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Lakhwinder Jun 2018
At 10:30,
Silence Dispersed,every edge withdrew with dark,
The moon  is pale,  still brighten as diamond spark,
At the tree, an owl hoots, at surface dogs barks.
I heed,   the sound of footsteps appears from the street,
exults my isolated heart.
My soul sing, my body dance,
the longing ends, desperate for having my lover's glance.
O! the perfume of him that mingled in air , I feel ,
O! the sound of his gentle cough , I am acquitanced.
O ! The heavenly night with him, that I will deal.
But O despair heart , you knit the misassumption.
The perfume you smell, the steps you hear ,
Just fictionary dreams and false perceptions.
Oh ! Control your glistening tears.
Yet, loose  you satraches arm , blink your awaitful sight ,
The lover of yours , cannot reach here in the darkened night.
This poem is eulogizing the anguish or malady  that arouse from the unrequited love. The girl or beloved hope for that her lover will come in the darkened night . But at the culmination she comes to know that she knits the fictionary dreams and it gives her pain.
Rj Mar 2018
Stick my veins with pins and needles
Fill my blood with poison
They'll pretend not to notice the ever growing circles under my eyes
Or how my skin get paler with each passing day
Let them pretend
Let them whisper their concerns behind closed doors
Open me wide and fill me with malady
Take up your knife with a close precision
And cut me out of my body
Let my spirit rest in the stars
Take away my earthly pains
With your head held high
And the bittersweet taste of indifference on your lips
(Bitter for me, sweet for you.)
Pour death into my bones,
Don't cease or falter when my eyes flutter shut and my lungs seize up
Let my heart beat slow and my mind go numb.
I like writing charcter studies in the forms of poems sue me
Pls don't I have like five dollars
Sam Feb 2018
Drops of rain engulf the space around me. Burdening my jacket with their fleeting composition. I stare to the clouds with eyes so empty.
Eyes so hollow from this eternal case of melancholia.

My hearts sinks to the catacombs, and there is shall remain.
Stuck in yesterday, yet dreaming of tomorrow. I feel the growing pains as it wishes to escape. To be free of the malady of being alone. To find the one who can nurture it for eternity.

The sun pierces the clouds, reminding me to breathe. Reminding me to smile. To love. I can't deny this beckoning. This call to arms. For even in the dark you must follow your heart. Through atrophy, through apathy, I choose to carry on. Though the path is lost, and full of challenges, I will not give in to the anguish that lies within.
'-They. Always. Leave.'

My heart, black, & deep,
incomparable to
uniting the seas.
My heart, black ~
My heart, cracked,
mixed, blended, & bled-blood-red,
'til-it-tilt-then-spilt, & overspread
the seven seas.
~ Love- must be a malady,
an incurable disease ~
~ ******,
& bruised-black,
my heart of dread-
now, every piece,
bleeds ~
from my chest.
Stay with me?
You're all that I have left...

-They. Always. Leave.

Author: Ashton Amstutz
Reza Sedghi Jan 2017
Amour... This incurable Doleful Malady...
Spreading Deep into my Veins...

Setting up the most beautiful Tragedy...
Making me irresistible to my strains...

there's a proverb about this Reality...
You oughta suffer, if you're seeking Joy...

though I am welcoming this lethal Agony...
with all its beauties, with all its Annoys...


this Sickness with no Remedy...
Left me at your hands, the only Healing...

might be an unaware act of insanity...
loving this Despondent feeling...

like an open scar it burns, but it burns lovelily...
Makes me look insane loving this Woe...

but I'm having you as the Solace of my Malady...
Though I am sure Relief will soon Glow...
My Very First Poem Ever Written
Leal Knowone Apr 2015
I am your disease,
every time I come around you vanish me
in every cry whimper or sneeze
I am the ****** in side your head
you are to scared to embrace
I am the horns of the devil
and the smile upon the angels face
I am the dream you cant control
I am the drug that makes you go

we've turned into the monster
that we fought not to be
deep in a darkened whole
black eyes no longer see

burning bridges
perceptive imperfection
a left hand turn
in the right direction

I am your release
everything you want you take from me
echoing your disease
all you are and all you will ever be

elapse relapse reprise your demise
I am the horns of the devil redesigned
objects perplex reflect there subjects
I'm the smile upon the angels face

you are the moral in my dark soul
the purpose to be found
a voice tells you to let go
it's more beautiful 6 feet underground

laying in bed dreams of voluntary aggression
upon waking disappointing depression
or are we being naive now, thought dissection
deflect suspect rejects, infection perfection

who will even see the things we create
think it's great to annihilate the whole human race
debilitating thoughts not knowing how to feel
like naive dogs lost without there master

treasure pain, because without pain
there is no pleasure hit the main vain
insanly refrain from the mundain strain
bane lame thoughts plains of blood stains

I'm asking not knowing what is real
conditions of contradiction & elusive entities
entanglement of putrid bodies
in a mind stricken by poverty

— The End —