dull" says the one who isn't
"I hate you" says the one who tells the truth
"You could be what ever you want if you stopped listening to all of us" says the one who I barely hear
"We're not us, we're you" says the one who's truth is the hardest to hear
The worst mistake you can make is to take nothing form the past
You break your vows to contemplate the feelings that won’t last
The mind will break into your soul and rip out your desire
Your body punches through your heart and sparks another fire
fuit gummie > vegeatable gummie
Colm Mar 2019
This sound is like volins more gentle than snow
Like starlight twinkling, streaking and cold
Like hair strung strings on the breezy frame of a chello
Like the earth axe tapping at copper and coal
Like the most beautiful rain on the blind boys face
Like the artist envisioning the most timeless of place
Like the linger puddle with a glimmering sheen
I find this song goes beyond all that once was serene
Desire Feb 2019
... GOSH!
I vicariously induce her
where deed is factoid
and she lie there my tack
that raze on her back
whether we might cherish this muse
and ride track that we expose alike
in the twilight
that wake chubs astream
and in this heat we kiss further
that curses are admired
as rules are acclaim
and we are never dying together
and this we sake in Jacob
in the manner we speak
Simon Soane Mar 2017
You can
sit still in all those
never changed,
always the same;
at the helm of wonder.
Karmen Jul 2016
Alone so long
Makes me question
whats so wrong
Is it how I look
The way I talk
Do I feel
And can you tell
It's all way to strong
Glaring at these stars
As streams run down my cheeks
I just want to know
What the hell I did wrong
Cause last I checked
I've given everything my all
Putting up a front
To get the Job Done
Making it seem
like I have it all
When really down deep
I'm falling to pieces
Begging the Lord please
To help me get some sleep
m i a Dec 2015
i swear

when i looked

into his eyes

i saw so many unknown galaxies

universes, and skies

i felt like a scientist

eager to discover what was inside
im actually proud of this one.

— The End —