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laura  Apr 2018
laura Apr 2018
slate sleepy streets wet
you make like a wizard
funny feelings from your fairy dust

is the wild prospect of
misinterpretations making you hard
for me like your fear of my flirt

gets me turned on?
these warm shadows sail
dumb conversations at a coffee shop
the core of you is warm and i am cold
he’ll chicken out
FOD Jul 4
I feel like you like me less every day, as I like you more.
I love you
londin  Jan 2014
Probably forever
londin Jan 2014
"How long do you think it'll take us to admit this?"
She questioned herself silently
Head rising and falling with his chest.
"Probably forever"
He thought to himself while stroking her hair and shoulder.
Yonnick August Dec 2018
Maybe it's just me
but I often stare at the word "love"
hoping one day
in this head of mine
there would be an image
of someone
something weird I do, I guess?
JayceeJellies May 2015
He was the love of my life,
But he broke my heart in two.
On that night I swear I cried,
Could you really blame me?
I wanted to be his wife.
But now that my days are filled,
With such loneliness; heartache.
I don't think I'd be suitable,
Not for love.
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