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Dec 2018
Dance to my tune
Puppet of puppets
Think to yourself that you are in control
Let me control you with strings of Steele
Forever remain in my shadow you will.

Know your god or gods
But know that I am the one in control
I control true fear true anger true hate
I am what's wrong with this world
I am what governs justice
I am what you seek to accomplish.

But you cannot abolish me
For I am your god
And without me you are lost

Those who do have me govern the world
For I am power in a material form
So dance about to my tune
I am money and you are my slave

Work for me everyday
Slave away till your bones give out
Remember I am the only thing with power
And with me you too can control justice
So take my hand as puppet under my control
Made this to present how well money controls and governs our present society
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