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  Apr 5 Tiara I S
Do you want to know why I’m like this?
Do you really want to know what’s wrong?
The problem is you.
It’s all of you.
This is what happens
When you abandon your friends
When you ignore the people around you
When you take advantage of your family

People aren’t designed for that
Humans require community
And as I watch you all
Finding ways to love each other
I sit in quiet jealousy
To not make you feel shame

But to tell you the truth
I’m dying
Depression is eating away at my soul
I can’t survive alone
Not much longer
Not like this
Tiara I S Apr 5
"you are not lazy. you are just sad."
  Apr 3 Tiara I S
Monsters don’t exist
Still, we are very afraid
Because we made them
Monsters. A concept so often used to represent anything dislikable to society, which we are afraid of. Yet literal monsters don’t exist.
  Apr 3 Tiara I S
I have no interest in being a depressive.
The depressive gene is a recessive gene,
it leads no where.
Relapse got me treading tracks I've already been down.
And they lead no where.
So I say no!
Cause nowhere's not where I wanna go.
Tiara I S Mar 29
it's a thing called depression
it crushes you down
squeezes at your throat so tightly
you're on the brink
only you can tip the scale
off the ledge
salvation is a hoax

this bitter temperamental thing
it deteriorates the brain
happiness bleached from memories
weaving into your form
gripping into the gaps of your flesh
holding you captive- capturing you
and gently lapping the life out of you
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