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Lisa Jun 18
A girl you can trust with your heart
The highlight of your day
The thunder to your sunlight
The ketchup to your fries
The solution to your problems
The sizzle to your bacon
The diabetes to your heart
Lisa Jun 16
I tried to sleep away the pain that didn't work
I tried to cry my pain away that didn't work
I tried to over dose my pain away that didn't work
I tried to ignore my pain and pretend to be happy that didn't work
I haven't wrote a poem in a minute so here y'all go!
Lisa May 15
I'm over this thing called life
I'm over being depressed
I'm over people coming in and out my life
I'm over fake friend's
I'm over love
I'm ready for my life to end i try my best to hold it in but in the end i don't win
Lisa Apr 8
I cut Guy's off like it's my job
I rather be hurt by u then be hurt with u
I rather put the pieces together then let u destroy me
I rather love me
Lisa Apr 5
Him: Why are u so mean?
Me: Because I'm scared of love
Him: I'm not like them other guys
Me: that's what they all say before they break my heart
Him: I'm different i promise
Me: if u really want me u wouldn't mind working hard to find my soft spot
Him: i don't have time for games
Me: my heart isn't a game but guy's sure like to act like it
Lisa Mar 27
Where were u at when i just wanted to die
Where were u at when i couldn't breathe
Where were u at were u at when i was crying my eyes shut?
Where u at when i couldn't sleep because i was over thinking..
But here you are texting me at 3:am
Lisa Mar 24
Have them fall in love break their heart
Tell them lies
Say negative things to them 247\
Make them feel unwanted
Say i love u but don't mean it
Ignore them
Cheat on them and say sorry
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