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she waited
discreetly checked the time
continued to wait
patiently and impatiently
flashing a smile
at what felt like
appropriate moments
a stunted laugh
or an "oh"
"really" or "yeah"
if she felt
she'd been wordlessly
quiet for too long
hours had been lost
to the smallest of talk
the bane of
real conversation
of truly meeting a person
all that effort
of getting ready
the makeup
meticulously applied
the hair
styled and restyled
the outfit
chosen then doubted
then changed
to be put on again
all of that
for this
SøułSurvivør Oct 2020
A chaste & lovely maiden
Loved a roughhewn sort of man
It was a strange attraction
The folk could never understand
But she lived in a great tower
In a foreign land.

The lad traversed the valleys
The tangled briars low
Great and craggy mountains
Replete with ice and snow
He knew that he must find her
But did not know where to go.

He questioned people far & wide
Of how to find the lass
Finally an old woman
Told him true at last
But guardians of gargoyles
Would let no one pass!

They would ask a riddle
That he would have to tell
What was found in plenty
At the bottom of a well
If he couldn't answer
They'd take him straight to hell!

The rough young man, he pondered
Yes, he was perplexed
He had no ready answer
Didn't know what to do next
He did not know the answer
And he was so sore vexed!

But a gentle voice he told him
Just like a tender kiss
What resides within a well
Is always a great wish.

So the lad, he faced his foe
So bold in his youth
His answer confounded them
Because it was the TRUTH.

He found the modest maiden
Straight away they wed
They had been kept apart
But had higher love instead!

The moral of this fable
Is the greatest wish in you


Catherine Jarvis
October 23, 2020
The fable is one of my favorites!
Jackie G Nov 2019
Blocked, caged in, suffocating smothered in pain
significant other feeling abandoned while in your presence
in your mental you're going insane
no love lost, because no love gained! thought after thought
living, but stuck in the past
show no emotions-because having emotions is what got you here
Finding a way back to the old you seems a far.
such a long distance from you
you know, the you that smiled alot whose face was once full of light
The you that cared and actually enjoyed caring
Soon those Deep Thoughts will make you realize what it is that you do
you make everyone feel lonely while connected to you.
Let go of what or who has hurt you. Live in the present. Every person connected to you now needs your love! Be better for you and them. Get well soon!
nja Feb 2019
Describe him.
- He was dripping with sweat.
- Was it sweet?
- What?
  Oh, um I dunno.
- sigh
- But I know this much.
  He sweated under my weight.
  The nocturnal wind would then dry his sweat stiff.
  And he, perserverant as ever, would just sweat some more.
- Ok, so who collapsed first?
SoSo Aug 2018
When is it enough?
How far will it take me?
Will it continue to get me through high school
While my sister is recovering in the hospital while pills are still scattered on the counter?
Will it be by my side as a lay in bed, taking another hit, staring blankly at my ceiling, trying to forget.
Can it get me through college while my dad loses his legs?
Can it show me the way, when debt collectors are calling me by name?
When is it time for me to falter, when is it time for me to fall over?
Jackie G Aug 2018
& my whole life shifted from that day on.
No need to write a long poem the title is enough.
Samantha Lee Feb 2017
Tell me where the hope lives-
in a house built with desire
set upon a foundation of goals
pathways assembled to transpire
as the seasons fade to shades
changing landscape to perfect
stimulation of achievement
optimism to collect
like a pile of leaves in fall
waiting for its time
ignited by a flame
playing victim to a crime
hoping in last moments
perseverance a bigger role
the hope lives in theory
as a fire warms the soul
0o Oct 2015
Letting go what might have been,
Fighting demons, courting sin,
Alone and far too lost to win,
Another day upon my chin,
Holding on, breathing in,
Running on adrenaline,
A new war within,
Just me and pen,
Synthetic skin,
Wearing thin,
Begin again,
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