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Seán Mac Falls Nov 2021

Black God

Huge cumulus clouds,
Exploding into the blue,
  .  .  .  Shadowed by raven

Valley Morn

Dark hands working fields,
Raven tracing mountain crests,
  .  .  .  Carnal tillers wake

Raven Spell

Dark sound raven makes,
Chortles top fir tree, haunting—
  .  .  .  Druids incantation


Snow covers valley—
Solitary raven staining world,
  .  .  .  Love has turned black


Many years alone,
Suddenly— old thoughts of her,
  .  .  .  Lone raven in sky


Lone raven cackles  .  .  .
Clouds splinter across the sky,
  .  .  .  Mist cuts down the woods


Full moon crowns tall pine,
Raven landing in cross hairs,
  .  .  .  Dark angels halo


Raven knows a charm,
A child's costume jewelry,
  .  .  .  Colours a black eye

Tall Tale

Zenith of winter—
Lone raven in naked tree,
  .  .  .  Spring only legend

Dark Angel

In his feathered dress  .  .  .
Raven shrouds beneath the clouds,
  .  .  .  Even eyes are black
Natasha Monica Nov 2020
We meet again in
the last hour of dawn
deathbed creaking;
ravens croaking;
I said:
not yet, not yet!
my candle flickers -
not yet, not yet!
free your words-
You said:
it’s the eleventh hour;
your pen will bleed-
tear and anger;
your melody will be-
forgotten in the rain;
your scent will linger-
six feet under;
your wisdom will be-
trapped in the quicksand-
of your dear Sisyphus;
your beauty will be-
fed to scavenging worms;

you could have been
a phenomenal maiden.

it’s the eleventh hour
deathbed creaking;
ravens croaking;
too late, too late.
Don't let your dreams die with you.
Francie Lynch Oct 2020
Two ebon crows got drunk last night,
Pecked their way into a fight;
Feathers flew as they clawed and cawed,
Till the losing crow pulled a gun in spite.
The other bird flew off in fright,.
Returning with a murderous flock,
And circled the gunner, a fierce gamecock.
They fluttered and feathered in a spree,
Then flipped before two crows winged off.

They returned with hair from a dead man's chest,
And proposed the two should build their nest.

They fashioned tools from human fingers,
Framed the nest with human femurs;
Used two green eyes to glaze windows;
Make a two car garage from the nose.
Are these not two of the smartest crows.

Next they laid out the toes
As hinges to swing their doors closed.
Each crow brought back an ear,
To hang on hinges, front and rear.
They peeled off lips, once used to talk,
And paved a route as their sidewalk.
They  yanked out teeth like skilled SS,
To tile bathroom and kitchenette.
Lastly, they peeled back the skin,
And wallpapered their nest,
And lived within.

See what's achieved by two drunk crows,
Who settled their scores
After crow blows.
Gigi Jun 2020
Feathers flown about
Dark Ravens claw their way out
Above the surface past the overbrush
Wretched, drenched, lash
Out to the epitome of darkness
The King, their Lord it is what they harness
Where the light cannot touch
Wriggling, squirming dying to clutch
Time, tied firmly to roots of their own demise
They seek solitude through a long, blistering ride
One too many flew the coop, itching to touch the sky
But home is too far away in a time not solidified
Feathers flow about in search for something new
Ravens lost in mist searching for what was never true
I get lost in my imagination sometimes thinking it's better, then I realize it's the root of all my depression....
From the dead ravens sorrow
Ran the poor mother
Just a small sparrow
No more together

The dead shall rise
And we will be once more
The difference in size
Will be no more

The mother cry’s
The raven caws
The sparrow dies
Locked in a crocs jaws

The mirror I stare in
Before me now
I bare my sin
Bare, upon my brow

I see a raven stand behind
Cloaked in darkness
I am no more
Anastasia Nov 2019
Ravens in the snow.
Beauty in its simplest form.
Darkness within light.
Nina Mazzerice Mar 2019
The unkindness was done to us, but now we are the unkindness.
We are people turned victim turned survivor turned raven,
Grouped together to fight the evil we were violated with.

We are creatures of pain, and we are creatures of protection.
We are creatures of mourning, and we are creatures of empathy.
We are creatures of misery, and we are creatures of wisdom.

And we will croak, caw, warble, and scream
Just so we know we are not alone.
I am putting together and planning to publish collection of poems by survivors of ****, ****** assault, ******, or ****** abuse. If you fall into this category and would be willing to contribute a poem or two, please email it to me at Please consider this. Have a good day!
Tanay Sengupta Feb 2019
Deep in slumber,
Drenched in rain.
She sleeps
Exhausted from pain.

Her heart bleeds,
Emotions enchained.
In chaos
Nothing is gained.

Burning in darkness,
Engulfed in flame.
She can't even remember
Her own name.

A sky filled with ravens,
Visions of a heinous face.
She watched
As her lover fell from grace.

She cried in sorrow,
But, it was in vain.
She woke up to realise
It was that nightmare again!

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.
Okay, things got a little too dark. Sorry.

Disclaimer: All characters and scenarios are simply subject to my imagination. Please use your discretion while reading this.
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