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Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Memories. Dreams. Memories of Dreams. They're all proof life isn't lived completely linearly. That life isn't purely physical.
It doesn't have to be defined by what we see, smell, touch. We don't have to limit ourselves so much. Who cares if something seems impossible? We've been proven wrong before. There's still so much we don't know. So don't be afraid to explore.
Aaron LaLux Jul 2020
Feeling claustrophobic doing emotional aerobics,
can’t breath so I take a breath and breath in,
and if you can’t be with the one you love,
then love the one you can be with,

time is precious,
can’t waste it,
even though I’m at this terminal,
feeling like a rebel that’s complacent,

typing on these keys,
like they could make a difference,
met Jay-Z and respect Alicia keys,
but this New York State of Mind is indignant,

feels like the world is ending,
feels like no one cares,
feeling like no one feels things,
feels like feeling don’t matter any more,

you know what they say,
one moment you feel like you’re on top of the world,
the next moment that feeling goes away,

we’ve got pandemics,
we’ve got floods and fires,
we’ve got a worldwide lockdown,
we’ve got misdirected desires,

we’ve got not a lot left to believe in,
see people I know in the street,
and feel like,
I’ve got nothing to say to them,

dead inside,
still sparked and alive,
still I log on just to turn off,
but I’m not grabbed by anything online,

nothing is exciting,
nope nothing at all,
so I try to drown out my anxieties,
with orange juice and alcohol,

wishing I knew which directions to go in,
wishing I knew if life was real or not,
it’s 2020 it feels like that doesn’t mean anything,
feels like we got way but somehow we are still caught,

here in this moment,
with no one except ourselves,
what do you do if ignorance is bliss,
but knowledge is wealth,

which to choose,
the choice is up to you,
I can’t give you any advice,
because I don’t even know what’s true,

though I do know one thing,
when I take a breath and breath it’s,
if you can’t be with the one you love,
then love the one you can be with….
Zack Ripley Nov 2019
"Who cares?"
"I care."
"Because I've been there.
And I know how much it means to be able to have someone to talk to when life gets so unfair."
"You have no idea what I'm going through.
How dare you say you understand."
"You're right. I very well might not understand.
But I'm willing to listen. And when you're finished, if you want, I'll help however I can."
Justice Aug 2019
That is my, question
Didnt pay attention, even when I needed the lesson
The mistakes I've made
I thought I was on top but it's only my self I've played
It's almost like I'm afraid
what I can become
I run from everyone
Who want to wait to find out
When you can die now
Jenny Gordon Apr 2019
...but I couldn't recall where to fit the line when I'd finally a chance to write next morning.


Likeas a naked bulb which can't dispense
With all the gloom, but draws up shadows' hale
Forms to leer from aught corners in betrayl,
And close in on that bit of light, I thence
Half realize Instagram details what hence
Has allus been:  lives so far distant they'll
Laugh in my face (as ever) that in pale
Excuse I thought comradrie's not pretense.
O THIS just after midnight when in poor
Reply I'm not yet back asleep, though to
Effect I've not been to the app in tour
In lo, some days.  It's just that thought I knew
Last time I watched "their" vids scroll by as twere:
I'm fooling but myself, still half blind too.

Ye can take advice for how to sonneteer from any of my tutors or whomever you prefer, but I refrain from editing these stanzas, except rarely.
starstrike Apr 2019
I am an asteroid
Stunned by the effects of your gravity
I lose myself in your atmosphere
But you hardly notice as I crash and burn
Poetic T Feb 2019
Though silk is upon silk,
          foolish people do not understand
that we glide upon each other.

We need not the roughness,
                               of sand paper elopes.

Fingertips dream upon the other,
                   never a rainbow drowning,
                but guiding me to the love of you.

We are the masculine of each others holdings,
                 tightly within the softness that
every kiss weaves between our bird nests..

                           And the song birds do whistle.

We where never ashamed to hold tightly to each other.
              For we are both Adam.. and we nibbled on
                                                   the rib of the other Adam.

We're all free to love who ever falls within our
                 heart beat,
                                    no matter who we are.

All love comes from a singular beat,
                               and you where the rhyme
that fell in to the arms of me.
                                    And together we found our worth.
Aaron LaLux Aug 2018
Who Cares,
about anything,

Farzaneh Qaf Jul 2018
Green grow the rushes o
Green grow the rushes o
When it comes to be a song
Let it be then
What is wrong?
Dont you see this forest mind?
Dont you see me come along?
Green grow the rushes o
My confession; me, not drunk
So pink and what
Many colors on the top
Moon is shining in my skull
Forest growing
Green and green
But green is drawning inside blood
Blood of haters blood of eyes
Green grow the rushes o
How this song just got my mind?
You don't owe me
Yes I'm done
Last word
My, mind, surreal...
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