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Wilfred Nov 2021
Only random words can describe
my consciousness.
It is that very fact that l struggle in finding
a purpose.
Or rather in believing that l need
a purpose.

I remember my dreams asking
why the magnum opus
remains unfinished.

Why do l await a merry song,
to swing me away from my mind?
Wilfred Nov 2021
"They took a man to the hanging", said the old man.
"They took a man to the hanging", said the old man
as a cough drew blood from him.

"They took a man to a hanging", said the old man
as he drew his last breath.

They never took the man home.
Wilfred Nov 2021
l saw you across the road
behind you a dandelion field.
You are flattened to a billboard.

Always stuck with a smile.

If only l had the courage,
it would be a decent amount of courage
it would be the only courage,

l have to keep you real to me
Wilfred Oct 2021
said the jester with skin coated in yellow

he forgot to bow
to ghastly twist his body
for head to kiss to toe

the king began to snarl
the jester began to tremble
the guards gazed at the  gallow tree
I have no name for this poem, just the sudden rush to write maybe l would rewrite it in some future
Wilfred Sep 2021
I you start with a breath
and end you with a death
and in-between l don't know.

By that l mean
I cannot guarantee you your dream
I cannot guarantee time
I cannot guarantee your love
I cannot guarantee you your self

You see my friend, all we  
can do is to never to hope
but to live.

Wilfred Mar 2021
It's a bird, it's a plane.
No, it's you being awesome.
Wilfred Mar 2021
Why do you sing this song with me?
Whilst you sharpen your teeth
before you sink them into your flesh
and dance like a drunken fool.
You close your eyes and colour your eyes
with old bittersweet memories.
My words, your words, their words,
like sharp needles pierce skin, and
colour skin with your fears.

Tell me why do you sing this song?
I wait in your shadow,
grasp life from your breath.
l await your tears,
my old friend.
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