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Blue Cow Mar 30
the strangest of things.
happen at the strangest of places.
at the strangest of times.
Ummm...when you actually realize you remember your dream
Blue Cow Mar 30
to be alone from my loneliness,
i constantly look down the barrel of a screen.
my black void eyes absorbing its white neon
i search for the limelight.

But sometimes l ask:
Why can't we heart ourselves,
because we will bleed...........
Blue Cow Mar 30
"If men and women were were equal
we would all simply be people."
If men were women
and women were men then
we would simply be human
Being human is something we inspire to be
To be kind and caring....
Given the master came to be because primarily amongst other things we are strong...strength ignites violence
Blue Cow Mar 29
I have never thanked myself, no l mean us:
mind, body and spirit.

Today l will take a moment and hug us because l have never.
I have never shown you love.
I am sorry.
Blue Cow Mar 29
Sometimes it's just a bad day.

Sometimes I wish my skin would swallow me whole,
I wish l could fall into my shadow.

But its difficult to lose hope.
Blue Cow Mar 29
we stare at ourselves,
lifelessly staring at our mirrors,
staring at our fears.
our escape are the reflected eyes.
we hide and what seeks us
is not our fears,
but us.
The // means the start of the explanation.

lifelessly staring at our mirrors.// we are not satisfied with our natural selves basically when you look at yourselves in the mirror in the morning when you don't try to perfect anything.

our escape are the reflected eyes. // the image on the mirror is lifeless therefore our escape is void. Basically we escape into nothing which implies we are not escaping anything.

The rest l think you can figure's short but there is a lot

Notice how mundaine it is also showing how this is routine like how you wake up...brush teeth...etc

Please tell me what you think???
Blue Cow Mar 26
I don't know.
I lost my soul.
Through your eyes you told me hold my hand and don't let go.

I scream, i shout, i cry, but l have no voice.
I break away in your silence.
Within you l am lost.

Confusion rooted in my conflict.
These words are my truth, the embodiment of my spirit.
I don't know my spirit.

But l do tell truth, l am broken.

Can you fix me,
Love me,
With all my faults cherish me ?
And if all fails **** me ?

But if you do so hold me.

— The End —