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April Sep 2018
In circles convoluted still
We poor dumb puppets turn;
The wind, a thief
Of voices, screaming
That which once was ours-
A shrieking cry more animal
Than man.
Time itself is dancing on
The puppet master’s strings.
Talia Jul 2018
your feelings for me are twisted and unlisted
yet you're the person who keeps crossing my mind
I can't say that I never resisted
to keep our strings from being intertwined
but I know
the version of you that I knew so well
is no longer my precious freak show
you aren't my favorite thing for show-and-tell
Alone Jul 2018
Only silence, nothing to fill this depressing void.
Funny is it not?

How emotions are nothing more than a marionette, to be thrown and tossed without a care.

You carved into me, made me feel safe and settled.
That you would only listen to my head, never my heart.
Care is what I gave you.

I was simply given in-return the gift of nothing
It whispered to me; Leave.

I couldn't, and wouldn't yet I felt the urge to leave
this nightmare I could never wake up from.

Mystic Ink Plus Jul 2018
It seems

We are programmed individuals
Who moves till the charge remains
Genre: Observational
Theme: Hope till that line
Standing on center stage,
you wait for the curtain to pull back.

Once revealed,
you start your dance.

Left foot up in a triangle,
higher than the other.

Down once more,
while the other goes up.

You dance in a circle,
hands raised above your head.

You want to jump,
soar, and fly.

But you're inhibited
by invisible strings.

You're my marionette
and I'm your marionnettiste.

The song is over
it's time to be done.

Let me show you
what these hands can really do.


Your precious strings
tangle around your limbs.

One by one,
they start to fall.

Leaving trails of blood
where they drop.

You should never
have tried to soar free.

For that, you must
face the consequences.

No longer
shall you dance.

No longer
shall you spin.

Now, an empty shell
of who you used to be.

Before long,
you'll be forgotten.

Nevermore than
a simple memory.

We're all puppets in the end.
Azrapse Mar 2018
Woke up to a full moon
Middle of the twilight
Why am I feeling so eerie
The light from the sun
Reflecting off the moon
Brightening the land
With it’s cool rays
Beaming off the same energy
Without the heat
Little things like that confuse me
They make me question
The perfection in our creation
The way the moon orbits
Our planet
We only see one face
the dark side
Is a mystery
Why this planet filled with misery
We read each other’s skin
Like a resume
They way they dress
The way they look
We are quick to assume
But we dont realize we are doomed
They pit us against each other
And like sheep we are hurded
we are toys played with by puppets
since we were young
we have been brainwashed
by the system
we learn from books
that get thinner every year
i see things everyday that make me question where i stay
But I got a ball and chain
Debt keeps holding on to me
I want to run away
But it weighs too much for me to move
Work everyday
Still can’t make ends meet
Modern day plantation
Through time some things stay the same
I wonder if there even is a way to stop them.
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2017

the nice toys we are
much like puppets
quite the entertainment
destinies pulling the strings
and we are dancing to tunes
all under its powered reins
what control we can
the life we spend
*I        I
I          I
I          I
I        I
Trevor Dowe Nov 2017
These spirits so intrinsic to this city, haunting and beautiful, don't bother me.

I am just like them, I'll slip inside of you and take possession. You'll be my vessel, my connection back to the pleasures of life.

These demons so readily available with their vices, flit through the night sky in searching of their next buyer, their next victim.

I am just like them, I'll slip inside of you and take possession. You'll be my vessel, my outlet for corruption.

Will you be my puppet?
I wanted to play around with the concepts of spirituality and this city of Savannah where there is a clash of different religions and spiritualities.
silkstahr Oct 2017
Isn’t it all games and bets?
With my sweet little marionettes
Charmingly they fight my wars
Dancing to my twiddling force

Happily I watch them give in
To the daily new laws I spin
Dear puppets what choice do you have?
But to dodge from the president’s wrath

Thus I command you to fight
For what should be ours by right
Oil, gold, land and power I lust
Looting the weak must be shushed

To hell you say I should make my way
Blaming me for the wars we play
Remember it was me who was named
To comply the wishes our country claimed

Even you’ve got marionettes to your ease
Gladly abusing them as you please
Power and wealth society craves
It’s not just me who misbehaves

My successors will replace my place
Juggling with morals they will face
For the system was painted by society
And now it pains our humanity
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