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ruqi Dec 2018
days without
are the worst kind of days
because they remind me of the time
when were still here
when we used to laugh all the time
and never be without a smile
even when i had trouble to

every day without
keeps me regret ever meeting
because people cry as much as they laugh
and made me more happy than anybody

all the days without
keep reminding me
that aren't here anymore
that can't speak to me anymore
can't sing to me anymore
can't smile to me anymore

days without
tell me that i can't live without
that i don't want to be anything without
that i am nothing without

still love
this is gonna be a pain to read
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Nearly eleven month of pain I've suffered since
My wife has passed on
Just when I felt like giving
up, a message came my way by
from a lady who had read a poem I wrote of my wife on reading she felt compelled she didn't no why
She needed to look after me and we've become friends
Although she Is many miles away  she contacts me at the end of her busy day
Brings such a smile to my face she makes my day my Internet friend doesn't no she has probably save my
A friend from out the blue woo has probably saved my life but dosen't no It
Saint Audrey Nov 2018
I can't see the bright side
Why'd you look me in the eyes
This time

But let's
Out or something
I've been feeling
Like its Sunday

So let's
Down to the lake house
I've been feeling
Like its Sunday
All the time
Aniseed Aug 2018
It's a dance I've forgotten the steps to
An equation, a misplaced formula
A melody with lost lyrics

Forgiving myself is as easy
As putting my hand on a hot skillet

Loving myself might as well be
Rocket science


Bitter are the memories
That marr my skin
In unwanted scars
And paint my prose
In purple flowers

Give me an IV
Of rain-soaked November nights
Or dry heat against my skin
And fresh earth between my toes
Or the feeling of a hand
On my shoulder
Maybe I need to talk to someone.
eF Jul 2018
Bending over backwards for you,
Only hurt my back and left me
Broken hearted.
Haley Tyler May 2018
There's popcorn on the ceiling,
a million bajillion clusters that I've spent days trying to count.
In the 1950's these ceilings exploded into popularity.
And until 1977, homeowners blasted asbestos covered popcorn toward the sky, letting mesothelioma fibers fall back to their floor like it was harmless dust.
I take a deep breath, letting the air settle deep in my chest before letting it back out.
My ceiling is probably not made of asbestos.
It's probably styrofoam or some other cheap, paper-based product.
I take another deep breath.
The EPA banned the use of asbestos in these ceilings.
Apparently, inhaled in large quantities, asbestos causes lung disease, lung scarring, and lung cancer.
Another deep, deep breath.
I continue counting the probably not cancer causing popcorn.
I wonder if I would be able to feel the particles swimming in my lungs like fiber glass–thin, delicate, sharp.
I wonder if it would **** me.
I wonder if my family would file a claim like you see on those old commercials screaming,
"If you or a loved one developed mesothelioma you, yes you, could be entitled to compensation."
Or, something like that.
The air tastes funny.
My ceiling is most likely not made of asbestos.
But, I probably wouldn't care if it was.
I went down a weird internet spiral and now I know a lot about different kinds of ceilings | h.t.
Kichiya Hayashi Apr 2018
the dark room that gave me comfort
made me long for your warm embrace indeed
somewhere i left our memories
while picking up scattered liliies

the dark room and cold atmosphere
you reached my hand, whispered in my ear
then you buried yourself embracing my body
time stands still cause your heartbeats is above ordinary

if i could just turn back the time
i wouldnt put a finish line
the dark room is filled with regrets
as you continue to smoke cigarrettes

i went back to the the dark room
and put all the lilies in my basket
i ought to come back
and open my own casket
im coming back to you my love
i gathered all the lilies
that i want you to have

the dark room knows
our vulnerabilities
we made mistakes but we have
infinite possibilities

but there's should be no secrets invloved
im tired of issues too many to resolve
go to the dark room and make up your mind
choose me or leave me behind
its  literally a dark place but in that dark place, i was happy
Francis Rowell Dec 2017
you treat me so sweetly,  your favorite doll

you always play so carefully

you put me away in the closet when you're done with me

and when i rip,  you gently sew me back

you always forget that dolls have feelings, too, though

and you just get mad so easily

you always are physically ever so soft,  but verbally you just destroy me

you always just put me back in my box

but can't you see i'm hurting?

you only see the outside

never the tears

i'm just a doll
good dollies don't cry,  good dollies can't cry
i'm just a doll

so you leave without a second thought

i've been in your closet for so long

i'm all but a forgotten toy now

it's so cold in here

why have you left me to rot?

i cannot move,  you must know this

i can only sit and stare

i'm just a doll,  can't you remember?
i'm just a doll
i'm just a doll
I actually spent quite a while revising this, which is pretty abnormal for me. I normally don’t communicate like a normal human, but I guess I am, now. If I’m doing this, I might as well say— this is most likely going to become a song.
Lure Pot Dec 2017
Probably you are a lover or a cheater
Probably you are a truthful or a liar
Whatever you do,
your looks are
so beautiful.

I am here to love you with no conditions
If you just like me then we can be friends
Just think about me
I won't push you
You're wonderful.

Please, don't get me wrong for this song
Sweetie, don't mind me; it won't be long
You can move away
where you want
You're powerful!
chloe fleming Oct 2017
You are a flower
That constantly sways in the wind
Petals scattered from shore to shore
While I,
I am a seed
Buried deep within the cold soil
Who hasn't been watered in days
I am the seed who has not yet began to grow
But instead, fades away
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