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arCamm 2d
If someone handed me a rose and said that “it grew from the concrete,” should I feel bad for the rose for no longer being home or honored to be symbolized with such a brave soul?

I no longer affiliate myself with the decisive minds. For my mind is in a constant search of the unknown answers. The E through Zs on scantrons that only have room for A through D. The “maybe” or “perhaps” between true and false. The compromise between what’s right and what’s wrong…

I think that’s why I never agreed with school...
arCamm Jul 2021
I've housed
demons before
Sometimes they're
better roommates than angels
at least with these demons, i dont have to worry about sugarcoated answers and the uncertainty of lies and honesty. demons are harsh, but honest. demons test you, giving you that chance to  look inward and grow...

at least...from what i've been experiencing.
arCamm Jun 2021
ignite your inner child,
setting ablaze a once dried well,
a swallowed light will lead you from this darkness.

- a.r. Camm
as we grow older, we tend to lose sight of that inner child that kept life light. we get exposed to money, politics, expectations, and other **** that swallows that light in an instant. exciting that inner child gets us back to that innocence. that happiness. that child is strong enough to carry us from the darkness.
arCamm Jun 2021
you wanted love,
you wanted out of this cage like a magician’s dove,
you wanted understanding,
you wanted support for your hobbies and any future career planning,
you wanted safety,
you wanted to feel tucked away in a man’s arms, blocking you from harm…
you wanted to be like those couples you watch on Youtube,
you wanted to travel,
you wanted to explore,
you wanted power couple Vibez and, dare I say, more.

you wanted everything I could provide you.

May I ask “what happened?”

- a.r. Camm
arCamm Jun 2021
I am splattered ink on these empty white walls.
a story told by collisions.
splashes of my deepest intuitions:
a handprint embroidered here,
a slash of claws over there,
a baby footprint by the door to say "goodbye" to my innocence,
a distorted smile on the ceiling that could easily be mistaken for a question mark,
and a cancellation symbol on the window shunning anyone's smart *** remarks.

a mess...
and if one were to try and clean me up,
my secrets beneath would devour them whole.

- a.r. Camm
arCamm Apr 2021
& around we went...
circling the reality
that at some point
the wheel would stop turning
& we’d have to return home...

- a.r. Camm
It’s hard to say goodbye, especially with such a view as this.
arCamm Apr 2021
the driving force of will and imagination
with an unique lens of the world
the gifts that reside within these 4 wheels

- a.r. Camm
R.I.P. Grandpa
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