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Diána Bósa May 2019
Did you know that this house
breathes in the man-made lights,
so our walls can exhale colors?
Tonight, this town is going to burn in neon blaze again,
for the sake of light-pollution, love.
Yet this time, 'light' means our corrupted souls.
You know, some may say that
there's no place for the true firmament of stars now,
not even time for twin-flames, like us.
Yet still, we are capable of coming to blow with this mirage,
battling against this army of bogus lustrum.
For we are about to lose our sham voice
so, at last, we can echo light.
Renn Powell Mar 2019
for the longest time,
my pillow case was
the only one who
saw me cry.
Lisa Nov 2018
Falling for u is hard because i know your no good for me but it all just feels so good to my body not my heart
Robin Mar 2018
I love how we have always deemed the time we spend together more important than a good nights sleep because I would much rather have trouble keeping my eyes open tomorrow than miss out on engaging in 4am conversation with you.
Grace Feb 2018
As the smile vanishs from my face
Thousands of feelings scratch at my mind
As I close my coffee colored brown eyes from the dreary day
Images race across the black canvas that lies in front of me
As I let my muscles relax one by one
I feel the world hold me in her arms
As I slowly drift off from my reality
I let my soul free
Capturing my sleep in words.  This is my pillow talk
Abby Jo Jan 2018
I still lay on my side of the bed
I’ve tried to lay on yours
But I end up over here instead
Can’t believe I would get mad
All those nights I wanted you gone
Recalling those memories makes me sad
Lessons learned
Never make mistakes again
I’ve found the new leaf that I’ve turned
It’s 3AM and here I lay
Writing to myself
Wondering what you would say
Jordan Ray Nov 2017
Words. One by one. March from my mouth,
Whispered but amplified by the silence,
Hoping to shed the skin gifted to me by nature.

Each reply slices like a dozen razor blades,
I'd hoped to be in the bath; easier to clean the blood,
Red covers, covered by a newer shade.
Lady Ravenhill Oct 2016
Tell me I am beautiful.
     You know you're pretty.
Tell me I am the most beautiful woman you know.
     You're the prettiest.
     You are mine.

     *I don't want to share you.
@Ladyofravenhill - 10/11/16
SassyJ May 2016
Jump on the boat and take is real slow
Throw the canvas and splash that oil
Squash the duck feathers and fill the mill
As the harmonica cruises craft the talk real slow

A touch of the knee and the spark shatters
A charter of recklessness heckled in two-tone composition  
Not a monochrome but a  jest of kaleidoscope cores
A fearless horizon of sirens and chaotic applause

A sate of pureness, meekness;widely see this woman words
The worth of how she works, the sweat in her sincerity
Spot the little life that she holds, clutch her lifetime ascensions
The silhouette that shows and fades away,chase her palm

Stroke her freedom, take her high to the clouds and show her
Ask her to sing her sweetest prescribed proscriptions
Be the operator that jerks her stringed rhythmic blues
Shine ohh diamond, Strike ohh as you expand…… touch the sentiment
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